Friday, 29 April 2016

1.14 Slaughter Part 2

Joan screams as she is ripped away from Leo. The large brute of the man doesn’t make any efforts to be gentle with Joan as he walks away with her.

Despite wearing a mere dress with high heels, Joan starts kicking and screaming.



I’m being attacked!

I’m on my way!

Joan kicks her feet into the man’s leg and her stiletto digs into the flesh. The man lets out a cry of pain and releases his grip on Joan. She scrambles away, but the man grabs Joan by her hair, causing her to cry out in surprise.

He yanks her around and slams his fist into her face. Stunned by the blow, Joan staggers backwards before collapsing, landing face up on her back.

She coughs and blinks as she hears fighting. Not being in pain despite the punch to the face, Joan hears a clatter and turns her head to side. A knife with a bloody blade lies on the ground next to her.

A man cries out in pain and Joan feels herself being picked up again. A flash of light and Joan finds herself in familiar surroundings.


Yes Abby!

Are you okay? I brought you home. I’m already telling Mum and Dad what happened.


Yeah, I use them a lot these days.

Is Leo okay?

He is fine, you’re not.

I got punched once. It doesn’t hurt.

I have removed the pain for you.

Thank you Ceta.

You have slight bruising across your lower face and your nose is bleeding. You also have a bleeding cut on your upper lip. Other than those superficial injuries, you are fine due to my reinforcements to your body.

Good to know. Abby, can we talk out loud please?

“Sure,” replies Abby as she leans Joan upright on the couch, “Do you need help?”

“Ceta is taking care of it with the nanobots,” answers Joan with a shake of her head, “She is very skilled and experienced.”

“Hmm,” mutters Abby.

“I’m not feeling any pain,” points out Joan, “So what happened?”

“From what I can tell,” replies Abby, “And I have another duplicate there, some True Humanity thugs wanted to hurt our family and they figured the best way to do that was through hurting you. Not killing you. Just roughing up you and Leo.”

“Leo kicked their arses,” says Joan, having faith in her boyfriend’s skills.

“That he did,” confirms Abby, “From Leo’s memories and those of the thugs, the plan was for two to grab you and beat you up while the other three dealt with Leo. Between them, three had handguns while the other two had knives. As they grabbed you, Leo took down one of the gun-wielders before the thugs could begin to threaten him. He completely kicked their butts and only got nicked a couple of times.”

Joan briefly remembers the bloody knife that landed next to her.

Leo is an experienced fighter and can more than hold his own even without any of his equipment.

“He isn’t in trouble,” continues Abby, “Any force he used was perfectly justified and Alex and Martin are on the scene now and the police will soon be joining them.”

“Hey Abby,” says Joan as she looks down at dirty dress, “Could I get a change into something more comfortable?”

“Sure,” replies Abby as she reaches down to touch Joan’s clothing, “Mum is on her way just so you know.”

A moment after Abby touches it, Joan’s aqua dress morphs into a grey hoodie and a pair of jogging bottoms.

Nice, warm and loose clothing.

Joan kicks her shoes off her feet as her mother enters the room. As she looks up at her mother, Joan feels an instant pang of jealousy.

Her mother Noelle Fowler is absolutely beautiful as she is an A+ Class Aphrodite. Her features are refined and sharp while her skin is only slightly wrinkled, just enough to tell that fact she is no longer a young woman. Her beauty is enough that Noelle looks like she is in her mid-thirties rather than her late forties.

And like every other Aphrodite out there, Noelle has a ridiculously good figure, something shown off by the red gown she is wearing. Something Joan knows she’ll never have outside of getting her own powers. The worst part is that Joan has inherited most of her physical features from her mother, making all the more obvious to her that she will never have this level of beauty naturally.

Noelle’s red hair is longer, sleeker and brighter than Joan’s and is currently tied backed in a fancy hairdo while her caring green eyes are the exact same shade as Joan’s.

“Are okay Joan darling?” asks Mother as she swoops in and sits down next to Joan, embracing her youngest daughter in hug.

“Yes,” replies Joan as her mother’s arms wrap around her and pull hr closer, “I don’t feel a thing.”

“Don’t worry about a thing dear,” says Mother in Joan’s ear, “I’ll take care of it all.”

Why does it feel so nice to be held against her?

She is your mother.

But she-

Is that truly what she has done to upset you?


So what actions are upsetting you?

She abandoned me! I lost my mother and a year and a half ago!



Being silent are you?

What would Leo say?

What would Leo-oh, I remember what he said. “You are upset and angry with your family for abandoning you and now they are genuinely trying to be there for you yet you keep trying to push them away?”

And do you trust Leo?

Yes, yes I do. Thanks Ceta.

“Mum,” whispers Joan as she looks up at her mother.

“Yes Joan?” replies Mum in surprise.

“Always be there for me,” says Joan as she hugs her mum back.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

1.14 Slaughter Part 1

Joan sighs. This double date with Alex and Martin isn’t going as interestingly as she expected.

It doesn’t help that Leo doesn’t care that I have dressed up especially for tonight.

“Enjoying your meal?” inquires Alex.

“Yes,” replies Joan as she looks at Martin, the buff boy looks stunning in his black suit.

Alex follows Joan’s gaze and coughs under her breath, causing to Joan to look away, blushing in embarrassment.

“Martin is my boyfriend,” points out Alex, causing Martin to also blush and look away as he realises what Joan was doing.

“I know,” mutters Joan shyly, “But…”

“He is an Adonis while Leo is a norm,” finishes Alex with a smile, “I know. No offence intend to you Leo.”

“None taken,” replies Leo, “I understand.”

“At least I don’t have to worry about you staring at me,” says Alex.

“He doesn’t stare at me either,” grumbles Joan.

“Really?” asks Alex.

“I’m asexual,” explains Leo, “I don’t feel physical attraction towards her, but I am in love with Joan.”

“I suppose you would have to have been unable to feel physical attraction to want to date Joan back then,” says Alex cause Joan to flush red again, but this time in anger.

She’s saying I was too ugly to love back when I was in hospital!

“What is that supposed to mean?” demands Joan as she glares at Alex.

“I guess that come out wrong,” replies Alex and she has enough courtesy to look sorry, “I was just trying to say that you weren’t physically attractive back then.”

“You don’t need to rub it in,” complains Joan.

“I’m not-I forgot this is a sensitive subject for you,” replies Alex as Joan crosses her arms.

“So Martin,” says Leo to Alex’s boyfriend, deliberately changing the subject, “What is it like being a superhero?”

“Okay I guess,” replies Martin as Joan glares at her sister, “After over three and a half months, I’m getting used to it. More paperwork than I thought. A lot more.”

“It does sort of grow on you,” agrees Alex, “Even if it is hard work at times.”

“I can’t believe you’re calling me ugly,” complains Joan, not just about to let them change the subject after being insulted in such a sensitive area.

“It really is a sore spot for you isn’t?” says Alex and she and the boys both look at her.

Joan opens her mouth to reply, but closes it as Leo puts a hand on her shoulder. She looks up at him and he speaks to Alex.

“Alexis,” says Leo, “I understand you and Joan are sisters and all, but her appearance and health are very sensitive matters to her and it doesn’t help that you look like you.”

“Yeah,” mutters Alex as she looks down at herself.

She looks beautiful in that white evening gown. It hugs her curves so well. I wish I had a figure like that.

“So where should we go once we’re done eating?” inquires Leo.

“I thinking we should go back to my house,” replies Alex before looking over at Joan, “I mean our house.”

“Un-huh,” says Joan, not really paying attention anymore.

The food is good and the others have been fine, but this double date has gone nothing like I thought it would. Perhaps I had gotten my hopes too high, but Leo needs to more romantic. Sure he tries to be, but as he said, he is asexual and impacts on how he treats me.

And, I can’t just blame her. That would be unfair to her. She doesn’t mean anything wrong.
Or maybe I’m just making things up. Perhaps I have unrealistic expectations.

May I inform you that while Leo has no sexual desire, you have high libido.


It is higher than the average human according to my records. I can supress it r downgrade it if you wish using your nanobots.

No! Please let it.

As you wish.

“So what is on your mind?” asks Alex as Joan looks down at her knees, “You seem upset.”

“I’m just tired,” replies Joan, “I’ve been enjoying our double date, but I’m at that point I just want it to end.”

“So do you want to wait for desserts or just the bill now?” asks Alex.

“I want to go now,” says Joan.

“I would like to stay,” says Martin.

“That is fine,” says Leo, “I’ll go with Joan while you two stay here. You can catch up with us once you’re done.”

“How will we do that?” asks Alex.

“With your power sets, I don’t see how you can’t,” replies Leo.

“Oh yeah, I see your point,” says Alex, “We’ll see you back at the mansion.”

Joan is silent and she thinks about her feelings on her appearance. As Leo and Alex sort out payment for the meal, Joan wonders if her unhappiness about it counts an insecurity.

I just hate the fact that I’ll ugly while the rest of my family is beautiful. Everybody, but Bree is supernaturally beautiful and sexy and even Bree is naturally beautiful and sexy.

I can undertake cosmetic changes to your appearance.


I would also like to note that most of your ‘ugliness’ came from your sickly appearance, which is now gone. You seem to be forgetting that fact when you think of your current appearance.

Thank for the pep talk Ceta.

You are welcome Sargit

Joan holds herself against Leo’s arm as they walk down the dark streets, her head resting on his shoulder.

They make it a few blocks in silence when Leo starts to speak.

“Hey Joan-” starts Leo when Joan is grabbed by large meaty hands from behind.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Godslayer - Arc 1.13 - Paliyil Part 1

“So dis is de best dat Kar’mire has to offer?” grumbles Valen as he looks around the Twelfth District Central Square.

“No,” replies Drakvar, “Only the best that this district has to offer. Of the thirty three districts in Kar’mire, the Twelfth District is one of the worst. No Ti’darkei Knights, minimal support from the City Authorities, the majority of the District Authorities are highly corrupt while the Twelfth District Watch Department is severely underfunded. In fact, the gangs practically run the Twelfth District with the Darklurkers being the most prominent of them.”

“Huh,” grunts Valen as his face distorts with distaste, “I can’t believe dat de Karris Monarchy or de Ti’darkei Order would let something like dis happen, especially not in their capital Kar’mire. Something dis vile would never happen up in de Jorvic Kingdom, not between de Northern Church, de Jord Order and de Knights of de Good Sword.”

“It isn’t a good situation,” agrees Drakvar.

“Somebody ought to blasting do something about it,” says Valen.

“How about this Valen,” replies Drakvar, “Once we dealt with Paliyil and Fatimir, we can do something about Twelfth District’s plights.”

“Now dat sounds like something dat I can get behind,” says Valen with a vicious grin.

Drakvar comes to a halt as he watches a young female Kith exits the District Hall. The Kith is slender and shapely with dark brown fur and sleek black hair. She wears a mixture of purple and black clothes, which are quite tight around her body and show off plenty of it.

But what catches Drakvar’s eye is what is strapped to her back. A smooth and sleek white and silver spear.

Drakvar has seen plenty of people with items like that spears as every Psychic uses their power by harnessing magic through technology, but that spear just reminds him more of conventional magic than psionics.

“Valen,” says Drakvar as he nudges Valen.

“What dumbass?” replies Valen.

“Take a look at that woman with the spear,” says Drakvar, pointing towards the Kith in question.

“Hmm,” mutters Valen as he looks at the Kith, “Blast, you’re right for once idiot. Dat Kith is clearly a magician. Can’t say if she is a Warlock or Mage through.”

“Let’s go after her then,” says Drakvar as he breaks into a run at the woman.

“Hey fool, wait,” replies Valen as he chases Drakvar a moment later.

“Why?” asks Drakvar.

“Because we have no idea what we are going up against fool,” replies Valen, “You don’t survive along going up against magicians who are complete unknowns by just charging in reckless. You’ll get us both killed.”

Drakvar slows down, but the Kith woman has already spotted them. She dashes through the crowd.

“Blast!” curses Valen as he runs past Drakvar, “After her you idiot!”

“On it,” replies Drakvar as he follows Valen.

But woman isn’t going without a fight.

Toppling Winds!” shouts the woman, aiming one of her hands outstretch in Valen and Drakvar’s direction.

A massive blast of wind flies out from her hand, knocking everything in her path to the ground. While it affects everything else, the wind-magic is useless against Drakvar, doing absolutely nothing to hinder him.

As he makes his way through the fallen crowd, Drakvar glances at Valen. The Light Mage has been staggered, but nothing more than that.

“Keep after her idiot!” shouts Valen, “Dat has to be Paliyil!”

Drakvar focuses his attention on Paliyil as she flees into some the back streets. He draws two of his swords as Drakvar has a feeling that he will need them.

As Paliyil heads into a back alley, Drakvar heads into another in an attempt to cut her off using his knowledge of local streets and alley ways.

“I got you now Pakdar!” yells a familiar voice and Drakvar groans as Shocker drops down in front of him, her cloak rippling in the air as she lands with a heavy thud, “Now I will make you pay!”

Of all the times...

“Out of the way Shocker,” shouts Drakvar as he charges at her, “I have something important to deal with.”

“Dis is important-” Shocker starts to say only for Drakvar to barge past her, elbowing her out of the way, “Hey!”

“Sorry!” Drakvar yells, not looking back at her as he spots Paliyil running past the other end of the alley.

“Get back here!” screams Shocker angrily and Drakvar hears the electricity crackling through the air followed by a brief sensation of heat as Shocker’s attack disappears upon contact.

Drakvar ignores her as he exits the alley just as Valen runs past the exit in pursuit of Paliyil.

“Hey idiot,” says Valen as he notices Drakvar running alongside him, “If I slow de blaster down, you catch up with her.”

“Sounds like a plan,” replies Drakvar, giving his agreement to the plan as he notices that Valen has his smoking pipe in his mouth.

Wall of Light!” casts Valen with one hand before also casting, “Sunray Strikes!” with another two.

A wall of glowing white light appears in front of Paliyil and two white beams of glowing light leap from Valen’s hands, twisting through the air towards Paliyil.

The Warlock comes to halt before the wall and spins around to face Drakvar and Valen. The first light beam is disrupted as it hits an invisible barrier around Paliyil while Paliyil intercepts the other one, blocking it with the tip of his spear.

As Drakvar and Valen close with Paliyil, she aims her spear at them and fires off a massive beam of black light from it. Drakvar steps in front of Valen and blocks the beam of light with an outstretched hand. The magical attack disappears as it makes contact with Drakvar.

“How?!” exclaims Paliyil in shock as Drakvar swings a fist at her, “Zing-Warp Wind Walk!”

A mere split-second before Drakvar would have made contact with Paliyil, she disappears in a gust of wind.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Interlude - Allison

Allison resist the urge to get up and kick her brother. Derrick is being a total ass and due to fact, she is keeping her powers a secret, there is nothing that Allison can do to put him in his rightful and well-deserved place.

She can’t count on her mother and stepfather to deal with Derrick. Derrick always portrays himself as hardworking, kind hearted and the one in need of help in the eyes of every authority figure.

Their parents always believe Derrick over Allison as due to his efforts, they see her as a selfish brat who tries to exploit her poor younger brother. And Nathan isn’t any help either even if he is nowhere as near as bad as Derrick.

Nathan is a kind and helpful person, but is simply dumb and far too loyal to his older brother. Derrick always uses Nathan against her. If it weren’t for that sole fact, Allison feels that she might have been able to get along with Nathan.

Perhaps even grown to love him as a brother.

“So,” drawls Derrick, “Is my homework done yet?”

Derrick is an overweight lad of fourteen years old with short black hair and devious brown eyes, quite the contrast to the fit Allison with her long blonde hair and blue eyes.

I don’t get how I stayed fit when I haven’t been able to my legs for years and he can’t when all of his body is working perfectly.

“I don’t know,” replies Allison as she keeps her distaste hidden, “It is your homework.”

“Let me put it in terms we both understand,” says Derrick with distain, “You do my homework for me as best as you can or I’ll tell mum and dad about how you been picking on me.”

“I haven’t,” retorts Allison as she begins to wheel herself away.

“Not so fast sis,” says Derrick as he grabs a hold of Allison’s wheelchair, “We still-”
Derrick stutters and breaks off his sentence as Allison grabs his arm very firmly.

“Do not call me ‘sis’ fattie,” snarls Allison as she looks Derrick in the eye, “We are not family.”

Derrick just stares at her. Allison tightens her grip on him, using some of the strength granted to her by her powers, causing Derrick to whimper in pain.

“Do you understand what I just said you pathetic pig?” demands Allison.

“Yes,” cries Derrick, “Yes!”
“Good,” says Allison simply as she lets go of Derrick, causing her stepbrother to drop to his knees.

As Allison wheels herself away, she can hear Derrick calling after her.

“You’ll regret this!” yells Derrick, but Allison doesn’t stop or even look back at him, “I’ll make you pay!”

Allison lets out a sigh of frustration.

I have to deal with him sooner or later otherwise I’m just going to climb out of this freaking wheelchair and beat his arse into a pulp.

Part of me hopes he gets superpowers because he is certain to become a supervillain. Then I could just beat him up and not worry about getting into trouble.

Promised myself that I wouldn’t cheat by using stuff available to Defender to help Allison, but this is a special case right? Better I deal with Derrick non-violently rather than lose my temper and beat him to a pulp?

Allison pulls out her phone and text Jaylyn.

Phone me and pretend your Leo.

A moment later, Allison’s phone rings and she looks at it. The screen says Leo so Jaylyn understands.

“Hello Leo,” says Allison.

Hello Allie!” replies Jaylyn in her cheerful childish voice.

“So what are you phoning about?” asks Allison without actually asking, “I’m just out in public at the moment.”

I understand,” replies Jaylyn.

“It is my stepbrother Derrick,” says Allison, “He keeps getting on my nerves and I’ve finally had enough.”

Do wish to simply talk about it or do you want assistance in resolving the problem?” inquires Jaylyn.

“He keeps trying to blackmail into doing stuff for him,” explains Allison, “And he always get me into trouble by lying to our parents, tricking them into thinking I have done things that I haven’t. Thanks to his deceit, they think he is a good little boy while I’m a naughty girl who bullies him.”

Do you have a suggestion on how to resolve this matter?” asks Jaylyn.

“I have some ideas,” replies Allison, “Mind if I come and see you to discuss them?”

Okay,” says Jaylyn.

“Thanks!” replies Allison, “Bye!”

She hangs up and giggles to herself.

I don’t know how I will deal with Derrick, but with Leo and Jaylyn helping me out, there is no way he will continue to abuse like he does.

As she wheels herself towards the closest base entrance, Allison thinks about what to do next. Looking down at her phone, Allison brings up her contacts list. She selects Joan from it and phones her.

It takes a moment before her best friend answers.

“Hello?” says Joan.

“Hey Joan,” replies Allison, “What are you up to?”

“Oh, I’m just at home,” replies Joan.

“Cool,” says Allison, “Can I come and see you? I need to unwind with a friend for a bit.”

“Sure,” replies Joan, “Wait, let me check with my mother first.”

“Okay,” says Allison and she waits a couple of moments.

“Mother says it is okay!” says Joan as she returns to her phone, “Do want to make your own way here or would you like me to send an Abby to teleport you here?”

“The latter please,” answers Allison, “I just need some time to unwind.” 

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Interlude - Interview

Courtney Franklyn shifts in her seat nervously. She is used to interviewing people. She is even somewhat used to interviewing people with superpowers now. But this girl just puts Courtney on her guard like few others do.

Joan Fowler is the youngest member of the Fowler family and one of its two remaining baseline members. While the others are gorgeous powerhouses, Joan is the opposite, weak, sickly and, as much as Courtney hates to admit it, ugly.

That said, she is a lot prettier and healthier than she used to be. Not only that, but she is rather fit and average looking.

But while Joan acts like a cheerful girly girl and certainly portrays herself as one, she has a harden and tough interior beneath that guise. Courtney can just tell it by watching the way she moves and speak.

It reminds me of an experienced criminal or veteran soldier. So why is a teenage girl like Joan Fowler getting that same impression?

“And we’re live in three…two…one…,” says one of the production crew.

Courtney looks Joan in the eye before smiling at the teenager. Both of them are sitting in plush chairs as they face each other, Courtney’s white and Joan’s red.

“Welcome folks to this very special interview,” says Courtney as she looks at the camera and smiles, “My name is Courtney Franklyn and I am here today with Joan Fowler, youngest daughter of the Fowler Family. So Joan, how are you today?”

“Oh, I’m fine Courtney,” replies Joan with a cheerful smile as she ignores the camera, looking straight at Courtney, “You don’t mind if I call you Courtney do you?”

“Not at all,” replies Courtney, relaxing as she begins to build the rapport with Joan, “Do you mind if I call you Joan?”

“Of course,” replies Joan.

“So Joan, let’s get on with this,” says Courtney as she decides to get the interview started, “What is it like being a normal human amongst a family of top tier parahumans?”

“Really good as matter of fact,” answers Joan, “You see, well, you know my background right?”

“Yes,” replies Courtney with a slight nod of her head, “Youngest of six children, born sickly and ill. You were okay at first, but slowly got worse as you grew older. Eventually your condition deteriorated so bad that you had to spend two years hospitalised until the end of this march.”

“When my sister Abby used her power to pseudo-heal me,” finishes Joan.

“Pseudo-heal?” inquires Courtney.

“A term my boyfriend used to describe what happened,” explains Joan, “Technically speaking, I wasn’t heal because I was ill as ever. Abby just used her power to counteract all of the effects of ills, but didn’t actually heal me. She just treated all of the symptoms while the cause was left untouched. She has been able to treat the cause since though, hence my full recovery.”

“I see,” says Courtney, “Speaking of which, how you feel about your family members using their powers on you?”

“I don’t mind it for minor things,” replies Joan with a shrug, “In fact sometimes I find it helpful and fun. What don’t like is when they use their powers on me solely for their own benefit or if I don’t want them to.”

“Does that happen often?” inquires Courtney curiously.

“Nope,” answers Joan, “Mostly it is Marcy because she lacks fine control over her voice or Abby because she wants to stop me doing something stupid or embarrassing. Both apologise at the time or later depending on my mood.”

“I see,” says Courtney, “So you don’t have a problems about you being powerless and while the rest of your family are major powerhouses?”

“Not at all,” replies Joan instantly, “I have no problems at all. So far I have only benefited from my family members having powers. I would be still be slowly dying in a hospital if it weren’t for Abby’s powers.”

“I can definitely see why you don’t then,” says Courtney, “One thing I am wondering is your feelings on the Enhanced ratings of your family?”

Courtney was going to press further, but halts as she sees Joan’s negative body language. The teenager straightens up a little and a brief frown flashes on her face.

“I’m not particularly bothered,” replies Joan after a moment, “When I was hospitalised, I had a lot of time to terms with the idea of never being beautiful. In fact, just looking average is a big deal and step up to me. Still, I find my appearance to a sore spot and hate it when I am compared against the looks against my family. I just, well…you know…I’m basically jealous you see. I don’t want to be, but I just feel that way when I see one of my beautiful sisters or my mother.”

“That is completely understandable,” says Courtney, “Most people are instinctively jealous of Aphrodites and Adonises.”

“Yeah,” mutters Joan as she looks upwards.

“So have you experienced any indirect jealousy?” asks Courtney, “Have people picked on you or given you a hard time because of the powers in your family and you so readily embrace them and support them?”

“You would think so, but no,” answers Joan with a slight frown as she thinks and Courtney notes it isn’t directed at her, “Not outside of school as I don’t really hang out in public. At home, we occasionally protesters, but nobody wants to poke the hornets’ nest. When it comes to school, nobody wants to pick a fight with Leo.”

“Leo?” inquires Courtney.

“My boyfriend,” explains Joan with a happy smile on her face.

“You get on well with your boyfriend?” says Courtney as she looks over Joan’s reaction.

“Extremely well,” replies Joan happily, “Leo is great.”

“Oh?” says Courtney, “What is he like then?”

“Leo is brilliant,” answers Joan eagerly, “He is smart, handsome, fit and healthy.”

“Sounds like the real package,” says Courtney encouragingly, “So did the two of you meet then?”

“Oh, we were friends before I was hospitalised and after that happened, he was the only one to stick by me,” explains Joan as her smile fades slightly as she remembers those unhappy times, “Our friendship ended up blossoming into love at some point and we started dating despite my condition. We spend a lot of time together still even though I spend more time with family now.”

“Another question I wanted to know is why exactly why don’t wish to be a member of the main cast of the Fowler Family,” says Courtney, changing the subject again, “Not that I’m criticising your choice or anything, but the show has made the rest of your family quite famous.”

“Well, you see I only just got my life back after spending two years,” replies Joan, her smile now gone, “And I don’t want to share with strangers after getting it back after so long.”

“Ah, I see,” replies Courtney, “So how come you don’t mind the other cameras watching the rest of your family catching footage of you?”

“Because I don’t have a problem with being on TV, I just want to keep my personal life private,” answers Joan with a slight shrug, “I agreed to this interview after all. Beside, we just have some tinker drones flying about when it comes to the filming. No cameramen or anything along those lines.”

“So pretty easy to ignore then,” prods Courtney.

“Yeah,” agrees Joan.

“Speaking of your personal life,” says Courtney, changing the subject once again, “How has your life been going since you left hospital? Made many friends since then?”

“Well, I’m now friends with my boyfriend’s friends Allison and Charlie since I spend a lot of time with them when I have been with Leo,” answers Joan as she looks thoughtful, “And there is Guardian.”

“Guardian?” repeats Courtney, surprised at this turn of events.

“Yes strangely enough,” replies Joan, “We meet when Darkness and his Chosen attacked my family. Guardian was with Iris, my sister Alexis, trying to build up good relations with the Grand Rapids Heroes Union while Alex was trying to reconnect with me as that was the first time we had seen each other since she got her powers. Anyway, Guardian saved me from Darkness that night and at a later point in time, she got in contact with me. Neither of us had many friends at that point and Guardian felt saving my life was a good way as any to start a friendship with me.”

“So what is Guardian like?” inquires Courtney, genuinely curious.

“Well,” replies Joan excitedly, “For starters, Guardian is a half-human alien from another dimension so she is pretty weird even by parahumans standard. Not only that, but her powers come from super advance alien technology so she isn’t actually a parahuman or anything like that. But we get along greatly, mainly due to her being very forthcoming and willing to be a friend. Plus she enjoys helping people and doing thankless, tedious tasks, two more things that make her a wonderful friend.”

“So you get on well then,” says Courtney.

“Yes, yes we do,” answers Joan with another smile on her face.

“Well folks,” says Courtney as she turns to face the cameras, “This is all for now, but stay tuned for the rest of this interview after the following commercials.”

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.12 Miskara

“Come back you idiot!” yells Miskara Stormmistress, Champion of the Ti’darkei Order as she unleashes a blast of electricity at the fleeing coward with spikey black hair, “Stopping running away from me!”

“Bye Shocker,” says the Pakdar as the electricity disappears harmlessly as it makes contact with him.

How does he keep doing that! I checked his records. Drakvar Blackborn isn’t a Psychic. Then again, a lot of what I’ve been hearing about him lately doesn’t add up with official records.

A lot of things don’t match up with official records now I think about.

Wait! Don’t get distracted! The idiot is getting away!

“Don’t call me Shocker!” shrieks Miskara as she lets off another bolt of electricity, but she is too late as Blackborn has already fled.

As the stray electricity blast smashes into the street, Miskara stomps her foot in frustration. This is the fourth time that she and Drakvar have clashed. The first time was a couple of weeks ago where he utterly humiliated her.

But at least that was in private so her honour and that of the Ti’darkei Order wasn’t stained. And Blackborn actually took her seriously during that encounter. In the three encounters they have had this week, Blackborn just ignores her, mysteriously nullifies her attacks and runs off without bothering to fight back.

He treats me like a joke.

With Drakvar gone, Miskara checks her cloak and straightens it so it fully conceals her again. She needs to remain unrecognisable. If she was seen attacking a worthless low life, people would ask questions about what she is doing and why she is doing that. And eventually somebody would find out...well, Miskara doesn’t even want to think about that.

I better get back to the Keep. I’ve wasted enough time on the Pakdar and I don’t want to raise any suspicions by being out for too long.


“Miskara!” says a female voice as Miskara approaches Kar’mire Keep, “You’re back!”

Miskara turns to see Knight Sirakor Justmover of the Ti’darkei Order. The girl short pale brown fur and long ginger hair that is tied back in a ponytail.

Just like Miskara, Sirakor is wearing the white and gold plate armour of the Ti’darkei Order, complete with the Ti’darkei Crest on the breastplate.

Also like Miskara, Sirakor is a Pyschic with a rating for a mid-tier Level 4 while Miskara is one of the two known Level 6s. While Miskara uses her headset to manipulate electric fields, Sirakor uses her energy projectors wristbands to create force fields.

“Greetings Knight Sirakor,” replies Miskara, keeping things formal and professional whilst out in public.

I am the Champion of the Ti’darkei Order, the second largest Knightly Order and as of such, I must prove myself worthy of holding such a title and hold myself to the highest standards. Being Sirakor’s friend can wait until we are private.

“So formal,” mutters Sirakor under her breath so that only Miskara can hear it with her supernaturally good hearing.

She has to understand that I can’t be seen being unprofessional. There were so many others that could have taken the position of Champion and instead I got it. I need to show people that I am deserving such an honour.

 “Where is your Page?” asks Miskara.

“Uri is waiting up in my quarters in de Keep,” replies Sirakor, “She is showing your page around.”

“Page Satri Roken?” inquires Miskara as they walk past the Knights guarding the gates into Kar’mire Keep, “So my new page has arrived?”

“Yes,” answers Sirakor, “Shall we head up to your quarters to meet her den?”

“Of course,” answers Miskara, noting that what Sirakor really means is “let’s go somewhere private where you’ll actually talk to me”.

There is a companionable silence between the two of them as they make their way to the upper levels at rear of the Keep, the location of both Miskara’s quarters and Sirakor’s quarters.

“So Miskara,” says Sirakor as they enter Miskara’s quarters and she closes the door behind them, “Now we’re in private, are you going to tell me what is going on?”

I was just out on personal business,” replies Miskara evasively, not wanting to tell even her closest friend what she has truly been up to.

For her part, Sirakor just sits down on Miskara’s bed and sighs.

“Don’t worry Miskara, I get it,” says the Kith girl, “You’re just spending time as Miskara de adolescent girl rather dan Miskara de Champion of de Ti’darkei Order. And to do dat, you have keep it secret.”

Not the entire truth, but it will do. At least I’m not outright lying to my best friend.

“So what is Page Roken like?” inquires Miskara.

“I personally don’t know dat much about her, but my own Page Uri does,” replies Sirakor, “Dey are cousins as a matter of fact. Uri says she will be good for the job and I trust her judgement. Oh, and from what Uri told me, Satri will be more than capable of tolerating your eccentricities and keeping dem keeping secret.”

“I wouldn’t call myself eccentric,” mutters Miskara defensively.

“Neither would I if you were if you were just a normal person or even a normal Knight,” says Sirakor, “But ever since you became Champion, you have really changed your habits.”