Sunday, 28 February 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.6 Shocker

“You can’t have met de Ordic!” exclaims Jordis as Drakvar finishes retelling his tale of his last night encounter to her.

Valen and Solara are out searching for any Farksians, leaving Drakvar alone with the young Jordis. With nothing better to do, Drakvar decided to tell his young ward about Ordic.

“You waited until the end of my story before interrupting?” inquires Drakvar, surprised by Jordis’ restraint.

“Of course,” says Jordis snootily as she sticks her nose up, “It is only polite.”

Drakvar only lets out a frustrated sigh. Jordis is a person that is hard to figure out and he is still trying to get a hold on her personality. Her other protectors were much easier to figure out. He has already pegged Valen as a gruff and impolite person with a good interior while he views Solara as a proud and regal warrior.

“Hey Drakvar,” says Jordis, drawing out the words as she speaks in that voice that clearly states she wants Drakvar to do something for her, “Can you buy me a book to read? A new one please.”

“I don’t have the money to afford a new book,” points out Drakvar.

“Well, you can still get me one,” replies Jordis with a pout.

With no good reason not to, Drakvar decides to give in to Jordis’ request.

“As you wish Jordis,” says Drakvar as he walks towards the door, patting Jordis on the head as he does so, “Don’t get into any trouble while I am away.”

“Hey!” protests Jordis, her hands going to her head after the pat.


With so many people out in the day, Drakvar is careful to avoid the crowds. He has no desire to run into someone that knew him as he won’t remember them without his memories.

The local fashions are interesting to observe. The other Kith primarily wear concealing garments of cloth with clothing of various types beneath.

After looking through the prices of a few shops, Drakvar decides to try his luck going through the rubbish in chances he’ll find a book for free.

As exits the current shop, Drakvar spots another Kith that has caught this eye. For the last seven shops, he has been consistently spotting this particular Kith hanging about from a distance.

The Kith is just under two metres tall and is concealed by a grey-black hooded cloak that covers the entirety of them.

Drakvar stares at the Kith as he catches them staring at him. As they realise that Drakvar has caught onto them, the cloaked Kith quickly looks away. Drakvar watches for a moment longer before going on his way.

He makes his way down a couple of alleys, Drakvar glances around at the stacks of abandoned goods, looking for some books. Eventually he finds a battered and worn book with purple covers.

“I got you now scum!” declares a female voice from behind Drakvar as he picks up the book from the pile of old items.

With a sigh at what will most likely be another battle, Drakvar turns around to see the cloaked Kith that has been following standing down the alley.

“Who are you?” asks Drakvar as the cloaked Kith tosses her cloak away.

The Kith looks a little younger than Drakvar and has pale light brown fur and short brown hair. Her green eyes glisten with fury as she glares at Drakvar. And rather than wear normal clothing, she is encased white armour with the main plates being gold. An emblem of a red shield with a black rim and a gold cross in the middle covers her chest plate and shoulder plates. She also has a hi-tech looking electronic headphones-headpiece around her head.

“Don’t you dare pretend you don’t know who I am!” snarls the angry girl, “We both know what you done!”

“Well, actually-” Drakvar starts in attempt to explain his memory loss to this furious Kith, but she just cuts him off.

“And, I shall destroy you!” announces the Kith girl as she aims one of her hands at Drakvar in an overly dramatic fashion.

Electricity leaps from the Kith’s hand, crackling through the air towards Drakvar. He barely sees it coming rushing towards him and raises a hand to block the electricity just in time. Not that Drakvar is worried about the electricity hurting him, but he doesn’t want it damaging his clothes or the book he just found.

The electricity disappears from existence as it makes contact with Drakvar’s flesh.

Well, good thing I was right about myself being immune to it.

“W-what?” stutters the Kith girl in shock as she takes a step back, “How is dis possible?”

Annoyed by this encounter and not wanting to have another fight so soon, Drakvar turns and starts to head down the other end of the alley.

“Bye Shocker,” says Drakvar as he wonders what the book is even about.

“Don’t ignore me!” yells the girl and Drakvar doesn’t bother looking back at her, just picking up speed.

He hears more electricity crackling through the air, but just ignores it as he hears it disappearing as it makes contact with him. He doesn’t feel anything before a brief and momentary sensation of heat.

“Come back here and fall me before me!” cries the girl as she stomps her foot in anger and Drakvar breaks into a run as he hears more electricity flying after him.

There is no way I am telling Jordis about this.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Interlude - Pathfinder

Gemma punches the boxing bag as sweat glistens on her face and rest of her body.

“Ha!” cries Gemma as she finally finishes the last hour of her self-imposed training.

She has been excising for ten hours, most of the day, and is barely feeling tired. Some might call it a waste of a Sunday, but Gemma enjoys the fact she has proof that her body is fit, healthy, physically strong and tough.

She lacks the beauty of all those Aphrodites, but at least she can outdo them in physical prowess.

“Done yet?” asks Ava from a treadmill.

Gemma glances over at her new Aphrodite teammate. Given how Ava reacted to her manifestation and how Gemma was caught up in it, their friendship had a bit of a rocky start. But after just a week, both girls are getting very well with each other.

It is a shame we can’t hang out together publicly, but that is one of the downsides of having a secret identity. Oh well, we can still be friends in private.

Hmm. If we could hang out in public, she could use her power to upgrade my wardrobe free of course, but I can’t just bring her around my house. Too much unwanted attention and questions.

Wait a moment, I could just pack up all the clothing I want to upgrade and bring it here so she can do it in private.

“Yeah,” replies Gemma, “It has been ten hours of non-stop excise with only minute long breaks once an hour for a drinks and one five minute long one for food.”

“Wow,” replies Ava, impressed, “I didn’t know that was part of your powers.”

“It is an aspect of my Bellator body,” explains Gemma as she stretches, “I might lack the beauty of your Aphrodite body, but I have my perks.”

“It’s a shame that my other powers allow me to outdo you in that regard,” says Ava.

“Yeah,” mutters Gemma as she feels a twinge of jealous, “Don’t remind me.”

“Sorry,” says Ava as she notices Gemma’s reaction, “I didn’t mean to-”

“Don’t worry about it,” says Gemma as she cuts Ava off, “I’m a single power C+ while you’re A+ Aphrodite with multiple powers across the board. I’m know that you’re much more powerful than me. It just doesn’t make it any less annoying though.”

“I would still like to meet your family,” says Ava, “Are you sure I can’t just come round your house?”

“Definitely,” replies Gemma, “I have a secret identity and would like to keep it.”

“Are we getting change now?” asks Ava.

“Yeah, I ought to be going home now,” replies Gemma, “Would you mind-”

“Not at all,” replies Ava as she hops off the treadmill.

Gemma braces herself as she knows what is coming next.

Doesn’t make it any easier when Ava’s power cause me to lose control of my body. I can still feel my body and everything it does, but it doesn’t respond to what I tell it to do. At least Ava doesn’t alter my mind when she does it now.

Gemma feels a slight sensation of joy as her body begins dancing of its own accord as Ava also starts dancing.

Her workout clothes morph into a pair of jeans, a yellow long sleeved shirt in addition to her underwear.

The lower half at least.

“Umm,” says Gemma as she does a twirl, “You forgot my bra.”

“Sorry,” replies Ava as her clothes turn into a silky aqua gown, “I don’t need those anymore so I kind of forget.”

“Must be nice to not worry about having to look good,” says Gemma with a sigh as Ava corrects her mistake.

“Oh, you have no idea,” replies Ava as she dances over to Gemma, ignoring her sour look, “Want to dance for a bit before we leave?”

“What is with you and wanting to dance all the time?” asks Gemma, “But sure, why not?”

“Thanks,” replies Ava as she pulls Gemma into a dance.

Wait is she-oh no.

Gemma shivers as she tries to resist the flow of happy and relaxing feelings that overtake her mind and body, but is unable to resist her friend’s power, not even enough to even warn Ava of what she is sub-consciously doing.

It continues for a few minutes until their dance draws to a close. As their movements die down, Gemma, still in a blissful state under Ava’s power, leans in close to her friend and kisses Ava straight on the lips.

A stunned Ava pushes Gemma away forceful before staggering back. Unfortunately for Gemma, Ava has C+ super strength and sends her flying into the wall.

Gemma cries out in pain as she slams into the wall and crashing to the floor.

“What the hell?” demands an angry Ava, “What was that Gemma?”

“You using your power to mess with my mind,” replies Gemma as she sits upright against the wall before groaning, “I’m helpless against you when you use her powers against me you know.”

I’m-urr, I didn’t mean to use my power on you,” says Ava apologetically, her anger draining away and turning into guilt as she realise her part in what happened, “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” replies Gemma, resisting the urge to wince in pain as she gets to her feet, “I’m a Bellator remember.”

Ave doesn’t need to know that she actually hurt me. I don’t want to make my friend feel even worse.

“Do you want to talk about what happened?” asks Ava nervously.

“Just forget about it,” replies Gemma as she heads for the door.

“Not even about the kis-” starts Ava.

“I said just forget about it,” says Gemma again, but more forcefully before leaving the gym.

I hate the fact I have a crush on Ava. No, I don’t, I just hate the fact she is straight and doesn’t return my feelings.

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

1.10 Dinner Part 6

Joan jumps into her bed and sobs into her pillow, not bothering to close her bedroom door. She has only been doing it for a couple of seconds when Abby enters her mind.

Go away!

We need to talk.

Leave me alone!

You overheard Mum and I talking didn’t you?

I said leave me alone!

I know you’re angry, but try to think about this rationally.

Mother tried to stop me from being born!

We both know that isn’t the case. If she didn’t want to be born, we wouldn’t be talking about it because you wouldn’t have been born.

Those pills she took are the reason I’m like this.

We don’t know that for sure and you can get better.

Only because superpowers have existed for the last two months. This would be an entirely different matter if the world hadn’t changed. In fact, I would still be dying in hospital.

Do you want to talk about it in the morning once you had time to calm down?

I don’t need to calm down! I finally found out what caused my life to be so horrible. And the only person I want to talk to is Leo!

“Joan?” asks their mother from the doorway of Joan’s bedroom, “Do you want to talk?”

Joan starts to open her mouth to reply, but Abby swiftly seizes control of Joan’s body before she can.

Give me back my body!

“Abby here Mum,” says Abby with Joan’s body and voice, “I’m just talking to Joan internally. She is a bit upset at the moment.”

A bit upset? A bit upset? I’m pissed! And I want control of my body back now Abby!

 “Okay Abigail,” replies Mother as Abby ignores Joan, “I’ll speak with Joan later or in morning then. Don’t stay in control of her body for too long. That would be rather rude.”

Speak to me for crying out loud Abby! Don’t ignore me!

Joan, are you willing to be reasonable?

Reasonable? Reasonable! You’re the one who has taken over my body. You have no right what so ever to talk to me about being reasonable.

How about we discuss something else?

And now you’re trying to change the subject!

I could just put you a state of bliss to calm you down.

You wouldn’t dare!

Try me mortal.

Joan, just calm down and discuss something else with me. You can ask me anything at all.



What it is like being an Aphrodite?

Now that’s better. As for your question, I’m not sure how to answer that.

Oh come on Abby! You can’t just tell me that you can’t answer my question.

I know, but it isn’t something I can just describe. I could say it feels wonderful, but I doubt you would find that helpful. Honestly that is the closest way I could describe it. Being Aphrodite is one of those things you have too experienced to actually understand what it feels like. How about I tell you what Mum and I were discussing? I can tell from your memories that you didn’t overhear that part.

Stop looking through my memories!

The other day, I was approached by a curious parahuman, a Bellator that bordered on Aphrodite.
Go on.

Anyway, she offered to provide some nano-technology to heal you.

What? You can’t be serious. You can’t even consider accepting that offer.

I did keep the offer in mind, but I decided to check her out.

What was she like?

Confident and calm. She called herself Jane Smith, but admitted that she wanted to keep her real name secret. She claimed she wanted to offer the nano-technology in exchange for a spell that I created using my own power to help a close friend of hers. Jane said that he was high tier Gadgeteer with an Monster enhanced rating and due to those combinations of power, he wished to remain hidden. All of those regards Jane was being truthful, I checked with my powers.
She is totally a supervillain.

I went to Leo earlier and showed him my memories and of the event. Since then, he checked her out since he left and informed me that she was clean as far as he could tell. Though I have no idea how he did it so quickly.

I trust Leo and if he says she is clean, I trust his judgement.

Anyway, I’m going to accept the offer. Mum and Dad both agree. And if it does work, you will be properly healed and not depended on my power. Plus Jane said the nanobots would self-destruct in a safe manner once you were healed.

I’m willing to accept this offer.

Look at it this way, if something does happen to you, Jane and her friend will have to deal with our entire extremely powerful parahuman family.

And whatever Leo can muster.

Using the sensors that Father placed in Mother’s room, Jaylyn watches as Aunt Abby enters with the woman known as Jane Smith as Mother waits on the bed.

This is the first time that Jaylyn has been able to see the woman who will heal Mother as Father couldn’t show her Aunt Abby’s memories.

As they approach Mother, Jaylyn runs the woman against her own records. It is only as Jane takes the syringe out that Jaylyn recognises the woman. While she has changed her face, the movements and motions that ‘Jane’ makes give her away to the AI.

It is the same one that infiltrated the FBI facility containing Washdown’s body and did something to it or with it. And here she is, injecting nanobots into Jaylyn’s mother.

Unacceptable. She cannot be trusted and is clearly using Mother for her own gain and possible either against Father or against the Fowler family.

Jaylyn diverts some of her processing power from creating profiles on the latest parahumans to checking through what Father has created so far. Father would understand Jaylyn halting the task he assigned her. This is to aid Mother after all.

Jaylyn also creates a sub-routine to alert her when Jane is detected by Father’s or Aunt Legacy’s sensor networks. This woman must be dealt with.

As the syringe is injected into Mother, Jaylyn gets to work on producing mobile combat units.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.5 Ordic

After dropping off Valen at the abandoned factory and leaving him with Jordis, Drakvar headed out once again that night. He still needs to find a way to cook the food so he can feed Jordis.

Now night has truly fallen, it is rather dark out as none of the street lights are on. Drakvar has no idea why that is the case. While some of them are broken, they are in the minority and most the street lights are simply lacking power.

The authorities don’t seem to care about this part of the city. I can’t help, but wonder if the Darklurkers are part of the cause or merely a symptom.

“Greetings,” says a strong, clear deep voice from Drakvar, causing the Kith to halt in his tracks.

“Not another fight!” Drakvar cries out in frustration, “I have already three fights today!”

“I shall not fight you if you don’t wish to battle,” replies the voice and Drakvar turns around to face the speaker.

The person has such an extremely odd and unusually appearance that Drakvar wonders if he is a warrior-spirit like Solara due to the similarities in appearance.

The person is just over three metres tall and is a full metre taller than Drakvar. He is very muscular and is huge, but Drakvar is sure he looks bigger to him than he actually is due to the difference in height. And like Solara, the person only has two arms and not four like a normal person.

The garments of the person are also interesting. He is wearing armour consisting of shining silver plates with a skin-tight undersuit made of a black sleek material. In his left hand, the person wields a very impressive looking sword.

At least it feels impressive to me.

The hilt is six inches long with a round pommel and a good grip. The crossguard is curved downwards towards the hilt while the double edged blade is roughly twenty four inches long. It lacks bright colour with a dull metallic hilt while the blade is a green tinted grey.

And while it looks oddly small in the hand of the giant person, Drakvar has no doubts that such a blade is very deadly.

In the right hand of the person is a silver curved heater shield with a dark green rim. It is about thirty inches wide and two metres tall.

“Ah, good,” mumbles Drakvar as he takes in the sheer imposing sight of the purpose, deciding 
without hesitation that this is one opponent he wouldn’t be able to beat, “I really don’t think I could take you if we did fight.”

“You could probably put up a decent fight, but no, you wouldn’t stand a chance of besting me,” replies the person, “Might I ask who you are?”

“I am Drakvar Blackborn,” replies Drakvar.

“And I am Ordic Sar’bargord,” replies the person as he inclines his head towards Drakvar, “I have returned to Lyatar seeking a Core of Oblivion.”

“A Core of Oblivion?” repeats Drakvar before he realises the implications at the start of the sentence.

Returned to Lyatar? How can he have returned to the planet... unless he has been off of it. Perhaps he isn’t native to Lyatar. It would explain his unusual appearance.

“Yes,” replies Ordic, “It is part of the power of a being that makes even the Four Divines pale in comparison.”

“The Four Divines?” says Drakvar.

“Never heard of them?” says Ordic, sounding surprised, “Did you lose your memories when you were Empowered then?”

“You know how I lost my memories?” asks Drakvar, this stranger growing stranger and stranger by the second.

“I believe so,” replies Ordic, “First I must explain something to use. When not connected to an Entity such as Oblivion, their Parts of Power shall seek how host from which to grow stronger from. This Core of Oblivion has chosen you as its host. When it did so, it must have erased your memories. A likely probability given the nature of this particular Core.”

“And what is the nature of this Core?” inquires Drakvar despite almost of all of Ordic’s words being meaningless to him.

“The Core is an Advanced Security-Neutraliser,” explains Ordic, “In effect it is one of Oblivion’s higher level and stronger Parts of Power and it is used to cull rogue powers. This one is especially significant as it has grown enough that it effects powers outside of those belonging to an Entity. So when Oblivion last tried to use it, I severed his connection to it using Gord’Ang and have kept it away from Oblivion. Now I have traced it here, to an old world that I have visited before.”

“When exactly did you last come to Lyatar?” asks Drakvar.

“According to the modern dating system, last time I arrived on Lyatar was in 24 BK and I left in 32 PK,” answers Ordic, “Since you lack memories, those dates are one thousand and thirty six and nine hundred and eighty years ago respectively.”

Drakvar is speechless for a moment as he tries to wrap his head around the idea of the person standing before him being over a thousand years old.

Then again, with my deficit of memories, I don’t exactly know how odd that is. And given that I have magic swords, battled a warrior-spirit and fought a guy with magic powers, this is actually kind of normal for me.

“So what are you going to do now?” asks Drakvar, deciding it would make the most sense to accept Ordic’s statements without questioning them.

“Now that I have determined that the Core of Oblivion has not fallen into the wrong hands, I shall visit some old friends,” replies Ordic, “I would like to see my son once again. Gord Dinn Drakvar Blackborn.”

And with that, Ordic turns and strides away from Drakvar, leaving the bemused Kith standing alone in the middle of the street.


After finding an old and abandoned portable stove at about an hour after midnight, Drakvar finally returns home to Jordis. Only he also finds Valen and Solara there.

But Drakvar feels a sudden surge of indignation as he realises that Valen is using his fire magic to cook some food for himself and Jordis.

“You sent me off to find a way to cook food and then you just have Valen cook for you?” grumbles Drakvar as he puts the stove down.

“Pretty much,” replies Jordis as she smiles at him.

“Tough luck,” smirks Valen.

Despite his annoyance, the tired and worn out Drakvar only gives a weary grunt.

Friday, 19 February 2016

1.10 Dinner Part 5

“Joan,” says a voice, causing Joan to look up.

It has been a couple of hours since dinner ended and Joan is just about to go to bed. She has just been spending some time in the family library, her favourite place in her new home.

Rather than spend the time in her finery, Joan has changed into her more comfortable PJs, warm purples ones with pictures of white butterflies all over them.

Marcy got them for me since I have out grown all the ones I was using before being hospitalised.

“Huh,” mutters a weary Joan as she recognises the speaker as her eldest sister Breanne, the firstborn of the Fowler siblings.

“Hello Joan,” says Bree as she sits down in the chair next to Joan’s, “Mind if I speak with you for a bit?”

“Not at all,” replies Joan, wondering what Bree wants to talk about.

We have never really connected to one another. Not due to failing to get along with each other, we always did that great, but because I’m the youngest while she is the oldest. Eight years as a matter of fact. Not exactly something you can ignore.

“Well, first I wanted to say I’m glad you gotten better,” says Bree, “It was horrible seeing you just get worse and worse over the years and not being able to do anything about it. And I know I wasn’t the best sister to you because of that even though I should have been. I should have been there for you. None of us were.”

“Leo was there for me,” mutters Joan absent-mindedly as she closes her book and puts down on the table next to her.

“Yeah, he was,” agrees Bree before looking Joan in the eye, “You two really do love each other don’t you?”

“Yeah,” answers Joan as she blushes.

“I think it’s sweet,” says Bree, “I hope it lasts. I really do.”

“Thank you,” replies Joan, “So is that all you wanted to talk about?”

“I guess so,” replies Bree, “We don’t really have that much in common. I mean you’re still in high school while I’m an actress that lives in a different state.”

“I know what you mean,” mutters Joan.

“Yeah,” says Bree, “The only things we have in common is that we’re sisters and that we’re both the only members of our families without powers.”

“How do you feel about that?” asks Joan, curious to see how her sister feels on the matter.

“I’m only a little jealous,” answers Bree with a shrug, “You how annoying it is for the rest of the family do just be able to break the laws of physics on a whim don’t you and you can’t don’t you?”

“Yeah,” agrees Joan, “But I can’t really complain. I benefited greatly from Abby’s powers.”

“I won’t deny that,” says Bree, “And I won’t deny that I’m a little bitter. You see, I used to have the best looks of our family except for Mum in her prime and now everybody is an Aphrodite or Adonis. None of them have to worry about bras, make up, sweating and all the other icky body things.”

“I wish I had to worry about bras,” says Joan sourly.

“Don’t worry about that,” Bree tells her soothingly, “You got a wonderful and caring boyfriend who loves for who you are, not for your looks.”

“That is one of the things I like about Leo,” replies Joan, “He doesn’t care about what I look like. Most boys don’t give a second look and none of those that do don’t do it for my looks.”

“What do they look at for then?” inquires Bree.

“Oh, the boys at school just want to see Leo’s mysterious girlfriend,” giggles Joan, feeling pleased with herself, “You see, Leo is one of the top students at school who is not only super smart, but also super handsome and fit. And yet he only has eyes for one girl. I also get a lot of looks from the girls who have crushes on Leo. Mostly jealous ones.”

None of them stand a chance! Leo is the ultimate prized boyfriend and he is all mine.

“But none of them pick on you?” asks Bree.

“Nah, too afraid of Leo’s direct or indirect retaliation,” replies Joan, “Same goes for everybody else. In fact, they would much rather take on Leo directly than go after me. That would probably better for their health as well.”

“Anyway, I’ll be going now,” says Bree as she gets up, “I will keep in better contact with you even if I can’t be here in person.”

“Oh, I can count on you sis,” replies Joan, “I’m going to start watching some of the shows you star in now.”

“Just make sure they’re for children,” laughs Bree as she heads for the door.

As her sister leaves the library, Joan internally debates whether to stay in the library or go up to her room. After a few seconds, she decides on the latter as it is getting late.

As she heading down on the corridors to her room, Joan pauses outside a room as she hears voices speaking inside.

“-I don’t know,” says her Mother.

“It is a good offer,” replies Abby, “I don’t trust her either, but we should at least consider the offer instead of rejecting it out of hand.”

What offer? What are they talking about? Who are they talking about?

“I know, I know,” says Mother, “You know I have always felt guilty about her condition.”

“It isn’t your fault she is like that,” replies Abby, “That’s no proof. It’s just your guilt talking.”

Wait, who are they talking about? They might be talking about me. I still have my condition and Mother might blame herself because she gave birth to me.

“Yes it is,” disagrees Mother, “I was the one who tried to have her aborted, but didn’t go through with it. I didn’t want another child at the time, but I just couldn’t deny her life in the end. And I’m certain it was the pills I took that caused Joan to be born defective.”

Joan freezes as she pales.


She runs off down the corridor towards her room, tears streaking down her face and her crying echoing throughout the silent corridor.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

1.10 Dinner Part 4

Joan sticks the last of her potatoes in her mouth before leaving her cutlery crossed on her plate.

Dinner was nice. Everybody is sitting with their dates with the oldest being the closest to Mother and Father. That means that Leo and I are on the other side of the table with Alex and Martin.

Joan looks at A Class Adonis boy. Martin Lucas, Alexis’ boyfriend for the last five months, manifested earlier in the week and joined the local Junior Heroes Union.

From what Leo told her, Martin was, is, a shy nerdy boy who enjoys pop music.

And not he is a flying brick with the brick part being A Class and the flying part B Class.

Joan averts her eyes as she feels herself looking Martin’s muscular body over.

Leo is my boyfriend. I should checking him out not Martin, the boyfriend of my sister. But a Bellator just can’t stand up to Adonis in the beauty department.

“So how are you finding school?” asks Alex from across the table, “Martin says you’re doing fine, but I want to hear it from you.”

“I’m fine at school,” Joan reassures her sister, “I do well in class and I get on well with people. I hang out with Leo and his friends so I’m not lonely either.”

“I’m just annoyed that I couldn’t be there for your first week,” says Alex with a sigh, “And I got a lot to do since as team leader now. Man, I miss Jimmy and Harry.”

Joan is silent. She learnt earlier this week that Jimmy and Harry were Rush and Sulphur respectively, the two local teenage heroes who died against Armageddon. Rush was the old team leader of the Grand Rapids Junior Heroes Union and now Iris has taken over.

“Maybe if it gets too much, you could ask Gears for help?” suggests Joan.

“Why would he help?” scoffs Martin as Joan does her best to not look at Leo.

Perhaps because Leo is a selfless, heroic and noble person who like to help others you dumb a-hole?

“Because on one of the few times I spoke with Guardian, she mentioned that Gears is interested in building good relationships with the local authorities,” replies Joan as Abby’s duplicates begin to tidy away the dishes as only Irwin and his Aphrodite and A class girlfriend Jennifer Harrison, a nationally famous parahuman actress, are still eating.

She didn’t get her powers on day one, but she did get them in early January. At least Jennifer is a nice person who just likes to have fun in a good way. She seems to just want to make others happy. And I don’t know if that is a side effect of her powers.

“Maybe,” mutters Alex.

She doesn’t sound too convinced, but Alex sounds like she is at least considering the idea.

Mother clears her throat loudly and Joan, along with everybody else at the table, looks towards her.

“I have something to inform all of you about, Fowler family member primarily,” says Mother loudly before lowering her voice to normal tones, “Due to the large number of parahumans in our family, Marcus and I have received an offer to have a reality TV show about us produced.”

As the rest of her sibling bombard their parents with questions, Joan slumps back into her seat as she considers the implications of the announcement.

I don’t want people to watch my life on television. I only just got it back for myself. And if I hang out with Leo, it would blow his secret identity. No way he could hide the fact he is Gears and still hang out with me if that many people are watching. We need as few people watching us as we can get.

Joan looks up as Leo places his hand on hers.

“Don’t worry,” says Leo to her quietly, “It’s optional to partake in it. You don’t have to have someone following you around. You could have so you only get recorded by a camera that if following the others around.”

“That would work,” replies Joan equally quiet, “I’m fine with only my interactions with other members of my family being recorded.”

I’ll tell Mum and the others

Okay, but don’t mention the stuff about Leo and him being Gears Abby.

Joan, I’m a genius, not an idiot.

I know. I just wanted to makes sure.

I know dear, I can see into your head after all.

You don’t do that all the time do you?

Of course I don’t. I wouldn’t be respecting your privacy if I did. But I would like to know about Jaylyn later. It would best if you told me rather having to go through your memories.

If Leo is okay with it, I will.

Now I’m really interested in finding out about this Jaylyn of yours.

Umm, it’s sort of awkward to explain her to other people.

Leo’s secret girlfriend?

What! No! He would never ever do that and you know it!

I was just messing with you sis.


Ice cream is here along with sticky toffee pudding.

I love having ice cream. And I haven’t had sticky toffee pudding in at least two years.

Do you love ice cream more than Leo?

Knock it off Abby.

Relax Joan, messing with other like this is what sisters do to each other.

I don’t like this part of having sister.

Don’t worry about it. We only do it over minor things like with using our powers to mess with you.

I suppose.

Eat up your desserts sis.