Friday, 29 July 2016

1.16 Devil Part 2

As the beast rushes them, Gears zooms at its head and slashes away at its gaping maw and fanged mouthpieces. He quickly makes quick work of it, but almost instantly it begins to regrow.

Realising this head on approach won’t work with this creature, Gears hack his halberd into the chitin and leaps onto the back of the head. Using his KEPs and activating the energy of his halberd, Gears slides down back of the centipede, his halberd tearing through the armour plates and the energy coursing through the blade sears the flesh beneath.

I’m starting to really like this new halberd.

It is impressive.

Who thought a tinker power could be so useful

But what about the sharpness? Won’t the blade be getting dull after this amount of use?

No. What Tar’garieth did to halberd has made its sharpness permanent.


The centipede howls in pain and Beowulf chops its head off with his blades. Gears prepares to finish it off, but it seems to be dead as its wounds don’t begin to heal like they did before.

“So what is your plan?” asks Beowulf as he twirls both of his swords.

“Hurt Apocalypse until he is forced to leave and then deal with the creatures once he isn’t around to create more of them,” answers Gears, “First we need to find some folks capable of hurting-”

Once again, Gears is interrupted by another one of Apocalypse’s creations.

A massive fiery creature forms over the ocean. It has a burning orange sun at its core with four glistening rings with shining gems circling it. Around rings are tendrils of golden-orange light, each one full of charged energy.

Thin beams of bright light flash from the gems at Gears and he dodges out the way, barely spotting the lasers let alone avoiding them.

I can barely keep up with all of these inhumanly fast attacks even with my C Class Bellator reflexes. Heck, I wouldn’t be able to dodge them if it weren’t for my armour. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like for somebody with normal reflexes.

Powers do render things very unfair to normal people. Not many ways out there for mundane people to hold their own against parahumans let alone win.

Or we could just be facing off against the more powerful ones out there.

What are the chances of that happening?

Pretty high. Statistically speaking, we get involved in situation containing a disproportionately large amount of top tier parahumans.

Grand Rapids has more A Class parahumans than any of the states do and more than some countries do. Quite a few actually.

Ignoring Beowulf, the sun-sphere creature focuses its fire on Gears, unleashing about a dozen laser beams per a second. Gears does his best to avoid being hit, dodging those that he can and block those he can’t with his halberd.

Gears is trying to figure out a way to best this latest foe when several chucks of rubble fly at it. The sun-sphere fires it laser at the creature, destroying two of the five chucks. The remaining three continue onwards, dodging the laser beams.

For them to get out of the way like there somebody must be actively control via terrakinesis or telekinesis rather than just throwing them using super strength.

The tendril lashes out to intercept pieces of rubble, but only catches one, disintegrating it on contact. The remaining two zoom towards the mini-sun in the centre of the sun-sphere creature.

But before the chucks of rubble hit the sun, a bolt of lightning smashes into the sphere. The electricity blasts away a large section of the sphere allowing glowing wisps of orange energy to escape.

A mere moment before they hit the damaged sphere, the two surviving pieces of rubble freeze over. Slamming into sphere, the two chucks of rubble take more of the sphere, leaving only a third of it left.

As the tendrils and rings flicker and the sun begins to reform, Gears tosses his halberd at the mini-sun. It almost makes it, but begins to fall short.

Darn it! I was so sure I would make it!

Nobody is prefect.

Suddenly the halberd moves again, strike upwards at the sphere. The halberd smashes into what is left of sphere, the red blade absorbing the sun into it.

Using his magnetic recall, Gears summons the halberd back to his hand.

You know, you could have just made it reappear in your hand.

Hey! I’m just getting use to all of its new abilities!

As he tightens his grip on his halberd again, Gears feels the massive amount of power coursing the halberd.

“You’re a Tinker right?” asks Beowulf as he joins Gears again.

“No, I’m a Bellator Gadgeteer,” replies Gears, glancing over at the teenager.

“Really?” asks Beowulf, “So am I with a few extra powers on the side. All D Class. I think so at least. You American use a different rating system to the Nordic ones. So how did you make that halberd?”

“I made it and it was recently enhanced by a Tinker,” explains Gears, “Now it does all sorts of cool things. Just watch this.”

Gears aims the halberd at Apocalypse and fires off a large beam of black energy at the Harbinger. Crackling beam of energy spears towards Apocalypse, but as it gets within a few metres, the Harbinger suddenly dodges out of the way.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

1.16 Devil Part 1

His upgraded halberd in his left hand, Gears strides out of the portal into the midst of an ongoing battle. He looks up to see a thin man with torn black leather wings in the middle of the sky. Red energy emits from the crevices in his body and his entire body is bathed in a crimson glow.

A Harbinger...                                                            

That must have been what Drakvar was talking about.

Yes, Niltoc must be what he calls the Harbinger.

Speaking of which, which one is this one?

Apocalypse is beheld before us.

What can he do again?

Fast A Class flyer with a relative weak physical prowess at C- levels. Telekinesis and regeneration both at B Class.

Doesn’t sound that tough. Somebody like somebody like Atlas, Lightbringer or Darkness could take this guy down. What’s the catch?

He is an Infinity Class Spawner.

Wait, Infinity Class? I thought that class was still theoretical.

Officially it is, but we have access to data otherwise.

Such as Guardian’s data on the Dozen Harbingers of the End Times.

Yeah. So what does he spawn?

Organic life. Generally brutes up to A Class levels, but he produce specialists at B Class. Intelligence can be up to sentient levels, but he generally sticks at the borderline between a smart animal to barely sentient at most.

And once he has spawned a creature, Apocalypse can’t unspawn them.

Sounds tough. So what do we do?

The best tactic would to be to try and drive off Apocalypse whilst fending off the creatures that he spawns. Then once he is gone, finish off any remaining creatures.

Trying to take out the creatures won’t work as Apocalypse has no upper limit on how many he can spawn and will just continuously make more as you take them out.

Okay. Let us get a handle on the situation and then try and drive off Apocalypse with whatever forces we can muster.

Gears runs forward through the ruins of a destroyed building as he charges towards the shore. He does his best to ignore the bodies, both those of civilians and those of two massive dog-like beasts, both of them having been frozen to death.

Must have been a powerful cryokinetic to do that.

Could have been a Tinker or Magician.

Gears spots a hydra-like creature fighting a figure on the beach. The hydra is a roughly ten metres tall with a scaly lizard-like body, two barbed tails and five fanged heads.

The figure on the hand is obviously a parahuman, but he is a superhero, a supervillain or vigilante is not so clear. He also appears to be in his late teens at a glance, but with the Enhance rating and shapeshifting, that could easily be wrong as well.

The parahuman is wearing black clothing with some plates of armour. Furthermore, he appears to be wearing an exoskeleton suit and has a pair of grey swords in his hands.

The parahuman jumps at the hydra and it snaps one head at the boy. The boy blocks with a sword and is forced away. As he lands, another head fires a beam of concentrated fire at his feet.

The parahuman moves fast, his feet barely touching the ground before he leaps away again. But the hydra is also swift, firing at the boy with another two heads.

At this point Gears decides to intervene. He jumps forward at the distracted hydra, flying forward with his KEPs.

In a series of rapid motions, Gears flies past the front of the hydra, hacking away at the heads. He easily cuts off the first two before slicing off the third and fourth, but the fifth jerks back, avoiding the fate of the others.

Landing on his feet with a slight skid, Gears steadies himself with a slight blast of his KEPs before aiming his halberd at the hydra. He feels the blade charging up and unleashes it, just enough to take out the hydra.

The beam of black energy strikes forth from the spike of is halberd and tears through the neck of the fifth head and into the body. Seizing the moment, Gears stabs forward with his halberd, piercing the hydra and draining its dying body of its energy.

Yanking his halberd out of the corpses, Gears turns to face the parahuman.

The boy looks impressed and starts to say something in what Gears assumes is Norwegian, but Gears cuts him off with a wave of his hand.

“I don’t speak Norwegian,” states Gears bluntly.

“Lucky I speak English then,” replies the boy with an abnormal cheerfulness given their current situation, “I am Beowulf.”

“Gears,” replies Gears, “I’m an American vigilante who just came out of a transdimensional portal. At the moment, I’m not even sure I’m sure on my Earth because the portal home got mucked around with by someone else.”

“So do you know this guy?” asks Beowulf, indicating Apocalypse with a wave of his hands.

“I know of him,” answers Gears, “And I fought another.”

“So can he do then?” inquires Beowulf.

“A Class flyer and C Class physical prowess,” replies Gears, “Telekinesis and Regeneration at B Cla-”

Gears falls silent as he and Beowulf turn to face a massive centipede that rises out of the ocean. Covered in shiny black plates of chitin with a flurry of barbed legs, the monster rushes at Beowulf and Gears.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.23 Revelations Part 2

“So what happened to Solara?” asks Drakvar as he stares down at the warrior-spirit in question, taking in her new appearance.

While her form primarily remains the same, it has taken a new look to it with fire replacing the light.

Where Solara was once white with gold plates of armour, she is now the colour of fire with black plates of armour. The white strands of light on her head have been replaced by locks made entirely of flames.

“I told you, she got destabilised by de Avatar of Paradise idiot,” replies Valen as he leans against the wall, “So to keep her from giving worse, I used my Grandfather’s pipe to fix her up and well, you can see de results. And it was my Grandfather who earn my family name of Greatflame.”

“So Solara is alright?” inquires Drakvar further, seeking confirmation.

“Yeah,” confirms Valen, “De only difference is dat Solara is a fire spirit now rather than a light spirit.”

“I already knew that,” says Jordis from where she is seating on a chair, an open book on her lap, “I spent the last two days with her while you two and been off together and Sir Galamin and the Ordic have been doing something and Shocker has been with her friends in the Inner Districts.”

“De idiot didn’t know,” points out Valen.

“Valen is right,” agrees Drakvar.

“Okay,” says Jordis as she goes back to reading her book.

To Drakvar’s surprise, Valen begins to laugh.

“What is so funny?” inquires Drakvar, confused at his friend’s behaviour.

“I’m just realising how well we fit in with each other because we don’t fit in at all,” explain Valen, “By de standards of society, we are freaks and outcasts, but dat is what draws us together. Never have I felt like a greater outcast than I am right now, but dis is also de first time I have truly felt like I belong.”

“I would comment on it myself, but this is all I know,” replies Drakvar, “You, Solara and Jordis are the closest people I have to family because I don’t even know who I am biologically related to. I have parents and a younger sister from what Shocker said, but I don’t know more than that.”

“I don’t have much family myself,” admits Valen, “Ma and pa died back when I was real young. My aunt and Divine-damned uncle took in my sister, but didn’t take me. De blasted gib hated my father and effectively casted me out of my own family. De Church did take me in and I’ve been part of it ever since. I suppose one of the reasons I want to improve my fire magic to strengthen my connection to my family. To me, my Light Magic represent my connection to the Church while my Fire Magic represents my connection to my family.”

Drakvar is about to reply when lightning comes flying towards him. Clearing noting it is supernatural origin and having a good of idea of who is behind it, Drakvar just ignore it as do Valen and Jordis.

“Hey Shocker,” says Drakvar as the Champion of Ti’darkei Order enters and in response, he receives more lightning.

“Don’t call me that!” says Shocker with a glare at Drakvar as Sir Galamin follows her into the room.

“I have brought Shocker so we can discuss recent events given how all of you have been affected,” states Sir Galamin.

“Okay, but there is something I wish to tell you first,” says Shocker.

“If it is about your super strength, senses and whatnot from birth, we already know about that,” replies Valen bluntly to Shocker’s shock, “Actually, we know more about it than you do probably given that we know the origins and extent of such powers.”

“How?” demands Shocker, still slightly shocked.

“Do you know of Saints?” inquires Sir Galamin.

“Those guys from Jord Mythology? Do you really expect me to believe in nonsense like that?” replies Shocker sarcastically and Valen begins to laugh, “What?”

“You found out magic is real, you got your powers and you’re speaking to the First Saint himself,” explains Valen through his laughter, “And yet you still believe the supernatural is impossible and just dismiss it like a typical Southerner.”

“T-that isn’t true,” protests Shocker in indignation, “B-but, that would...”

“Yes Champion Miskara,” says Sir Galamin, “You are Champion Miskara Stormmistress the Second Saint of Mirra.”

“That is-just no,” sputters Shocker in shock before letting out a nervous laugh, “Imp-impossible-Gah!”

With a cry of wild frustration, Shocker sends a bolt of electricity at Drakvar, who instinctively raises a hand to block it.

Sir Galamin gives Shocker a look and the newly declared Second Saint looks away in slight embarrassment.

“Would you like me to explain to you what Saints and Demigods are and what it means in your case?” asks Sir Galamin to the flushed Shocker.

“Yes, I really would,” replies Shocker in a quiet voice as she looks down at the floor.

“There are twenty Demigods and Saints in total,” says Sir Galamin as Shocker sits down on a chair next to Drakvar, “Each of which are rated by how powerful they are as a Saint or Demigod. As I am the strongest, I am the First Saint. I can tell from observing you that you are one of the top three and since I am the First and Grandmaster Loric is the Third, you must be the Second.”

“Oh,” mutters Shocker, “So you lot already know about my abilities?”

“Yes,” replies Sir Galamin, “And each Demigod or Saint has a connection to one of the Elder Gods or Four Divines respectively. Demigods means Those Born Of The Gods while Saints means Those Blessed By The Gods. From your electrical powers, you are clearly tied to Mirra, Lightning Soldier and Storm Goddess.”

“How does that work?” asks Miskara hesitantly, sounding very nervous, “Did this Goddess of yours pick me at birth or something?”

“De ties between a Divine and a Saint are formed at birth and without de input of the Divine,” explains Valen, “But de Saint is always someone acceptable to de Divine.”

“Saints and Demigods are always exceptional and rise to position of power while they are young,” continues Sir Galamin, “And only partially because those who know what a Saint or Demigod is want to get them under the control. Such as Alisarr and Dorrin.”

“So I was picked as the Champion because I am a Saint,” says Shocker, very distressed at the idea.

“No Champion Miskara,” replies Sir Galamin firmly, “You were picked because you are more than capable of fulfilling that duty. The fact you are a Saint just helped them realise your talent early.”

“Oh thank the Gods!” exclaims Shocker, clearly relieved at the news.

“I would also recommend not using your headset,” says Sir Galamin, “As a Saint, your powers run on Mana and Psychics used a fine balance of Chi and Mana. Due to the incompatible of Chi and Mana, your Psychic focuser is limiting your abilities rather than enhancing them in the case of the majority of Psychics as the use of Chi weakens your Mana-powered Saint abilities.”

“Oh, alright,” says Shocker and she pushes a button on her headset and the lights on it flicker and die.

“Now, if you wish for further training, you would be more than welcome to join the session in which I train my Squire Drakvar,” says Sir Galamin, “You know where to find us.”

“I will take you up on that offer,” replies Shocker.

“Now, we must discuss the powers you got from the Deceiver Entity...”

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Gears vs Tar'garieth

Moving in an inhuman flash, Tar’garieth stabs at Gears. Barely able to react in time, Gears fires his KEPs, blasting himself to the side.

With a guttural laugh, Tar’garieth swipes his sword at Gears and the hero barely blocks with his halberd in time.

Threat analysis!

Tar’garieth is bigger, stronger and most likely tougher than you. Regeneration is also probable.

That blade is stronger enough to cut through Gardium, albeit with difficulty. Your armour and halberd should both be able to take a few blows each.

Tar’garieth is also better skilled than you.

What can we do to beat him?

Dodge instead of blocking when you can.

And use your other gadgets when you can.

Thanks guys.

Flying into the air with his KEPs, Gears activates a flashbang as Tar’garieth leaps into the air after him with those two bat-like wings.

Flinching at the flashbang, Tar’garieth never sees it coming when Gears slashes his halberd across his chest.

Tar’garieth ignores the gash across his chest as he grabs for Gears with half of his arms. One snatches Gears’ leg while the other gets him by the throat.

Tar’garieth snarls and squeezes around Gears’ throat, but the superhero’s armour holds firm, barely denting inwards and not enough to cause any discomfort to Gears.

Gears snarls back as he pops another flashbang. With the sudden shock of another flashbang weakening Tar’garieth’s grip, Gears fires up his KEPs, breaking free of Tar’garieth and zooming away.

With a wild roar, Tar’garieth purses Gears across the room. As the Demon Prince closes with him, Gears spins around, swinging his halberd at Tar’garieth.

The halberd slices Tar’garieth across his cheek, but he doesn’t flinch. Instead Tar’garieth continues to come at Gears, slamming a fist into Gears’ face. As Gears is left reeling from the blow, Tar’garieth grabs the hilt of his sword with two hands and locks the blade between the blade and shaft of Gears’ halberd.

Using his superior strength, Tar’garieth wrenches the halberd from Gears’ grasp before swing his sword down at Gears himself. Gears blasts himself out of the way with his KEPs, barely dodging the blade.

Acting on instinct, Gears draws two of his four stun batons as Tar’garieth readies himself for another attack.

Tar’garieth surges forward, swing his sword at Gears. Gears uses one of his stun batons to block whilst stabbing the other at Tar’garieth.

But the stun batons are useless as the sword cuts through the first, barely missing Gears whilst the other stun baton bounces off of Tar’garieth’s breastplate.

With a throaty chuckle, Tar’garieth slams two fists into Gears, one to the face and the second to the chest. As Gears is sent flying, losing his grip on his working stun baton in the process before he stabilises himself with his KEPs.

Dammit! How I do beat this monster? He is stronger, tougher and more skilled than me.

But you have something he lacks. Guns.

I thought I was out of ammo?

I restored all of your bullets.

Thanks again guys.

As Tar’garieth comes at him again, Gears drops his broken stun baton and draws both of his handguns, aiming directly at the oncoming monster.

As Tar’garieth swings his sword at Gears, the superhero flies over Tar’garieth’s shoulder, the blade scraping against his armour with a horrible screeching sound.

Gears spins around, opening fire with whatever bullets he has currently loaded into his two custom-built pistols, four from each one.

As the Gardium bullets tear the black back plates of Tar’garieth’s armour, Gears notes they are Render Bullets, each with a full Gardium jacket with delayed explosive core.

Tar’garieth yowls with pain as eight bullets explode inside the flesh of his back, mangling the flesh and armour of his upper back.

A bonus effect of the Renders tearing Tar’garieth’s back apart is that they also blow off his wings. Tar’garieth goes tumbling to the ground as Gears aims and unloads the rest of his mags into Tar’garieth.

The remaining sixteen bullets fly at Tar’garieth, but Demon Prince reacts swiftly. He turns around with a pain expression, swiping his sword at the incoming bullets. The large blade of the broadsword catches five of the bullets and knocks another three off course so they miss him completely.

But the remaining eight bullets tear through Tar’garieth’s breastplate and ripping apart the flesh beneath with explosion.

Tar’garieth staggers slightly, his entire upper body a mangled mess. But to his credit, Tar’garieth refuses to fall.

He is tough, I’ll give him that.

He is also a skilled and determined warrior.


As Gears reloads his handguns with Ripper bullets, Gardium hollow points, Tar’garieth aims two of his black-blood splattered hands at the superhero, palms outstretched. In the hands of Tar’garieth, orbs of black fire form.



Freaking magic.

I hate magic.

The fiery orbs bursts into several bolts of misty black firebolts that stream towards Gears through at the air. He fires at them with both of his pistols, unloading both mags into the firebolts.

Initially Gears only hits and takes out two of the eight firebolts, but as they grow near, he nails another four. He blasts himself to the side and forward at the last two come at him and both of his pistols click and eject empty.

One of the pair misses, but the final firebolt scrapes against the side of Gears’ right armour. It burns away a decent portion of the Gardium outer armour plating, but none of the inner armour is damaged.

We don’t want to get hit by those.

I figured that one out for myself.

I am you.

Don’t forget about the magnetic recall for your halberd.

Oh yeah.

Gears sheathes the handgun in his left hand back in its holster while he uses the autoloader on the other to put one of his two remaining Render mags into it.

Tar’garieth grips his broadsword in two hands again and Gears summons his Gardium halberd back to his hand. As the halberd zooms through the air to Gears’ outstretched left hand, the massive blade of Tar’garieth’s sword glows with rippling black energy.

Gears snatches his halberd out of the air as a beam of crackling black energy is unleashes from the tip of Tar’garieth’s blade. Gears twists out the way as the beam sears through the air towards him before firing his pistol at Tar’garieth’s head.

Gears gets off three shots when Tar’garieth swings his sword and the beam along with it towards Gears. As the energy beam smashes into him, Gears flinches as the light blinds him and fires his KEPs up at full power, sending him flying away from the black energy beam.

Damn it! My armour show have filtered that light out!

It was too strong for the armour to completely neutralise. In fact, if it weren’t for your armour, it would have permanently blinded you if you weren’t out right killed.

Speaking of which, I need to check the damage.

Gears checks his armour and weapons. All of his weaponry has been damaged, but are all still working. Not only that, but practically all of the forward facing outer armour plating been burned away.

I need to end this fight soon. I just hope I can last longer than Tar’garieth can.

Do not fret, we are on our way.

Wait, what?

We are currently in the process of making our way to you.

With much violence and destruction.

Gears notes the amusement that comes from Star with that last sentence.

Taking aim at Tar’garieth with his pistol, Gears drops his halberd and draws one of his two remaining flashbangs.

As Tar’garieth charges up with his sword for another energy beam attack, Gears tosses the flashbang as he closes with the Demon Prince.

Having experienced two already, Tar’garieth shields his face with his two empty arms, but is still slightly dazed when the flashbang goes off. Gears opens fire, unloading his remaining mag into Tar’garieth’s face while summoning his halberd back to him again.

He gets off six shots before his damaged handgun jams on the seventh shot.

Honestly, I’m surprised it work at all.

Tar’garieth yowls in pain as half his face is blown away by a series of explosions.

Why won’t he just die already?

With a wild battlecry, Gears swings his halberd at Tar’garieth.

The blade doesn’t make contact with the Demon Price.

Gears gasps in pain as his chest is filled with agony. Letting his pistol fall from his grasp and barely holding onto halberd, Gears looks down.

The blade of Tar’garieth’s broadsword has impaled him right through the chest.

Well, that is going to be a problem.

Gears coughs, tasting blood in his mouth, as Tar’garieth grabs him by the throat before sliding the sword out of his chest.

Gears takes a moment to take in and process the situation.

My chest has suffered a severe wound, but Tar’garieth has taken worse. That said, he is probably tough enough to take that sort of injuries better than I am able to take mine. On the other hand, the majority of the right side of his head is gone, but then again, he seems to be only inconvenienced by that.

His sword is still extremely powerful while my halberd is battered and beaten. One of my guns is jammed and while the other is holstered with its current state unknown. Not only that, but most of my defences are gone.

That do I have left? A flashbang, a few electro-spheres, a molecular blade, two stun batons, a damaged gun that may or may not work and a damaged molecular Gardium halberd.
And my armour’s nuclear batteries. I wonder how Tar’garieth here will like taking an atomic explosion at point zero? If I’m going to die, might as well go out with a bang. A real big bang.

Leo! We are almost there!

As Tar’garieth pulls back his blood-spattered sword to finish Gears off, Gears draws his other pistol from its holster. He doesn’t know what type of ammunition it has been loaded with, but he has to make a last ditch effort to stop that blade coming at him.

Using his enhanced intelligence and reflexes to the limit, Gears aims at the hilt of Tar’garieth’s blade and the hands holding it. He opens fire.

He gets off a few shots before Tar’garieth squeezes his neck and throws him away a moment later.
Gears is thrown across the room, slamming into the floor face up. He has lost his grip on both his halberd and remaining handgun.

Well, at least I’m not dead.

Gears coughs again and specks of blood cover the inside of his helmet.

At least not yet.

Gears attempts to get up to his feet, but fails. He then tries to sit up right, but is also unsuccessful in that simple task.  

As he internally decides that this would be a good time to go nuclear, Gears spots an explosion of red and blue light out of the corner of his eye. A split-second later, he feels the calm and peaceful healing wave of Tea wash over him.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

1.15 Brimstone Part 6

“Those deals are acceptable,” answers Tar’garieth, “I agree to both of them.”

“Good,” replies Gears as Lion steps away from Tar’garieth.

Can you heal him Tea?

Of course. In fact, I can restore all of the damage we caused.

You can? Even the ones we killed?

Yes, but they aren’t dead like humans are. These things are unnatural. Bringing them back from the dead is more like fixing your armour than if I were to bring a human being back to life.

Makes sense. Could you all do that as well as healing Tar’garieth?

Of course, but why?

Gesture of goodwill.


Gears watches Tar’garieth is restored to his previous state and rises to his feet.

“Thank you Gears of the Guardsmen,” rumbles Tar’garieth as he picks his sword up, “Now I shall uphold my half of the deal.”

He places one of his hand on the blade of Gears’ halberd and both the hand and the halberd glow black.

Gears watches as his halberd changes, the shaft becoming a midnight black while the blade head turns into a red crystal that it looks like it is made of ruby or something similar.

Any of you guys know what Tar’garieth has done to it?

I do. He has made it stronger, self-repairing, it can reappear in your grip and fires those black beams of energy from a charge that refills itself over time or when your blade is used to kill or harm. It also burns anything it cuts and be stored in ‘hyperspace arsenal’.

How do you know all that?

Just kinda do.

Okay then.

“Thank you Prince Tar’garieth,” replies Gears and Tar’garieth moves his hand away, “Now let me fulfil the next part of our agreement.”

Hey Tea.


If I give items from my utility belt to Tar’garieth, can you restore my belt?

Yes, I can. Interesting plan.

Good. Please refill my belt every time I give something to Tar’garieth.

As you wish.

Gears hands over the contents of his utility belt to Tar’garieth six times, explaining how each of the different items work to the Demon Prince.

“Ah, thank you for your gifts,” rumbles a pleased Tar’garieth once Gears has handed over the last of the items he is giving Tar’garieth, “You are most generous.”

“I merely seek goodwill,” replies Gears, “And I wish to strengthen the Demon Price who already respects my martial skill and understands how dangerous I can be.”

“True,” agrees Tar’garieth as he looks at Gears appreciatively, “Now it is time for you to return to your world.”

“Good,” says Gears, “I am looking forward to returning home.”

Tar’garieth sheathes his broadsword on his back and aims all four of his hands towards the centre of the room, palms facing outwards.

A large portal of swirling red energy opens in the middle of the throne room and Gears strides towards it.

Making sure he has everything and that Tea has fully restored his armour, equipment and health, Gears steps into the portal with all five of his companions.

“Good wishes Hero Prince Gears,” Gears hears Tar’garieth say as he fully enters the portal, “May we meet again on mutually favourable terms.”

Hero Prince?

He must see you as an equal.

And you did tell him that you are a hero.

And the rest of all that?

I think Tar’garieth is genuinely wishing you well.

As Gears step out of the outside of the portal, he quickly realises he isn’t back on Earth. Instead, he is in a damaged room made of metal. As he looks around the worn down room, Gears notes that now his companions are no longer physically with him, all of them confined to his mind again.

“Candor Gears,” says a smooth, clipped voice with a digital thang to it, “Please pardon my hijacking of your portal, but I wished to speak with you.”

Spin around with his halberd in his left hand and his right hand going to one of his handguns, Gears spots a being that is slightly over two metres tall with six arms.

The creature is lean and covered in sleek black power armour with an angular mask that has four red eye lenses and looks better fitted for a cat than a human.

Gears can’t help, but note the amount of equipment and gadgets dotted about on the creature’s armour.

“I am Drakvar Atrivaric,” continues the creature, “Welcome to Korvica Hallif Tren. Or what is left of it.”

“As you say,” replies Gears, “So why am I here then?”

“You know the Ordic right?” inquires Drakvar.


That is Deltaen for Guardian remember.

Wait, is this guy asking if we know Legacy?

No, just if we know the Guardian.

Legacy isn’t the first Guardian after all. Drakvar here probably knew a past Guardian.

“I know the current one,” answers Gears.

“I am aware of that fact that while Alpha Ceta Omegaris remains eternal, her champion will change as the eons wear on,” replies Drakvar as he holds a hand out, “Please pass this onto de current Ordic.”

In the hand of the alien is a small round device.

“What is it?” asks Gears as he takes it and puts it away in his utility belt.

“A data device containing de records of our world since our Ordic died and Omegaris moved onwards,” answers Drakvar, “I will open a portal for you to return to your world now.”

“Thank you Drakvar,” says Gears, “Where will I end up?”

“In battle against de Niltoc,” replies Drakvar as a blue-white portal appears next to Gears.

“Niltoc?” inquires Gears.

“I do not know the English name for the Niltoc,” explains Drakvar, “Please take this device. It should serve you against the Hasnin et Roraks”

Drakvar holds another device, this one definitely a weapon of some kind.

It is made of a smooth dark grey metal with a trigger at the end. Beyond that, it consists of a collect of sleek glowing metal parts connected with glow electric-like energy.

“Thank you again,” says Gears as he takes and puts into his utility belt, “I’ll be going now.”

“Good fate Deldin Gears,” says Drakvar as Gears steps into the portal, “May you send the Niltoc scurrying under your might.”