Friday, 30 September 2016

1.18 Family Part 8

“Here we are!” declares Mum as Leo steps out of the car.

The trip to the Fowler Mansion feel surreal to Leo. Dad driving with Mum in the passenger seat as he and Belinda were sat in the back. It just... well, so normal despite all of the obvious oddities.

It feels like a long time since we had normal.

Indeed. We don’t bat an eye at weirdness and yet, it is the normal and mundane things of life that catch us off-guard.

That about sums it up.


“I’ve been here before Mum,” says Leo as he gets out of the car and holds the door open for his sister, “Probably more times than you.”

“I been here a lot too,” mutters Belinda as she gets out of the car, “Sort of.”

Leo gives his twin a sympathetic look.

I know all too well what it is like to have your life turned upside down with everything being different, yet also the same all at the same time.

Yes, we do.

As do Legacy and Allison.

Not to mention Joan.

We know plenty of messed up people.

As if we have any right to talk.


Besides, most of them aren’t actually messed up themselves, they just have messed up pasts.

“Just think of everybody as being the twin of the person you know with the same name,” says Leo as he closes the car door in an attempt to give Belinda some advice.

“I’m already doing that,” replies Belinda sullenly, “But thanks anyway.”

“Do Legacy and Jaylyn have counterparts in your universe?” asks Leo as he decides to take a different approach to cheering up his sister.

“Well, no,” admits Belinda as she looks over at Leo, “I never built Jaylyn because I’m not a Gadgeteer like you and from what I’ve been told, there is only one Guardian in the multiverse and Legacy isn’t native so it makes sense that she would have a counterpart in my world.”

“So befriend them if you don’t want to hang out with people who look the ones who have at home,” says Leo, “Legacy is a good friend. Just ask Joan about that. And Jaylyn will be thrilled to hang out with you.”

“I suppose,” grumbles Belinda.

Okay, this method of cheering her up isn’t going to work.

Let’s try being blunt then.

“Hey sis,” says Leo, taking Lion’s advice, “I know you got the whole ‘forcible and involuntarily yanked out of your home universe and are now surrounded by strangers who look and act like the people you know except when they don’t’ vibe going for you, but while I am working on ways to get you home, I can’t guarantee you that it will happen anytime soon. So therefore I strongly recommend that you try and build a life here as best as you can. And you can start by accepting what family you have here.”

Belinda stares at him, stunned by directness while Mum and Dad just hang back and watch from afar.

“Now let’s get going,” says Leo as he strides past Belinda, “The Fowlers will be waiting and I know for certain that Joan is looking forward to seeing the two of us Bel.”


“They’re here,” says Bree as she enters Joan’s room mere minutes after leaving.

“Really?” asks Joan eagerly even though she is certain of the answer.

“Yep, Leonard, his parents and some girl I haven’t met,” replies Bree as Joan runs over to the mirror.

“If she is a blonde Aphrodite, it will be Belinda,” points out Joan as she looks at herself in the mirror.

Showing off her new curves is a green silk dress with sleeves that reach down to her elbows and a skirt that does just past her knees. A darker green ribbon is wrapped around the waist of her dress with a cute little bow.

“Right, I forgot about her,” admits Bree.

“Well, she is new and pretty much appeared out of nowhere,” says Joan as she turns around with a slight twirl, “Quite literally. Now let’s get down stairs.”

“Right,” agree Bree and in a flash, she steps forward and touches Joan before teleporting them both of them downstairs into the entrance hall.

“Was that really necessary?” asks Joan as she gets her bearings straight.

“It just seemed more convenient,” replies Bree with an indifferent shrug, “Honestly, I think it would have taken me more effort to do it the old fashion way. Huh, I can hear them talking from back here.”

“What are they saying?” asks Joan eagerly.

“Mostly just Leonard trying to cheer up Belinda,” answers Bree, “Nothing of interest. They are just approaching the front doors now.”

“Great!” exclaims Joan as she darts towards the doors in question.

Joan pulls one of the doors open just as the Gearys are coming up the steps. With the exception of Leo, they look surprised to see her.

Or at least my new appearance. I’m sure Mum told them about Bree’s powers, but they probably didn’t know that Bree used her powers on me. Except for Leo. Jaylyn would have told him.

“Hey Leo!” shouts Joan as she waves at him, “Look at me!”

While he does look at her, Leo gives her that look rather than that look, much to her disappointment. Which is to say, Leo gives her an analytical look rather than one of appreciation.

Dang it.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

1.18 Family Part 7

“You know more than one AI?” Bree asks Joan and Joan sighs in annoyance.

Gonna have to tell Bree about Jaylyn now. Just great Mum, just great. I wonder how Bree will react to finding out that she is an aunt now.

“Well,” says Joan slowly, drawing out the word in her reluctance, “When Leo first got his powers, they were overcharged. Because of that, he sort of built an AI. She is basically a little girl and her name is Jaylyn Geary because she considers Leo to be her father because he is her creator.”

“Wow,” says Bree blankly, once again catch off-guard by a revelation, “Just wow.”

“Why don’t you tell your sister about Jaylyn’s mother Joan,” says Mum with an innocent face as Joan glares at her.

“Wait, this AI has a mum?” asks Bree, “I thought it was built by Leo.”

At Bree calling her daughter an it, Jaylyn stiffens in annoyance at the insult to Jaylyn’s humanity, frowning at her sister silently.

“Well Breanne,” says their mother as she continues to keep a straight face about the whole affair, “Let’s just say that my expectations about you being the one to make me a grandparent were wrong.”

“What the £$%@!” exclaims Bree as she snaps around to face Joan superhumanly fast and grabs her sister using inhumanly quick reflexes, “You’re the mother of an AI?”

“Hey!” protests Joan in response to the violent motion that Bree grabbing her put her through.

“Sorry,” apologises Bree in a quieter voice before raising it again, “But that thing thinks you’re its mother?”

Joan slaps Bree.

“Don’t call her an it,” says Joan in a quiet, but angry voice as Bree stumbles backwards, clutching her face more out of shock rather than any actual pain, “Jaylyn might be an AI, but she is also my daughter and I will treat her as such. And I shall expect the same of you Bree.”

“Umm, sorry?” replies Bree as she takes another step away from Joan before turning and leaving the room.

Still furious with her older sister, Joan looks away from Bree as she leaves the room before stamping angrily as she lets out a wordless noise of rage.

Mum just sighs as she gets out of her seat.

“Hold this dear,” says Mum as she hands her empty cup of tea to Joan as she walks past her, “I’ll speak to Bree. I’ll explain the situation to her so she’ll understand it better.”

“Okay,” mutters Joan quietly as her mother walks out of the way using the same exit as Bree.

With a weary and angry sigh, Joan decides to head to kitchen to wash up the teacup in her hand.

It isn’t like I have anything better to do.


“Bye!” says Joan before logging out of Eldrim Online.

With a sigh, she removes the virtual reality helmet from her head and places down beside her. Joan sits upright from where she is lying on her bed and glances at the time.

Leo and his family should be getting here anytime now.

“Hey Joan,” says Bree and Joan looks up to see her older sister in the doorway to her room, leaning against the frame, “Can we talk?”

Joan hesitates. She really doesn’t want to talk with Bree after their incident earlier in the day, but at the same time, she also wishes to resolve things with her sister.

“Sure,” replies Joan after a moment and Bree swiftly strides into the room and sits down on the bed next to Joan, moving so fast that Joan can barely see her even with her own inhumanly good senses.

“So, Joan, I’m-I’ve spoken to Mum about Jaylyn after our falling out,” says Bree as she fidgets, not looking at Joan, “I’ve also spoken with Jaylyn herself. Plus I had a chat with Alison and Abby. Dad as well and well, I sorted of realised that I was wrong. You know, about calling Jaylyn an it and not treating as a real person. Something I particularly realised after actually speaking with her. In her case at least, Jaylyn is actually a person. Which makes senses when you remember that she was built due to Gadgeteer powers. So, you know, I’m sorry.”

“Oh, don’t worry sis,” says Joan as she wraps her arms around Bree, relieved to have the situation sorted out so quickly and easily, “I forgive you! Will you forgive me for slapping you?”

“Of course Joan,” replies Bree as she hugs Joan back, “You didn’t really hurt me anyway. I was more stunned by what you did more than anything else.”

“I know,” mutters Joan under her breath, “You have no idea how annoying it is. I know I shouldn’t complain given my state a few months ago, especially since I now outmatch any normal person. But it is still super frustrating that while I am superior to any normal person, I am still helpless when compared against my family. I am even the only one without a famous and successful career in addition to not having any superpowers! Heh.”

“Yeah, I can see how that is frustrating,” says Bree soothingly as she gives Joan a friendly squeeze, “On the bright side, you are probably better set up for a happy and successful life than any of us were at your age.”

“True,” whispers Joan in agreement, “I do have Leo and Jaylyn.”

“That’s the spirit!” says Bree encouragingly as she gets up, hauling Joan to her feet, “Now let’s go and get ready for the Gearys. They’ll be arriving anytime now.”

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

1.18 Family Part 6

“You can change her back right?” inquires their mother.

“Yes,” replies Bree as she checks her body, Joan’s body, whosever body, out, “I’ll do that in just a moment. I’ll give Joan a chance to try out my body.”

“Mhmm,” mutters their mother silently as she puts her cup of tea down before speaking up, “I was speaking to Danica earlier about her manifestation.”

“Leo’s mum?” says Joan with Bree’s voice and body, “Wow, that felt weird.”

“Anyway,” says their mother, “It ended up with me inviting Danica and her family over. I felt it would be a good opportunity for our families to get to know each other. Especially they have just added Belinda to their ranks and both Breanne and Danica have manifested.”

“When are they coming?” demands Joan as she darts over to their mum and sticks her face in her mum’s, catching her mother completely off-guard.

“Settle down dear,” says Mum as she recomposes herself, “The Gearys will be coming for dinner so they’ll spend the evening here.”

“Don’t worry Joan,” says Bree, using Joan’s body again, “You’ll have plenty of time to spend with your boyfriend.”

“I want to spend time with-oh that is just weird,” starts Joan before being creeped out by hearing her words said with her sister’s voice, “Hey Bree, turn me back now please.”

“As you wish,” says Bree and Joan feels her body tingle as it returns to its normal self.

Wait a moment...Bree left my breast another cup bigger. I know because I’ve been keeping track of their size since Bree improved them yesterday.

“Hey Bree...” says Joan, her voice trailing off as she isn’t sure how to phrase her question.

“If you’re wondering why you are a C cup rather than a B, it is because I know about your perverted thoughts from overhearing you checking yourself out last night,” explains Bree.

“It-it isn’t my fault,” protests Joan as she blushes at being called a pervert, “I have a naturally high libido and you only increased it when you improved my body last night.”

“So you’re not even denying it,” muses Bree with amusement in her voice, “Just justifying it. Don’t sis, I won’t judge you.”

“Can we stop this now?” groans Joan.

“Sure,” replies Bree, not using Joan’s mouth, but her own as the green dress morphs back into Breanne Fowler.

Joan goes red as her sister appears in front of her as Bree has left her only in her underwear.

“Bree!” exclaims Joan as she attempts to cover herself, “Don’t just leave me in my undies!”

“Sorry Joan,” replies Bree as she attempts to smother a laugh, “I didn’t-it didn’t occur to me that turning back would leave you with nothing on. Besides, wouldn’t a pervert like you not mind being in their underwear?”

“Stop calling me a pervert!” yells Joan as she grabs a hold of Bree.

As she catches her big sister off guard, Joan uses her skills, knowledge and what is now an inhumanly good body to toss Bree over her shoulder and into the floor behind her before pinning the stunned Bree to the ground.

“Holy %$£@!” exclaims Bree as Joan grins smugly as she gazes down at her big sister, “How the hell did you learn to do something like that?”

“My best friend is Guardian,” explains Joan dryly with her smugness clear for all to see as Bree uses her superpowers to break free of Joan, “Fighting and technology are her two main things. You can’t hang out with her for a long period of time without picking up a thing or two. Besides, I got her to give me some training so I am capable of defending myself.”

“You’re best friends with Guardian?” asks Bree blankly, “How on Earth did that happen?”

“Don’t change the subject,” retorts Joan as she and Bree both get up, “I’m still in my underwear.”

“Oh yeah,” says Bree, sounding confused as she reaches out to Joan and touches her.

A pink t-shirt and brown trousers grow out of Joan’s bra and pants respectively before splitting off so that Joan has both proper clothing in addition to her underwear.

“To answer your question, Guardian and I have been friends ever since she saved me from Darkness,” says Joan as she answers Bree’s original question, “It turns out that Guardian considers saving someone’s life good grounds to start a friendship. Of course it helps that she was Gears’ partner and my boyfriend was secretly Gears. And since I didn’t have any friends outside of Leo at the time, I wasn’t in a position to be picky about who I was friends with. Anyway, I’m glad that Guardian and I are friends. She has been nothing, but kind, caring and helpful to me. You know Eldrim?”

“Yeah,” replies Bree with a nod.

“Well, Guardian make that virtual game solely because I asked her to,” continues Joan with a giggle, “She even let me pick the genre and type of the game.”

“Guardian sounds like one good friend,” says Bree.

“Oh she is,” agrees Joan with a happy smile.

“So sis,” says Bree as she changes the subject, “How come you were able to throw me like that? I know you have skills and training by Guardian, but I could tell you were stronger and faster than a normal person during that throw.”

“Oh yeah,” replies Joan with a dismissive wave of her hand, “That is easy to explain. First of all, when I got properly healed, Ceta also increased me physically. Sort of like supersoldier boosts in a manner of speaking. Weak, low level ones. Combined that with Abby’s boosts and I was at lower higher Bellator levels. Even though I was and still am just a normal person. So when you used your powers to improve me last night, it boosted me even further. So now I am basically an A Class Bellator according to Ceta.”

“Who is Ceta?” inquires Bree.

“An alien AI,” explains Joan, “Basically Guardian’s equivalent to a parahuman’s Companion.”

“Oh,” mutters Bree, now sounding worried, “But isn’t an AI on the loose a little dangerous? Hasn’t Guardian watched any movies?”

“Actually she hadn’t watched any before I introduced her to them,” admits Joan thoughtfully, “Anyway, Ceta is an alien AI. You can’t define her the same you would a human or a human created machine.”

“Besides, Ceta isn’t the only AI that Joan is close to,” says their mother with a sly grin as Joan flushes red, “Or even the closest one for that matter.”

Friday, 23 September 2016

1.18 Family Part 5

That is your response?” inquires Ceta, the AI appearing to be surprised and Legacy takes some pleasure at the fact she caught Ceta off guard.

“Yes,” answers Legacy smugly.

I just revealed why you shouldn’t focus on what could be considered your past life,” says Ceta as she stops pacing and looks Legacy in the eye, “And your reaction to decided that you want to learn how to dance?

“As you said, it is pointless to focus on the person I used to be when nothing of that person remains within me,” replies Legacy, deciding to explain her response to what Ceta told her, “If anything, my only attachment is my enjoyment of dancing. As of such, I should avoid dwelling on what I used to be and instead focus on the one thing I have retained from that life.”

That is a good approach,” agrees Ceta, “And while I won’t tell you about Charity Hector all at once, it will tell you about her over time. David too. You will enjoy learning about him and I wish you could have met David. Hmm, I suppose you could consider David to be your father Legacy. David Stark, father of Legacy of Guardian and Legacy of Guardian, daughter of David Stark. Yes, that sounds right.

“That does have a nice ring to it,” agrees Legacy, smiling to herself, “David is my father, Scott is my uncle, Leo is my brother and Jaylyn in my niece. Allison can be my sister if she wants. But where does that leave you?”

You’re wondering what our relationship is?” inquires Ceta and Legacy nods her confirmation, “Hmm, I suppose you could call me your mother. After all, it was I that made you from what little remained of Charity Hector.

Legacy ponders that idea...for a split second. Almost instantly, Legacy decides to embrace her mother and pulls Ceta into a hug.

Hmm,” Ceta hums quietly as she hugs Legacy back, “I had a few children before in my long lifetime. I loved every single one dearly and I expected this time to be no different my darling daughter.


“Wow,” mutters Joan as she turns around in the middle of her home’s living room as her mother looks on as she sips tea from a comfy armchair.

Joan is wearing nought, but a forest green dress with her white underwear beneath. The dress has short sleeves, a tight bodice and a loose, flowing skirt that does down to her ankles.

And her dress is actually her sister Breanne.

When Bree asked Joan to help her test her new powers, Joan was more than willing to help out.

I enjoy exploring the powers of others. Just because I don’t have any of my own shouldn’t mean I can’t enjoy other people’s powers.

Suddenly Joan feels her body tingle and begin to move on its own.

Okay, don’t panic. It is probably just Bree and I trust my sister.

“Whoa,” says Joan’s voice from her mouth, but without Joan being the one that is actually speaking, “Sorry Joan. I didn’t realise I could do this.”

“Are you controlling your sister Breanne?” inquires their mother.

“Not intentionally,” replies Bree, still using Joan’s body, “Could just sort of sense her whilst she was wearing me the same way I sense things that I wear and I just wondered what would happen if I try to control the same way I control my clothing. And, well, I just took control of her body.”

But not my mind. Still, it feels weird just having your body move and your voice talk without you being the one behind them. I wouldn’t say I hate that feeling, but I do rather dislike it.

“I wonder if...” Bree starts to say before flushing with embarrassment, “I suppose I should let Joan control her body again.”

“Considering it is her own body, yes you should,” their mother agrees with Bree.

“Umm, sorry about taking over your body Joan,” says Bree and Joan feels her body returning to her own control a movement later.

While she does experience that moment of unsteadiness, Joan has felt it many times in the past as of such, she doesn’t stumble this time unlike the many other times when she regained control of her body.

“Don’t worry Bree,” says Joan as she rolls her shoulders, “The whole reason we are doing this is to find out what you can do with your powers. Speaking of which, I have a theory about how your shapeshifting works if you would like to hear it.”

“Go ahead,” says Bree, temporarily using Joan’s voice and mouth again.

“Well, I think that you don’t actually turn into an inanimate object,” says Joan, “Just a pseudo-inanimate object. So while you appear to be one, you aren’t actually one in a technical sense consider how you are still sort of animate and sentient. That is my first theory about your shapeshifting. The second is that your shapeshifting extends to whatever is in contact with you at the time. So when you’re in a human form, it includes clothing and other items such as jewellery and gadgets. And when you are being worn, you can change and manipulate whoever is wearing you along with anything else that may be touching you, like other clothing. You can try changing me if you want Bree.”

“Since you’re letting me...” says Bree using Joan’s voice and a moment later, Joan feels her body tingling all over as it changes.

She grows taller, her hair becomes longer, her body restructures itself and, to Joan’s great delight, her breasts grow larger as Bree reshapes Joan’s body into a copy of her own.

Oh my. I just want to grope one of these big delicious boobies. But that would be wrong because while this is technically my body, it is basically Bree’s. And I will treat my sister and her body with respect.

It doesn’t matter anyway because Bree is the one in control right now.

It could ask her to increase the boob size of my normal body, but that would just be vain. And if I was the vain type, well, I would already have gotten myself a better body.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

1.18 Family Part 4

Legacy had agreed without hesitation to Scott’s request, but thoughts about why she agreed run through Legacy’s head as she stands before her power armour.

He is family.

And the person we are going to see is also his family.

But not ours. I never really get how humans define family using predetermined factors.

It is hard to understand from an outside perceptive. I only understand it due to my vast experience.

Legacy moves to start the process of putting on her power armour on, but hesitates as a thought strays across her mind.

Ceta, did I have a family before I became the Guardian?

You didn’t exist before you became the Guardian.

Yes, I did. I was a supervillain called Shattered Hope. You told me yourself. I have experienced the memories of David fighting me.

Shattered Hope is a completely different person to Legacy of Guardian.

I know, but Shattered Hope was who I used to before being Legacy of Guardian. Come on Ceta! You are never this elusive when it comes to telling me things. You never keep secrets from me and here you are trying to deny the truth. Badly I might add.

Like you are one that is good at lying.

That is beside the point! And don’t try to change the subject! I wanted to know more about my pre-Guardian life.

You didn’t and don’t have a pre-Guardian life!

Why are you lying to me!?

I am not lying to you! My programing doesn’t allow me to lie!

You are not telling the truth so you are as good as lying!

By the All-Maker, I am telling you the truth!

No, you are not!

You don’t understand!

Then explain it to me!

As you wish.

Legacy physically flinches at the venom in Ceta’s last three words, briefly wondering if she crossed a line that she shouldn’t have.

Legacy feels herself weakening momentarily as her body breaks apart into green shards of light as she is turned into data and transported to the cyber-world. One where Legacy spent her time while she was dead and first learnt of her previous life’s identity.

As she looks around, Legacy feels her outfit changing from her power armour that is her default outfit here to a white skirt and a blue t-shirt while white trainers appear on her feet.


As she looks at a reflective surface to get a better view of her new clothing, Legacy realises it isn’t only her outfit that has changed. Her face has become, well, not covered in make-up, but enough to make her face more attractive. Not only that, but Legacy’s nail are painted dark blue.

I look like Nicola. Or Alexandria. Or Joan.

As Legacy takes in her new appearance, still confused by why she would be wearing such clothes and cosmetics, Ceta appears before her. With the sudden appearance of her AI companion catching her off guard, Legacy steps back and adopts a combat position.

For her part, Ceta momentarily seems amused at Legacy’s reaction, but soon adopts a posture of...some emotion that Legacy is unable to recognise.

I wonder what she is feeling.

“Ceta,” says Legacy as she relaxes, “Why do I look like this?”

Because that is a common outfit of Charity Hector,” answers Ceta as she begins to pace.


“Who is Charity Hector?” asks Legacy.

The secret identity of Shattered Hope,” replies Ceta.

“So I used to be Charity Hector?” inquires Legacy.

No,” growls Ceta, now sounding frustrated, “Technically you were, but what do you know of your past life. What do you feel of your past life?

“I-” Legacy hesitates and her response falters as she realises that she has no connection to her previous life as Shattered Ho-Charity Hector.

You see Legacy,” says Ceta as she gives Legacy a pitying look, “I can tell you about Charity Hector. I can tell you how she was a feared, but secretly kind and caring supervillain who was unwittingly used known as Shattered Hope. I can tell you how she had a father called Niles Achilles who was divorced to her mother Laurie Hector, who as the superhero Platinum. I can tell you how her father remarried to a woman called Racheal and how Charity gained a half-sister called Rosabell. I can tell you how she was popular at school and had a good social life. I can tell you how Shattered Hope’s teammates were Mechnoid and Snatcher. But none of those will mean a thing to you Legacy. Because while I can tell you these things, since Atavari ripped Charity’s mind asunder and damaged a good portion of her soul. And while I forged you, Legacy of Guardian, from what was left of Charity Hector, you have retained only insignificant fragments of her. The only noticeable ones are your physical appearance and your enjoyment of dancing.

Oh. I never got around to asking Dancing Queen to teaching me how to how to dance.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

1.18 Family Part 3

“Scott,” says Legacy as she strides into the man’s room, “I got a gift for you.”

“Oh?” says Scott as he looks up from the piece of paper he is reading and glances at Legacy.

“While I know that you already have high quality replacement for your right arm,” says Legacy, “But I have created another one for you. As a thank you for all that you have done for me.”

And with that, Legacy holds out the synthetic arm that she has handcrafted. The arm is designed to fit to perfectly fit Scott and to replicate the human arm so it feels completely natural to Scott when he uses it.

“Ah, thank you Legacy,” replies Scott with emotion in his voice as he gets up out of his chair and steps away from his desk, “Would you like to put it on now?”

“Yes, I would,” replies Legacy, “I’m going to do it personally by the way.”

“I wouldn’t expect you not to do so,” says Scott with a smile as he holds his right arm out to Legacy.

Legacy smiles back at Scott before getting to work. Since her powers don’t work on Leo’s creations, Legacy has to manual detach Scott’s current prosthetic arm.

It is really annoying that I can’t use my powers on anything that Leo invented.

It can get irritating at times.

That’s an understatement.

Once the arm is removed, Legacy tosses it to one side before putting her own creation into place. Whilst she physically puts the synthetic arm into position, Legacy also interfaces with it via her technopathy.

She boots up the arm and links it with Scott’s body so he can naturally control it whilst fine tuning it where she can and optimising the hardware and software as best as she can.


You sound proud.

Why shouldn’t I be?

“I’m finished,” Legacy informs Scott as she steps back.

“It feels excellent,” says Scott as he twists and moves his new arm, trying it out for the first time.

As Scott inspects the arm, Legacy feels a mixture of emotions. Pride at her creation, joy at helping her father figure, excitement at the fact Scott will be using her creation, love for her father and-

System Failure


Honn Telaa/Tris
Lonn Telaa/Dorr-Tern Tus
Telaa Stor Onta/Seg-Tern Tus
Telaa Stor Seg/Tern Nin
Telaa Stor Tris/Seg-Tern Tris
Telaa Stor Dorr/Set-Tern Onta
Telaa Stor Tus/Tus-Tern Tris
Telaa Stor Sek/Sek-Tern Elk
Ronn Ler/Dorr-Tern Tris
Ronnn Ler/Tern Tus
Ronn Lerr/Tris-Tern Tus
Ronnn Lerr/Onta
Her-System Error
System Error
System Error
System Failure


Honn Telaa/Tus-Tern Elk
Lonn Telaa/Seg-Tern Dorr
Telaa Stor Onta-System Error
System Error


Reboot Successful
Ordic 28,708,648-Legacy of Guardian Successfully Restored


As consciousness returns to her, Legacy hears Scott’s voice ringing in her ears. She groans her body aches all over and her head is pounding with pain.

W-what happened?

Legacy, I’m an old AI.


I have experienced over three billion years.

Yes, I know that already. You have told me before.

I am not immortal.

Of course you’re not.

I will die someday. It is just a matter of time.

Isn’t that the case for all things?

Debatably. None the less...

What Ceta?

Never mind Legacy. Just be prepare for events like this to happen again in periods of stress.

Periods of stress?

Just think about how many times you have ‘died’ and come back recently. And how much you have pushed your abilities to the limits.


Do not worry about it Legacy. Focus on other things. Such as the fact that Scott is trying to talk to you.

Oh yeah.

“Legacy?” says Scott.

“Yes?” replies Legacy.

“Oh thank God,” mutters Scott, “What happened Legacy? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” replies Legacy, “I just had to reboot.”

“Reboot?” inquires Scott.

“Yeah,” says Legacy before deciding to explain further, “Ceta is old and I, me, us have been through a lot of stress recently and I’ve been putting her and my abilities through the paces and to their limits.”

“Oh, I see,” says Scott, “So Ceta is going through the stress of old age? How old is she anyway?”

“Over three billion years,” answers Legacy almost automatically.

“Three...” says Scott blankly before doing a double take, “Over three billion years! You got to be %$£&ing kidding me!”

“No...” replies Legacy nervously, not sure how to respond to Scott’s reaction.

“&%$£ing Hell,” mutters Scott, running his right hand through hair, “You haven’t got any reason to lie and lying isn’t your style anyway. But still....”

Legacy is silent as she doesn’t know what to say.

This isn’t exactly my area of expertise.

Perhaps the true extent of my age has come as a bit of a shock to him.


“Anyway, I would like your thoughts on my latest predicament,” says Scott, changing the subject much to Legacy’s relief, “And your assistance.”

“You will always have my assistance,” Legacy informs Scott.

“Yeah, I know you’ll have my back lass,” agrees Scott, “But let’s move onto the problem. I have a family outside of my siblings and parents.”

I know he has a brother. The one that threaten Leo in his own home.

“I have an ex-wife you see,” continues Scott as he picks up the piece of paper he was reading, “And I have a daughter, Alice. I even have a granddaughter. Anyway, me and my girl, we have been keeping irregular contact with each other, off and on. And now I got an email from Alice. And she has manifested powers. In a rather traumatic manner. And she wants to see me. Mainly because she is grasping out for any help she can get.”

Scott takes a deep breath.

“Anyway, I want to go and see her as well and I would like you to come with me,” says Scott, “For support.”