This is page containing information on the different characters and it will grow and expand as the story progresses.

Please note that power ratings and threat ratings are what has been assigned to the character in-universe by the Department of Superhuman Affairs and isn't necessarily accurately represent their actual power or threat levels.


Legacy of Guardian - A fifteen year old girl, Legacy is above average in height and pretty with black hair and blue eyes. She has no recollection of her personal memories other than someone called David and that she is the Legacy of the Guardian. Legacy is a technopath. She and Gears have become partners as of 1.3.
Power Ratings: Controller 5, Gadgeteer 6, Manipulator 3,
Threat Rating: C+ Vigilante

Alpha Ceta Omegaris - The voice at the back of Legacy's mind who gives her helpful advice.

Mason Scott/Sentry - A homeless war veteran who lost his arm in action, Scott has decided to help Legacy in her superhero career, acting as a mentor and father figure for her.

Leo Orrell Geary/Gears - A vigilante technology-based superhero operating out of Grand Rapids. He is Jaylyn's father and creator. He and Guardian have become partners as of 1.3.
Power Ratings: Gadgeteer 8,
Threat Rating: D+ Vigilante

Jaylyn Geary/Sentinel -  Jaylyn is a strong seed AI created by Gears.  She considers him to be her father and in return, he considers her to be his daughter.
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: D- Vigilante

Cain Norman/Protector - Tall, muscular African American with superpowers. Joined up with Guardian as of 6.2,
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: D Class Vigilante

Allison Ryder/Defender- Allison is a crippled English-Puerto Rican girl who lives with her mother, stepfather and two stepbrothers in Grand Rapids. She used to be friends with Leo and Joan and since she got her powers, Allison has been rekindling that old friendship whilst also joining the Guardsmen at Leo's request. She is a bog standard C Class brick with no fancy tricks.
Power Ratings; ?
Threat Rating: D Class Vigilante

Heroes Union
Chicago Junior Heroes Union
Charlotte Clarkson/Alexandria - Charlotte Clarkson is a Chicagoan superheroine who works for the authorities. Basically a flying brick with a supernaturally beautiful body. At the end of 1.4, she has struck up a friendship with Guardian. She wears a blue costume with a miniskirt, red leggings, white boots and gloves and a red cape. Her symbol is eight pointed star with cardinal points larger and south point being the longest and it is displayed on her chest and the back of her cape.
Power Ratings: Brute 9, Internal Healer 9, Mover 6, Internal Perceptor 6, Internal Protector 9, Aphrodite 12, 

Glowbug - A member of the Chicago Junior Heroes Union, Glowbug is an energy projector. She is a sexy and curvy teenage girl whose costume is black and yellow spandex that covers her entire body from the neck down. Glowbug also has shoulder length blonde hair.
Power Ratings: Blaster 7, Controller 1, External Healer 2, Internal Healer 1, Manipulator 8, Mover 6, External Protector 8, Aphrodite 10,

Pathfinder - Another member of the Chicago Junior Heroes Union, Pathfinder is able to find the right path to a goal, either physically or metaphysically. Her costume consists of dull dark green spandex that covers her body while she wears brown gloves and trainers. Her grey mask fully covers her face and has goggles over the eyes. She is also lean and fit in addition to being pretty.
Power Ratings: Thinker 6, Bellator 6,

Shift - The male member of the Chicago Junior Heroes Union, Shift can teleport up to a metre in any direction through anything with a three second cool down. He has super speed along with the ability to switch between different types of sights such as thermal and ultraviolet. He is a handsome and muscular teenager with short brown hair, ruffled in just the right way. In costume, Shift wears white and blue spandex that covers his body from the neck down.
Power Ratings: Internal Healer 1, Mover 11, Internal Perceptor 2, Internal Protector 1, Adonis 4,

Flamefly - The final member of the Chicago Junior Heroes Union, Flamefly is a low level parahuman with a variety of powers. Her power set consists of pryokinesis, flame-powered flight, immunity to heat, super strength, super speed, super toughness, super senses, self-emitted blasts of heat, increased internal healing and the ability to track heat signatures. Flamefly wears an orange tank top with yellow boots and gloves made of what appears to be fireproof material. On her face is a yellow domino mask that doesn't really hide anything while her black is loose and falls down her back. She is a stunning and curvaceous,
Power Ratings: Blaster 5, Brute 3, Internal Healer 3, Manipulator 3, Mover 3, External Perceptor 3, Internal Perceptor 2, Internal Protector 3, Aphrodite 4,

Ava Vincent/Dancing Queen Coming Soon.
Power Rating: Coming Soon.
Threat Rating: Coming Soon.

Grand Rapids Junior Heroes Union
Alexis Fowler/Iris - Second youngest child of the six Fowler siblings and older sister to Joan. She gained her powers at the start of 2015 just as many others did. She is currently a member of the Grands Rapids Junior Heroes Union. She is a high tier flying brick with some A Class energy projection on the side.
Power Ratings: Blaster 11, Brute 11, Controller 1, Internal Healer 7, Manipulator 10, Mover 8, Internal Perceptor 7, External Protector 11, Internal Protector 11, Aphrodite 11,

Zola Quinton/Ebony - The daughter of a South African immigrant, Zola is the best friend of Alexis Fowler and manifested her power only a couple of weeks after Alexis did. Ebony is an exceptionally strong parahuman as a B Class brick with A Class Nigh Invulnerability, B Class Telepathy and Telekinesis and C Class Flight and Teleportation.
Power Ratings: Brute 9, Controller 7, Internal Healer 9, Manipulator 7, Mover 4, Internal Perceptor 9, Internal Protector 12, Aphrodite 12,

The Trinity
John Clarkson/Atlas - Member of the Trinity. Atlas is Chicagoan superhero raised in Texas and the older brother of Alexandria. He is a top tier flying brick with a supernaturally handsome body. He wears a red jumpsuit, blue gloves and boots and golden cape. On the front of his chest, Atlas has his ‘A’ is displayed in white.
Power Ratings: Brute 12, Internal Healer 12, Mover 12, Internal Perceptor 12, Internal Protector 12, Adonis 9

Elizabeth Summers/Lightbringer - Member of the Trinity. She is flying brick with teleportation, energy projection, phasing and the ability to heal other in addition to being supernaturally beautiful. She also no longer has to worry about basic human needs like eating, sleeping and relieving herself. She wears a form fitting white and gold bodysuit that shows off her curves.
Power Ratings: Blaster 12, Brute 6, Controller 5, External Healer 12, Internal Healer 12, Manipulator 12, Morpher 5, Mover 10, External Perceptor 2, Internal Perceptor 5, External Protector 12, Internal Protector 12, Spawner 12, Aphrodite 12,

Timothy King/Mentalist - Member of the Trinity. Mentalist is top tier telekinetic and telepath. He is a former university professor. He wears a black costume that covers his entire body and has a solid, featureless metal mask on his face.
Power Ratings: Blaster 9, Controller 12, Manipulator 12, External Perceptor 12, Thinker 4, Bellator 5,

Metal Man - Leader of the Lakeside Devils, a new formed gang, and the first supervillain that the Guardian faces. He has overly large muscles and metal skin, granting him super strength and durability. He was arrested by the authorities at the end of 1.2.
Power Ratings: Brute 3, Internal Protector 3, Abnormal 7,
Threat Rating: D+ Supervillain

Lawrence Ackerson/Aquiline - A handsome and fit man who is a skilled shot and leader of Techni-Hurt and Krystal. He uses a mixture of normal weaponry and devices in addition to several of Techni-Hurt's Not-Technology devices. He has the ability to access the memories of his dead genetic ancestors in addition to an enhanced body. He was detained by the authorities at the end of 1.4, but escaped and may or may not have been killed by Guardian. His current status is unknown.
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: D+ Supervillain

Techni-Hurt - A beautiful, but insane and mentally unwell woman who has the power to create "Not-Technology", She is a member of the same group as Aquiline and Krystal. She is tall with long black hair and extremely generous curves. She was detained by the authorities at the end of 1.4.
Power Ratings: Spawner 2, Meta 9, Perceptor 2, Tinker 6, Aphrodite 5,
Threat Rating: D Supervillain

Krystal - A mousy woman with curly brown hair. She is a member of the same group as Aquiline and Techni-Hurt and she create illusions. These illusions only affect organics and not technology. She was detained by the authorities at the end of 1.4.
Power Ratings: Manipulator 5, External Perceptor 2, Spawner 3,
Threat Rating: D Supervillain

Durante Capello/Dark Tendril - Durante Capello was a Chicagoan mobster and hitman for the Chicago Outfit before manifesting as he was shot going after a rival parahuman gangster. Once he gained his super powers, Capello helped the Outfit halt its decline in the face of rival parahuman criminals. An extreme professional, Capello has the ability to spawn tendrils made of solid darkness from almost any solid surface. Not only that, but he can also has unlimited ability to travel through shadows and can cover himself in black energy to grant himself nigh invulnerability and super strength. Beyond that, Capello has super senses, the ability to create black energy constructs and may generate black fire that burns others, but heals himself. He is also known to have some form of mental manipulation, but the exact details of how it works remain unknown. He engaged Guardian and Protector in 6.11 and escaped in 6.12.
Power Ratings: Blaster 9, Controller 6, Internal Healer 8, Manipulator 10, Mover 12, Internal Perceptor 9, External Protector 9, Internal Protector 9, Spawner 12, Bellator A+,
Threat Rating: B+ Supervillain

Superior - A self-proclaimed superhero, Superior is a sociopathic monster who has killed millions of people regardless of quilt, turn Syria and northern Iraq into a barren wasteland and killed the US President and Vice-President when he destroyed the White House. Superior also claims to be the most powerful parahuman in the world, something that has yet to be proven wrong unfortunately.
Power Ratings: Blaster 12, Brute 12, Controller 12, External Healer 12, Internal Healer 12, Manipulator 12, Meta 12, Mover 12, External Perceptor 12, Internal Perceptor 12, External Protector 12, Internal Protector 12,
Threat Rating: S Class Supervillain

Darkness - The supervillain leader of the North American criminal empire known as the Syndicate. He is the second most powerful known parahuman after Superior, a key factor in most of his successes in his attempt to take over the criminal underworld. His exact power set is unknown, but it includes multiple powers and is darkness themed.
Power Ratings: Blaster 12, Brute ?, Controller 12,  Gadgeteer/Tinker ?, Internal Healer ?, Manipulator 12, Meta ?, Morpher ?, Mover 12, External Perceptor ?, Internal Perceptor ?, External Protector 12, Internal Protector 12, Spawner ?,  Thinker ?,
Threat Rating: S- Class Supervillain

Bran McFarlane/Armsmith - While part of a criminal gang, Bran was always one of the administrative types rather than the guy doing the dirty work. This translated over when he got his powers, supplying scientifically impossible energy weapons to various criminal elements rather than using them himself to commit crime. All for the right price of course. Arrested off-screen during Chapter Six.
Power Rating: Tinker 3 (Energy Weapons),
Threat Rating: D Class Supervillain

Quicksteel - A drug dealer, Quicksteel is an uncharacteristically aggressive in his drug pushing, the results of mental changes brought on by his powers. That said, the guy was always a jerk. Defeated by Guardian and Defender in 8.2 and arrested between Chapters Eight and Nine.
Power Rating: Internal Healer 2, Manipulator 7, Mover 4, Internal Protector 2, Thinker 2,
Threat Rating: D+ Class Supervillain

The Dozen Harbingers of the End Times - A group of supernatural monsters that cause havoc throughout the Multiverse, a Harbinger is to an A-Class parahuman what an A-Class parahuman is to a D-Class.
Ragnarok -
The Fallen Angel -
Behemoth -
Leviathan -
Kraken -
Armageddon -
Abyss -
The Serpent -
Fenrir -
Apocalypse -
Typhon -
Tartarus -
The Mother of Monsters -

Oblivion - Slain by the Guardian previous to Legacy.
Eden - Give Thrust her powers.
Zion - ?
Arcadia - ?
Hades - ?
Devoid - ?
Elysium - ?

Joan Fowler - Leo's hospitalised girlfriend and youngest child of six siblings in the Fowler family, some very rich blue bloods. Unknowing "Mother" to Jaylyn Geary.

Charlie Symthe - Leo's best friend.

Lightning Man - A superpowered vigilante.
Power Ratings: External Blaster 7, Internal Healer 7, External Healer 3, Manipulator 10, Mover 3, Internal Perceptor 3, Internal Protector 3, External Protector 5, Bellator 7,
Threat Rating: B+ Vigilante

Brooke Rodgers/Lightning Girl- A thirteen year old girl who gained superpowers and has spent a month and half in a coma as a result. Her body has physically changed and she has the ability to create temporary electromagnetic pulses.
Power Ratings: External Blaster 6, Internal Healer 9, External Healer 3, Manipulator 9, Mover 6, Internal Perceptor 6, Internal Protector 3, External Protector 4, Aphrodite 11,
Threat Rating: B- Vigilante

Oracle - Mysterious Aphrodite woman who wears a catsuit.
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: ?

President Butcher - The President of the USA after the previous one was killed and the Vice-President were killed by Superior when the White House was destroyed.

Abigail Fowler - The third oldest child of the Fowler family and currently in her first year at Yale University. Manifested after being attacked by the supervillain Atrox and accidentally killed her attacked.
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: ?

Marcelle Fowler - The third youngest child of the Fowler family, Marcelle began singing career after she graduated from high school using her family's connections and her own natural talent. She manifested after a severely bad reaction whilst secretly experimenting with illegal drugs. Now as one of the first parahuman singers with ideally suited powers in the world, her fame is rapidly increase as she becomes a major success.
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: ?

Naomi Fisher/Chronicler - Coming Soon.
Power Ratings: ?
Threat Rating: ?

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