Wednesday, 15 June 2016

1.15 Brimestone Part 1

After quickly and silently dropping off Necromantress at the police station, Gears swiftly heads off, leaving the supervillainess with the stunned officers.

Which member of the Slaughter Seven is closest?


She is actually heading towards you.

Hmm, we need to be careful then if she is willingly facing us.

Gears changes his direction to intercept Demonica, his Gardium halberd in his hand. It isn’t long before he spots his foe. The Aphrodite woman is zooming through the air right towards him.

No, not an Aphrodite, but an Abnormal.

Not that it is harder to mistake her for the former.

Very true.

Demonica is a red haired Aphrodite, not a natural copper, but an unnatural bright red that looks like blood. Her skin is an eerie pale white while her eyes are black with blood red pupils. Her costume is nothing more than a set of gold and black exposing armour.

Absolutely impractical.

She can afford to be so with her A+ Nigh Invulnerability.

It is still shameful.

Not to mention ridiculous.

Gears adjusts his position, but not slowing down as he approaches Demonica. He raises his halberd back, ready to strike the villainess.

Demonica looks up at she spots Gears approaching and pulls something out of her belt. She crushes it in her fist and throws it at Gears as he enters within a few metres of her. The vigilante rolls out of the way of the dust and brings down his halberd.

But before his blade can connect with Demonica, a red black hole-like portal appears from where the dust is. Gears tries to fly away, but he is already engulfed by it.

What the heck is this?

I don’t not know.

Let us hope it isn’t fatal.

Or at the very least, our armour can withstand whatever it is.

Within moments, Gears is sucked into the portal and his world is replaced with red and black fiery swirls. He is spat out the other side of the portal, slamming face up into crimson red ground.
Gears looks up in time just to see the portal close, the swirls of red energy imploding.

“What happened?” asks Gears as he sits upright.

My head feels so much clearer and lighter.

I know the reason for that.

We all do.
We have been transported to another dimension,” answers Enduring Iron, “A pocket reality created by Demonica’s power.”

Gears snaps his head around to face Enduring Iron before looking around as he realises what has happened. All of this companions are surrounding him, given physical form in this pocket dimension just as they are given form in virtual reality.

“Great,” mutters Gears sarcastically before raising his voice, “So how do we get home?”

Unknown at this point in time,” replies Iron before pointing at something in the distance, “But my guess would be that the citadel over there may contain answers.

Following Iron’s indication, Gears looks at the multi-towered black citadel built into a mountain in the distance.

“A good a guess as any I suppose,” says Gears, “Who can fly?”

Burning Heart, Joyous Star and White Tea all raise their hands while Iron morphs pair of jetpack wings.

“Okay then,” says Gears, “I’ll ride on Lion then.”

No problem,” replies Vigilant Lion as he kneels down on his forelegs to allow Gears to climb onto his back.

Gears does just that and clips his halberd to his back as Lion gets up. Gears holds onto Lion as he observes this dimension.

It has crimson red dirt, black rocks, rivers of lava and a blood red sky.

Geez, I wonder what place this pocket dimension was modelled after.

“So what can you guys do?” asks Gears, deciding to see what he has to work with when they run into hostiles.

I am a brick with ability to render myself immune to some of the total damage inflicted,” answers Lion.

I am an energy projector,” comes Star’s answer while Heart replies a moment later, “The same.”

Healing and repair,” says Tea, “Basically restoration.”

I can morph myself into different things and I have your Gadgeteering,” says Iron, “Except I don’t have the restraint of physical resources when I’m morphing my form.

I got a lot to work with here.

Don’t forget we can still mental communicate.

I won’t. I just hope all of this will be enough for whatever we face.

We will be.

“Okay guys, this is the battle plan,” says Gears, “Star and Heart will be our frontline hits. Lion and I will be the second line while Tea and Iron provide support.”

Sounds like a good plan,” agrees Lion.

Yes, it does,” Iron also agrees.

Contacts up ahead,” reports Heart as they near the citadel.

Using his armour’s telescopic vision, Gears looks at dozen guards of the citadel gates. Each is about two metres tall and humanoid in shape, all wearing bulky black plate armour with an assortment of weaponry.

“Looks like some fun,” says Gears, “Let’s take them down.”

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.20 Dorrin

Champion Miskara Stormmistress of the Ti’darkei Order shifts uncomfortably in her armour. She was already maturing enough that it was starting not to fit her anymore, but after she...manifested as the Ordic called it, Miskara’s armour definitely doesn’t fit her anymore.

By the Gods, I can’t stand this. I feel the same, but also different. I’m taller than before with more muscles too. Not only that, but my chest is bigger, my body curvier and my fur is so silky now.

Gah! I’m even stronger and tougher than before with superior senses. As if I wasn’t freaky enough already with my supernatural physical prowess.

At least people won’t notice. I mean, it has been a long time since anybody has seen me properly so that that I’m more mature and grown up won’t be that much of a surprise. And I kept my freaky abilities hidden well enough already so that the fact they are better isn’t too much of a problem.

What I am worried about the most is my new manifestation powers. I can sense the other Psychics around me if they are really close by. Not only that, but I can also sense what those near me are about to do next. Now that is totally freaky.

And there is more basic stuff. My memory is just...better as I can recall pretty much everything. Not to mention I can run the numbers in my head much easier now.

Other than that, there is

That is rude.

Shut up you! I don’t want to have voices in my head! I can’t afford to go crazy! Not with all of my duties!

“Miskara!” exclaims Sirakor as the young Knight runs up to her best friend, “Are you okay?”


“Yes,” replies Miskara, “How are you Knight Sirakor?”

“I’m fine Miskara,” says Sirakor, “So what are you going to do now?”

“I need to speak with Sentinel Dorrin,” answers Miskara, “It is urgent business of the utmost importance.”

“Oh,” mutters Sirakor, seeming rattled by Miskara’s words.

I hope I haven’t worried her too much.

“I’ll speak with you again Knight Sirakor,” says Miskara as she walks past her friend, “I shall visit you in your quarters later.”

“Oh,” says Sirakor, sounding stunned by the idea of Miskara going to see her rather than it being the other way around, “Oh, okay then. I’ll you later I guess.”

Now to find Sentinel Dorrin.

Sentinel Dorrin is one of the oldest and most experienced members of the Ti’darkei Order. In fact, he is one of its founders. Like Grandmaster Alisarr, Sentinel Dorrin is a Jord and is generally accepted as the best fighter in the Order, capable of besting high grade Psychics despite lacking powers of his own.

And I can trust him to believe today’s events. Or least hear me out.

It takes Miskara a while, but she ultimately finds Sentinel Dorrin in Western Tower of Kar’mire Keep, working away at some paperwork at his desk.

“Champion Miskara,” says Sentinel Dorrin, greeting Miskara as she enters his office.

“Sentinel Dorrin,” replies Miskara, respectfully inclining her head towards him, “I wish to inform you of an extremely urgent matter.”

“Go ahead Champion,” replies Sentinel Dorrin, sounding and looking intrigued.

“All citizens in the Thirteenth District have been killed,” says Miskara, deciding to be straight to the point, “Sir Galamin and the Ordic-”

“I shall lead my Silver Guard down,” replies Sentinel Dorrin without hesitation as he practically leaps to his feet, “Thank you for bring this to my attention, but I shall deal with the matter now lass.”

“I understand,” replies Miskara, keeping her surprise at being so easily believed and understood hidden including the shock at being called lass rather than her title.

“Good, good,” mutters Sentinel Dorrin absentmindedly, “Do me a favour kid and keep this secret until I figured out how to deal with it.”

“As you wish Sentinel Dorrin,” replies Miskara as the older Kith leaves the room.

Well, with having done as much as I can with that situation, I should go and see if Sirakor is free. I might be a bit too early, but I have nothing better to.

As she turns to leave, Miskara pauses as she hears Sentinel Dorrin mutter something under his breath with her supernaturally good hearing

“War ha yoin gorr yoinn donnn segg te tirn Maser?” mutters Sentinel Dorrin in some foreign language.


“So where are we going?” asks Satri as she follows her mistress with Fatimir held in her hands.

“To see Knight Sirakor, Page Satri,” answers Miskara.

“Okay,” says Satri, clearly not expecting any further explanation whilst they aren’t in a private area.

Having been Miskara’s page for a few days now, Satri has quickly learned to expect Miskara to be extremely formal and professional whenever she isn’t in a private location, only dropping the act and actually acting like a normal person when she doesn’t think anybody else is watching.

Satri glances down at Fatimir. She and the spear-girl have become rather good friends despite the fact that Fatimir is an inanimate object who can only say “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know”.

Still it makes sense that she would be my friend as I am the only person to interact with her. Actually, I’m not sure if anybody outside of Miskara and I know of her existence.

Satri comes to a halt behind Miskara as the two of them arrive at Sirakor’s quarters, which she shares with another Knight, Tani Rekei.

“Is Sirakor in?” asks Satri in a quiet voice.

“Yes,” answers Miskara as she knocks on the door.

It takes a moment, but Sirakor opens the door and blinks in surprise as she realises who is standing before her.

“Urr-Misk-Champion Miskara,” says Sirakor as she recovers from the shock, “You’re here already, I was just talking to Uri and Tani about your planned visit. I didn’t realise you would be so soon.”

“My meeting with Sentinel Dorrin went much quicker than I expected Knight Sirakor,” replies Miskara, “Are you and Page Uri free right now?”

“Um, sure,” replies Sirakor, “We’re not exactly nothing anything right now I guess.”

“Good,” says Miskara, “I shall meet you, Page Uri and Page Satri at the Radiant Dawn Restaurant? You know the place?”

“Um, yeah, I do,” replies Sirakor, “Urr, what time?”

“In the next half an hour,” answers Miskara before turning and leaving, striding past Satri, “I shall see the three of you later.”

Satri and Sirakor watch as Miskara leaves them.

“Do you know what that is about?” Sirakor asks Satri.

“No idea,” answers Satri, “May I come into your quarters and spend my time with you until we leave?”

“Yeah, sure,” replies Sirakor, sounding distracted, “I see no reason why not.”

Friday, 10 June 2016

Interlude - Armoury

Armoury squirms as she feels another onset of excruciating pain. She hates her life after since her hometown was overrun by the Slaughter Six and their thugs.

Hell, I can’t even remember the name of my hometown because of what they done to me. I can’t even remember my own @#$£ing name, only that everybody calls me Armoury.

As for what they did to her, Armoury doesn’t know the full details, but has had the misfortune to witness her current appearance at different times.

Her skin is a motley white with a hideous criss-cross of stiches all over the half-dead flesh. Her mouth has been sewn shut while her left eye has been replaced with some red-eye biological contraption that allows her to view things with much more detail than she should be.

Her hair has all been removed along with her nose and ears, the latter having been replaced with some extremely sensitive, but nonvisible alternatives. She also has multiple sets of arms with two more being added below her original pair and a fourth and fifth added to her both shoulders, giving her eight arms in total.

And that is just her exterior appearance as Armoury has no idea of what has been done to her insides.

What I do know is that whatever Hackjob has done to means that I can’t escape or disobey the orders of the Slaughter Seven.

I hate having to serve that monsters. Slaughtering my family and friends, burning down my hometown and turning me into this…this abomination! Stripping me of my freewill as well! And Hackjob didn’t even have the decency to remove my ability to feel pain! Every moment is one of low level pain at best.

She is currently being held captive in the back of a truck on the outskirts of the current city that the Slaughter Seven are going after.

I wonder how long they can last. They have already destroyed over fifty different settlements, including four small cities. At this rate, they are going to run out of people to kill or somebody is going to take them down.

Armoury feels her eyes straying to her current guard, Biokiena. She lacks control over her body, her eyes and limbs moving of their own accord or when controlled by others.

Biokiena is a blonde and blue eyed Aphrodite woman and A Class Biokinetic, able to manipulate her own body and any organic matter in sight completely and utterly.

Armoury glares at Biokiena, analysing her entire body in the process. Eventually Biokiena realises what Armoury is doing and turns her head to look back at Biokiena.

“What are you looking at?” sneers Biokiena.

A bitch.

But Armoury is unable to speak and has been in that position for over a month now.

What I would do to you if I get the chance.

Too bad my power is utterly useless to save me or even extract my vengeance. Instead, all it does is add my tormentors. I can’t believe I have no control over my power now. I would much rather not use it and die than use it and assist these monsters.

Suddenly there are several hisses as energy discharges multiple times outside and the screams of dying creatures, a mixture of Hackjob’s creations and creatures summoned by Demonica.

Biokiena’s head snaps around as she looks at the back of the truck. She prepares for battle, enhancing her body with armour plating and spikes while Armour is certain she is internally improving it as well.

A green tinted grey blade stabs through the side of the truck and into Biokiena’s head. The supervillainess is dead before she can even begin to process what has happened as the blade tears into her brain.

The blade withdraws and Armoury can hear thuds outside as the killer of Biokiena moves outside.

The blade comes down at the lock of the back of the truck, cutting through the lock with ease. The back doors swing open and a moment later, the killer walks in.

Armoury is surprised at the appearance of the new arrival. It is a humanoid robot that looks very crudely built. Its head is curved with no sides of ears or nose. The mouth is a rectangular radio speaker while the right eye is an oval and has a light blue glow to it. The left eye looks like a scope, just barely jutting out and has no lens, but a deep blue glow.

The head and the rest of the body is all armoured in a grey metal with a green tint and Armoury notes it is the same metal as the sword. Speaking of which, the sword is built into the end of the left arm where the hand should be, replacing that part of the body. The right arm has a curved gun built into it with the hand underneath it with only three fingers and one thumb.

The machine approaches her and it raises its sword.

No! I will not die! I will fight!

But try as she might, Armoury cannot fight. She cannot even get her body to respond to the most basic of commands.

With a wordless and entirely internal roar, Armoury feels her power overcharging as the injustice of it all comes crashing down on her as her death is imminent.

She roars as her body changes, reshaping itself, and her power expands and grows, reforging itself into something stronger.

Muscle is replaced with blue, superior techno-organic replacements. Her extra arms before truly hers and her skin is replaced with steely blue plates of smooth, sleek armour. Her head now looks like a featureless helmet except for a set of pure black mechanical eyes.

Now stronger and powerful, over two metres tall with eight arms, Armoury laughs. The sound comes from vocal box beneath her armour-flesh as Armoury has no visible reaction on the outside.

No longer weak or helpless, Armoury snarls as she reaches for her attacker before the robot can strike at her.

But the robot swiftly dodges with ease. Not due to its speed and reflex, which seem to be equal to Armoury’s new own, but with the skill of an experienced veteran born of countless battles. It is now that Armoury realises that armour of robot is covered in old battle scars.

Now the question is whether it can’t repair those or simply chose not to.

“I seek to talk, not battle with you,” says the robot in a mechanical, but slightly cheerful voice, 

“Actually I sought to free you, but seems to be no longer necessary.”

“What do you want?” asks Armoury, her new voice a deep, feminine hum.

“Your assistance,” replies the robot, “I will give you a new cause, completely with a new life and purpose.”

Armoury thinks for a moment. She does need a new life.

“I am interested,” answers Armoury.

“Good, for my foes are dangerous and powerful, but must also be stopped,” says the robot.

“It is the Slaughter Seven?” inquires Armoury as she takes in her new appearance.

“No,” answers the robot.

“Let me guess, the Harbingers?” Armoury tries again.

“Not the top priority at the moment,” replies the robot, “Ragnarok is predictable and likes to take things slow. For all his might, he and his pack are not the most dangerous things in this world right now. They are still reeling from recent defeats both physically and mentally.”

Oh?” says Armoury curiously.

“I will explain in detail later,” says the robot as it motions with its hand, “Now we must deal with the approaching Aquiline.”

Armoury would grin if she still could. She is eager to extract her revenge on her captor.

“He is beaten and his forces are in disarray,” continues the robot.

“How many have fallen to the Slaughter Seven?” asks Armoury.

“Less than two hundred,” answers the robot and Armoury is stunned.

“How can there be so few?” demands Armoury.

“I got a parahuman who goes by the codename Chronicler to keep losses today minimal,” explains the robot without actually explaining.

“Oh,” says Armoury, not understanding, “I am Armoury by the way.”

“Greetings Armoury,” says the robot, “I am GD-G2.”

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

1.14 Slaughter Part 12

Gears roars in anger as he guns down another fast runner of Necromantress’ horde. The supervillainess is now focusing on protect herself rather than expanding her horde as she is using all of her undead to defend herself from Gears instead of sending them out to create more corpses for her to use like she usually does.

Gears hates Necromantress and hates fighting her undead. They might be monsters now, but each one was originally a person who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and the majority are locals.

In fact, Gears has recognised multiple faces amongst the undead. The sight of each one increases his rage and his hatred of Necromantress even further, fuelling his determination to stop her.

Monsters like her should not be able to exist.

And they will not if we have anything to do about it.

He holsters his pistol as the empty mag is auto-ejected and Gears draws his latest invention. In Eldrim, he has been using the halberd as his favoured weapon and has made himself one in real life.

The pole is shorter than a conventional halberd, only a metre long while the axe blade is slightly curved. The axe blade, the spike and the thorn are all molecular edged and made from Heavy Gardium while the pole is made of normal Gardium.

Unlike a conventional halberd, Gears’ Gardium halberd is meant to be used to be used onehandedly by somebody with good protection, strength and speed.

Not only that, but he has upgraded the hilt with a magnetic attachment that allows him to summon it back to him and the halberd blade head has a limited electric and electromagnetic charges to it, powered by an ElecMag extractor.

Two heavy zombies stand between Gears and the fleeing Necromantress. From his experience and what information he has read about Necromantress, these heavy zombie are extremely tough with super strength and regeneration while also being slow and heavy.

Like some kind of revenant I suppose.

With a battle cry, Gears slashes at the throat of the closest before stabbing the spike of his halberd into the head of the second. He jumps backs as both undead freaks gurgle at him.

While both are injured, neither has suffered ant significant damage.

Looks like we’ll just have to cut the knot to get to Necromantress before she gets away.

A smash and bash?

You guessed it.

Using the mass and power of his armour and the momentum and speed of his KEPs, Gears smashes past both heavy zeds before flying down the street at Necromantress as the gothic Aphrodite flees.

Gears slams into her, tackling Necromantress to the ground. He lands on top of her, pinning her against the road. As he looks into her terrified eyes, Gears raises his halberd in preparation to strike down Necromantress.

Now this monster dies.

“Mercy,” croaks a scared Necromantress before Gears can make the final strike.

What now?

She is a monster. She deserves to die.

But to kill her now would require striking down Necromantress in cold blood.

An act of murder.

For the greater good.

She and the rest of the filth that makes up the Slaughter Seven have attacked our team, our hometown, our people and our loved ones. They all need to die!

So we just sacrifice our morals and principles then?

Our loved ones and those we care about are more important than any ideas and thoughts.

These are more than just thoughts and ideas!


“Surrender,” demands Gears as he glares at Necromantress as the tip of his halberd touches her throat, “And rid your monsters of their unnatural life.”

“Yes, of course,” whimpers Necromantress as Gears stares in disgust.

Gears glances behind him at the two heavy zombies. Both of the unnatural abominations have toppled over and now lie lifeless on the ground. His gaze lingers for a moment before Gears turns his attention back to Necromantress.

“Let me make one thing clear,” hisses Gears as Necromantress cowers under his angry gaze, “If you start killing again or try to escape or get away, I will kill you without hesitation. No second chances. Are we clear?”

Necromantress makes a whimpering noise and Gears feels what little of his patience with her remains rapidly draining.

“I said ARE WE CLEAR!” yells Gears at Necromantress, making her flinch.

“Yes, yes we are!” cries Necromantress, tears leaking from her eyes.

“Good,” snarls Gears as he picks up Necromantress with his free hand.

He fires up his KEPs, taking them both into the sky.

What do we do with Necromantress now?

Drop her off somewhere secure until this is all over.

The police station is still intact, safe and well-defended.

Good idea. We’ll drop Necromantress off there and then go and help one of the others.

Gears turns and flies towards the police station. As he soars through the air, Gears looks at the status of the rest of his team as the Guardsmen battle against the Slaughter Seven.

Hmm, Defender and Protector are rallying at the Fowler Manor with Alexandria and Glowbug while Guardian has fallen. Nothing to worry about there.

Friend and most of the Slaughter Seven’s lackeys are dead. Aquiline, Sinister Man and Murderiser have fled and gotten away. Hackjob is pinned down by Sentinel while Murder Wolf has fled into the woods. Demonica is also attempting to get away while the rest of the Slaughter Seven’s organisation is scattering as their leaders fall.

What about Joan?

She is safe.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.19 Manifestations

Drakvar groans as he wakes up. He rubs his forehead as he sits upright, now back at his room in the abandoned factory.

Where is Jordis? What happened? Why is my head pounding? Did I hit my head? I don’t think that I did.

“Oh, you’re awake,” says Jordis and Drakvar feels his heart leap at the sound of her voice.

Yes! Jordis is alright!

“Jordis!” exclaims Drakvar as he turns to face the sound of her voice, “You’re alright!”

“I am Jordis,” replies the young girl, “And I am physically alright.”

“Are you okay?” asks Drakvar, worried and confused by Jordis’ strange response especially by how specific she is being about her wellbeing.

“As of three hours and forty seven minutes ago, I lost all of my personal memories and a significant portion of my related knowledge memories though I retained much of my general knowledge and all of my basic skills and function. Additionally, I received a variety of powers.”

Huh. That’s not unlike my own situation. I wonder how much we have in common?

“So do you have powers like my own?” inquires Drakvar as he thinks about how to deal with this situation.

“That is correct,” replies Jordis, “As per the designation of Ordic Sar’bargord, I am Sixth Grade Forger with Broad Specialisation in Lycric Magecraft. Additionally, I have various Second Grade Secondary Powers. These consist of a perfect memory, increased ability to rapidly perform advanced calculations, enhanced learning capabilities, the ability to detect localised Lyric magic, the ability to generate my own mana and an innate understanding of any Lyric magic that I witness.”

“Sounds interesting,” says Drakvar as he takes in all of that.

So Jordis can use magic now? How does she know all of that? Speaking of the Ordic, what happened to him and the others? How did I get here?

“I should also inform you that my power is strong enough to come with its own Spirit,” continues Jordis, “It calls itself the Magical Archive.”

“Oh,” mutters Drakvar, “Are you okay Jordis?”

“Yes, I am physical alright as I stated earlier,” replies Jordis.

“That isn’t-” starts Drakvar before deciding to ask anything else, “So what happened to the others?”

“They have fought off the Avatar of Paradise once you collapsed,” answers Jordis, “Sir Galamin and Ordic Sar’bargord are still out in the Thirteenth District. Valen lost an arm while Solara has suffered severe damage and is in an unstable state. Both are currently resting the room next to us. Shocker has returned to her Order.”

“So how did we get back here?” inquires Drakvar.

“Valen carried you, Solara and myself back here,” answers Jordis.

“But I thought you said he lost an arm,” says Drakvar.

“Valen has a high tolerance to pain,” replies Jordis, “There are another couple things that I feel you should be aware of. One relates to yourself while the other relates to Shocker.”

“Go on,” says Drakvar as he slumps back in his seat.

I owe Valen one.

“Firstly, Ordic Sar’bargord feels that the stress of the situation and exposure to such a large amount of Entity Power caused you to have a Second Manifestation,” says Jordis, “That is why you collapsed into unconsciousness. The sudden influx of new power conflicted with your existing power, causing your body a severe amount of stress and strain as it had to adjust.”

“So I got new powers?” asks Drakvar.

“Ordic Sar’bargord believes so, but you have yet to use any of them if you do,” answers Jordis, “Until you do, we cannot know for sure or be aware of what powers you now have. It might also be the case that the Monster’s Curse is supressing any new powers you might have gained.”

“And the second thing?” inquires Drakvar, “The one about Shocker?”

“Just as you and I have manifested due to events earlier, Ordic Sar’bargord also believes that she has manifested,” continues Jordis, “Just as my body has changed after my manifestation and so has yours, Shocker had a sudden change in her physical appearance.”

“So an altered physical form is a sign of manifesting Entity Power?” mutters Drakvar.

“Yes,” replies Jordis, “Usually at least. When I asked Ordic Sar’bargord, he said that is generally the case, but you do get some exceptions in which physical form isn’t altered upon manifestation.”

“Oh,” says Drakvar before remembering another important thing, “So what powers does Shocker have?”

“Unknown,” answers Jordis, “Beyond that fact she will have one main power with some supporting powers and her power is strong enough to have a Spirit, called Network Administrator, like my own, we haven’t been able to figure it out yet. For me and you, it is significantly easier to figure out our powers as we were just normal Kith before receiving them.”

“But it isn’t the case for Shocker I assume?” replies Drakvar.

“No,” confirms Jordis, “Unlike us, Shocker already had powers of her own. Beyond being a just a high grade Psychic, Sir Galamin has also recognised Shocker as a high grade Saint just like he is. In fact, he thinks that is why Shocker is such a powerful Psychic. I should also warn you that while Shocker is aware of some of her abilities as a Saint, she doesn’t actually know she is one yet.”

Drakvar nods his reply as he muses on those words.

“So what now Jordis?” asks Drakvar, “What are you going to do about your memory loss?”

“I do not know,” answers Jordis, “I am currently waiting here for the return of Sir Galamin and Ordic Sar’bargord.”

“Then I shall teach you about us while we wait,” says Drakvar, “As your elder brother, I will teach you about myself, your other brother Valen and your sister Solara. It is only right that you get to know us.”

“Okay big brother,” replies Jordis with the first smile on her face that Drakvar has seen since she manifested.

Friday, 3 June 2016

1.14 Slaughter Part 11

Guardian uses her KEPs to land on her feet and readies Gord’Ang for a second attack. That energy blast damaged her outer armour plating but the inner held and no circuitry was damaged.

Both Alexandria and Glowbug are hovering next to the bleeding Friend. Alexandria looks the same as ever in her costume, but this is Guardian’s first time seeing the changes to Glowbug’s appearance.

While she was told of the changes, Nicola only used her old appearance in Eldrim and any other time they met in virtual reality. While wearing her black spandex costume as usual, Glowbug’s missing legs are hidden from sight. But the other changes are clear to see.

Her costume no longer covers her right arm as the limb is now consists of only golden energy, currently ending in what looks like an energy cannon. The rest of her body is covered by the same golden energy while her eyes glow.

Glowbug’s energy has changed from yellow to gold.


Yeah. I don’t want to fight my friends.

Only Alexandria and Glowbug are your friends. Remember Friend’s power.

I do, but...

Just remember your duty.

I will.

Alexandria flies straight at Guardian at top speed. The vigilante is only able to react in time due to using her power to control her armour and its inhuman processing speed. Guardian’s green hardlight shield appears just in time to block Alexandria, coming into place a mere inch away from Guardian’s face.

The hardlight shield begins to crack and Guardian pops one of her flashbangs with her technopathy. They always work well on Alexandria.
Alexandria staggers backwards and Guardian jumps forward, leaping off of Alexandria’s shoulders before boosting herself further using her KEPs.

I feel terrible. I got a massive migraine pounding skull, I feel like puking and my body aches so badly all over.

While you are in your armour due to your power and I have pretty much shut down your body, you have seriously messed up. I doubt you’ll be fit for another fight after this one is over.

Well, that sucks.

Indeed. You might not even survive this fight.

Again, that sucks.

Guardian aims Gord’Ang at Friend and boosts forward. But Glowbug is already surging forward to intercept Guardian. As she spots the incoming bolts of golden energy, Guardian teleports her shield into front of her, repositioning to protect from the attacks of her girlfriend.

The already battered hardlight shield takes another pounding, almost breaking this time with several shards of green light being blasted off. Guardian decides to keep it up despite knowing it won’t stop another hit from Alexandria or Glowbug.

How to take down Friend without hurting my best friend or my girlfriend?

I do not know the answer to that. I would recommend focusing on one or the other.

Not hurting Alexandria or Glowbug.

Than do that.

Guardian flies back, putting some space between her and the others as Alexandria and Glowbug put themselves between Guardian and Friend.

I don’t think I’ll survive this.

If it any consolidation, dying is only trivial to you.

How does that work anyway?

The same way that you summon your hardlight shield and when you first summoned Gord’Ang.

And all those times I summoned Gord’Ang in Eldrim. That makes sense. I didn’t realise it would work on organic matter.

Why wouldn’t it?

I don’t know. It just seems a bit overpowered.

Why would we care if something is more powerful than what our enemies have to offer? And vice versa?

True. So how come it will only take a few days this time instead of a few months?

The first time is the hardest and longest since I have to restore you for the first time. Later times I have a point of reference that I can just use.

That also makes sense.

Glowbug fires another barrage of golden energy at Guardian as Alexandria flies behind it. Guardian places her hardlight shield between herself and it. As it shatters, Guardian rolls to the side to avoid any remaining golden energy and Alexandria.

As Alexandria tears up the pavement. Guardian turns to face her, ready for a fight. Suddenly, her side flares up in overwhelming pain, causing Guardian to cry out loud as she staggers backwards

W-what happened?

Glowbug hit you in the side, blew off your right arm and most of your right side, both armour and flesh, with multiple direct hits.

Damn it.

As Guardian stumbles backwards, Alexandria turns on her. She slams into Guardian like an unstoppable storm, her fist smashing through Guardian’s armour and into her gut. As Guardian’s body goes limp, a furious Alexandria rips off Guardian’s helmet, revealing her face.

As a dying Guardian looks Alexandria in the face, she spots something click in her best friend as the anger is almost instantly replaced by horror.

As Alexandria lets out a strangled cry as she removes her bloody fist from Guardian’s gut, the vigilante looks past Alexandria and Glowbug to where Friend is. Defender has snapped the neck of the psychotic supervillain, breaking their control over Alexandria and Glowbug.

As the world fades and Alexandria says something Guardian is unable to make out in her damaged state, she chuckles.

Both Friend and I are dead, but I’m that is coming back.

Yes, it is somewhat amusing I’ll admit.

Darn right it is.