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Godslayer - Arc 1.2 Jordis

Drakvar trudges back into his hideout. It has been a couple of days since he lost all of his memories and most of that time has been trying to piece together old knowledge.

From what Drakvar has been about to gather from his old life, primarily from how others have reacted to him and from the public data files about him, his old self was a delinquent. Deadbeat or criminal could also be used as well as conman and scum, but Drakvar feels that delinquent is the best word since that is how other view him.

None the less, he is certain that the other descriptions would have become just as good in just a few years.

I will not follow the same path as my old self. That much I am sure of.

The old Drakvar had also dropped out of education, stopping near the end of the Grade Fifth. He also lacked any friends, but had many enemies.

And all of those enemies are now mine.

Most of the other things that Drakvar has found out are things that are basic knowledge and stuff that he should know, but has forgotten due to his amnesia. For example, he is currently in the grand city Kar’mire of Karris Monarchy, capital of one of Lyatar’s superpowers and one of the world’s largest settlements with population of over twenty million.

Apparently, Kar’mire is home to Kar’mire Keep, a Keep of the Ti’darkei Order. The Ti’darkei Order is a Knightly Order and the main power here, even above the Karric King and his government.

That said, I have yet to meet or even seen any of their Knights. Or perhaps I have and I just don’t recognise them.

Due to the fact that he has no idea where he was living before his memory loss, Drakvar has had to find a new home. Fortunately, the rundown and abandoned part of Kar’mire outskirts have many derelict buildings that are currently unused.

The downsides are that those buildings are abandoned for a reason and that the area in which Drakvar is staying is dominated by a local gang of criminals as the Darklurker Band.

And the Darklurker Band have had a beef with Drakvar since the thugs he bested two days ago were members of their group. And the first one that Drakvar knocked out is actually their third highest ranked member, Falmar Darklurker.

Because of that, Drakvar has been actively avoiding them.

It doesn’t help matters that Falmar is Shapeshifter Psychic.

Another thing that Drakvar has had to relearn is the knowledge of what Psychics are.

Psychics are Kith that use technology to grant themselves magical powers. What powers they have depends on the technology and Kith, but all Psychics have an edge over normal Kith such as Drakvar.

It is only a matter of time before Falmar and the other Darklurkers locate me and I will have to move. Perhaps by that point I will be able to leave the city. I feel it is in my best interest to restart a new life elsewhere. Especially since I have no intention of putting up with my old one.

Drakvar looks at his new home as he approaches it. The place is an abandoned factory. The bottom floor is a total wreck, but the upper floors are all in pretty good shape if looked clean.

But Drakvar doesn’t care about how empty the place is since all he wants is a roof and four walls to protect him from the elements when he rests.

He makes his way up to the small room on the top floor of the factory that he has claimed as his place of rest. He should be able to get a good rest up there before having to worry about essentials such as food, water and clothing.

Drakvar halts as he hears noise below him. A moment later he recognises the sound of footsteps.

Drat. Have the Darklurkers found me already or it is just somebody else looking for shelter?

Drakvar quietly and quickly heads back down to the bottom floor. Once on the third floor, he pauses he hears voice below him.

“You’re too late Jord scum,” sneers an arrogant male voice, “Dere is no escape for you here.”

“You can’t get away from us now,” chuckles another voice, this one female, “We’ll kill you here and now. No one will know what will have happened here.”

With it now obvious that a life is in danger, Drakvar doesn’t waste any time as he races to the ground floor. As he reaches a second floor walkway overlooking the ground floor, Drakvar takes the chance to observe the situation on the ground floor.

There are three Kith. Two Kith of dark brown fur in brown and dark green armour are standing by the doorways as they approach a panicked Kith girl.

Drakvar note that the girl is younger than he is and is wearing blue and white cloth over her pale white fur. Long, sleek golden hair flows from her head while her blue eyes are filled with terror.

Drakvar halts on top of the walkway as one of the armoured Kith draws a black sword as he strides towards the trapped and terrified girl. Helpless and alone, the young girl desperately looks for a way to get away from her attackers.

No. While she may be helpless, this girl is most definitely not alone.

Drakvar leaps from the walkway and lands between the sword-wielding murder and the hapless girl. With an angry snarl, Drakvar rises to his full height as he clenches his fists.

“Who in de Name of Farkas are you?” demands the Kith standing before Drakvar as he stops in his advance.

“The protector of his girl,” declares Drakvar as he recognises the voice as that of the arrogant male.

“You don’t look like a Jord,” says the other armoured Kith, the owner of the female voice.

“I am not,” replies Drakvar.

“Den why are you going to die to protect dis brat?” demands the male Kith angrily as he draws a second sword.

“Because I am Drakvar Blackborn,” Drakvar explains simply

And I have no reason not to save this girl.

“Then you shall fall Blackborn,” cries the male Kith as he rushes Drakvar and Drakvar counter charges.

Drakvar doesn’t blink as both blades slice the flesh of his face, drawing blood. Instead he grabs one wrist of the sword armed hands before slamming a fist into the chest of the murderous Kith.

The Kith grunts in pain despite his armour and Drakvar takes the opportunity to bend the arm he is currently holding the wrong way. Crying out in pain, the Kith drops both of his blades as Drakvar headbutts him.

“Farkas Damn dis!” snarls the other armoured Kith as she draws a black pistol.

Spotting the deadly weapon as it is drawn, Drakvar quickly strengthens his hold on his foe and twists him around so he can be used a living shield just as the female Kith aims her gun at Drakvar.

“Slug it!” shouts the female Kith, “Can’t you do anything right Arn? I’ll just have to shoot the Jord instead.”

As the female Kith switches her targets, Drakvar uses his two remaining arms to draw the two remaining black blades of his hostage.

“Don’t,” warns Drakvar as the female Kith attacker realises what he is threatening to do.

“You wouldn’t dare!” hisses the woman.

“Try me,” retorts Drakvar.

They stare at each other silently for a moment.

“I shall let him go if you let me go with the girl,” offers Drakvar.

“Deal,” replies the female Kith without hesitation.

And with that agreement, Drakvar throws the unconscious male Kith away and picks up the two dropped black swords so that he has all four blades.

“Come,” he tells the stunned Kith girl as he scoops her up and exits the abandoned factory.


With his new charge in tow, Drakvar returns to the derelict building that he calls home.

They had waited nearby until it was well into the night before returning to the abandoned factory. Despite spending several hours with only each other for company, neither he nor the girl had spoken to each other.

“Why?” asks the girl suddenly from behind Drakvar as he leads her up the stairs.

“Because you needed help and I am Drakvar Blackborn,” explains Drakvar.

“Dat isn’t a good enough reason,” insists the girl.

“It is to me,” replies Drakvar as he glances back over his shoulder at the girl, “Who are you anyway?”

“Jordis Sunblade of de Jord Order,” answers the girl.

“Well, Jordis Sunblade,” says Drakvar with a smile, “I am now your Protector.”

Friday, 29 January 2016

1.9 Harbinger Part 6

As cheers go up from her fellow fighters in the city, Guardian activates her KEPs only to realise that the majority of them are broken with the few remaining not enough to grant her flight capabilities.

Can we repair them? Using my power?

Not now. Not enough time. Armageddon would kill us while we’ve halfway through.


The cheers die down all of sudden as Armageddon begins to get up. Guardian darts away.

“Guardian,” says Gears over her comm.

The connection isn’t very good as damage to her armour has left it fuzzy and shaky with Gears’ voice containing some static to it.

“Here,” replies Guardian as she puts ground between her and the Harbinger.

“I’m here with Protector and Defender,” says Gears as another orange ray beam hits Armageddon, “Darkness has also shown up to help. I think seeing his twin sister get taken out motivated him to help.”

“Many have fallen today,” replies Guardian quietly and solemnly.

“Then let us make their sacrifices worth something,” says Gears with a determined voice.

“Try to take out his other eye,” Guardian tells Gears.

“Don’t worry, I will,” Gears assures Guardian.

Guardian glances at Armageddon as he gets to his feet. Whips of black and white energy lash out at the Harbinger, but Guardian doesn’t see the result before a building obscures Armageddon from view.

Guardian comes to a halt as she spots a pair of bodies in the ground.

Too late to save them.

We can’t save everybody...

But that doesn’t mean we should try to. I know. How do I know that anyway?

It is good advice that has been passed on.


“Guardian!” yells Defender as she lands a short distance in front of her, “Over here!”

As Defender and Guardian runs towards each other, Protector lands behind the former.

“Nice work so far,” says Protector.

Both are wearing the same type of power armour as Guardian and Gears, but where Guardian is black and Gears’ is grey, Protector’s armour is a dark forest green whilst Defender is a deep shade of blue.

“My armour is no longer capable of flight,” Guardian informs them, “It has also sustained serious damage on the front.”

“Yeah, I can tell,” replies Defender, “So what do we do?”

“You two engage Armageddon while I conduct emergency repairs to my armour so I can get flight capabilities,” says Guardian, “Remember he is fast and intelligent in addition to being one of the toughest creatures out there.”

“We got it,” replies Protector as he shares a look with Defender, “You just keep safe. We can’t afford to lose you.”

Then it is rather ironic that I am the most expendable of the Guardsmen, both the least missed and the most easily replaced.

“We can’t afford to lose anybody,” says Defender.

“I have no intention of dying this day,” Guardian reassures them, “And I am not that easily killed. Not even by a Harbinger of the End Times.”

“See ya back at base later,” replies Defender as she and Protector off, “Take of yourself.”

“I-” Guardian starts to reply when Armageddon comes crashing through the building.

Protector and Defender both dart off as Guardian runs for it. She gets a few metres before the ground erupts and twists around her.

Dodge left!

Doing as Ceta says, Guardian jumps to the side. She is barely in time to dodge one of Armageddon’s energy attacks and still gets hit in the side of the right arm. The majority of her power armour is burned away on the outer side of her right arm and Guardian feels spikes of burning hot pain across the affected flesh.

As Guardian staggers to the side, something grabs a hold of her and her surroundings suddenly blur.

“I got you!” says a blurred voice as Guardian is sped away.

Guardian stumbles on her feet as her rescuer drops her off a couple of blocks away. A military tank retreats as several soldiers run alongside it on foot.

She looks around at the four people around her. Of them, Guardian only recognises Pathfinder. One is a good looking male wearing a red and white racing jumpsuit while the other is an Adonis in orange and black spandex. The last is another Bellator girl wearing armour made of ice. All seem rather young and Guardian would guess they are all in their teens.

Ice? How is that possible? And why isn’t it melting?

She must have created them using her power.

Like with the not-technology?

Yes. A variant of the power that allows for things that are physically impossible to be made.

“Hello Guardian,” says Pathfinder.

“Yeah, nice to meet you,” says the Adonis boy, “Good work against the kaiju.”

“His name is Armageddon,” replies Guardian as she looks at the damage to her right arm.

All of the armour except for a few scraps have been burned away while the flesh is blacken and raw.

“Well Guardian, I am Rush, speedster and leader of the Grand Rapids Junior Heroes,” says the boy in red and white, “That is Sulphur and Iceforge and you’ve already met Pathfinder.”

“So what is the plan?” asks the Adonis boy who Guardian assumes is Sulphur.

“We hit Armageddon while it is distracted and Guardian can hit it with that fancy sword of hers,” replies Pathfinder, “My power says that is the best course of action.”

“You can hurt it right?” Rush asks Guardian.

“Yes,” answers Guardian “I have already taken out one of his eyes and removed a little finger.”

“Glad to know we can hurt that thing,” growls Iceforge.

“Okay, so we-” starts Rush when Pathfinder cries out and spikes erupt from the ground.

Rush, Sulphur and Pathfinder all manage to get away from the spikes while one tears through Iceforge’s lower right leg. She cries out in pain even as Guardian feels a sudden surge of pain in her abdomen.

She looks down to see a large spike made from pavement and earth piercing her abdomen, tearing through both her armour and her flesh.

That hurts.

I’m sorry Legacy. It has been an honour.


Hor segg yoinn sor.

As she slumps to the ground, Guardian looks over at the others just in time to see Rush and Sulphur get here by one of Armageddon’s energy blast. Sulphur’s mangled corpse topples over while Rush is reduced to a blacked, burning skeleton by a direct hit.

Guardian hears somebody calling her name before she is consumed by Armageddon’s ugly, hot energy.


Purr arnn lin Ordic?


Peace or battle Guardian?

Do I have choice?


Then battle. Lin. I won’t abandon my friends or family.

Then I shall inform Jaylyn that you will return.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

1.9 Harbinger Part 5

“Cor donn Hor!” cries Guardian as she stabs Armageddon in the left eye, letting out the first battlecry that comes to mind.

He will pay for that.

Do not lose your temper Legacy! Letting your emotions control you will get you killed as well.

I…I know that Ceta.

Armageddon didn’t stand a chance as he was just turning his head to face Guardian when she struck.

Armageddon lets out a painful roar as Guardian twists the blade lodged in his eye. Before he can recover and let out another blast of energy at her, Guardian yanks Gord’Ang out and blasts off from Armageddon with her KEPs at full power.

Will he heal from that? He’s been healing from the other wounds inflicted on him.

He won’t heal from such a severe wound until a few days and one from Gord’Ang will take months to fully recover from. In fact, any wound inflicted by Gord’Ang will take Armageddon several months to recover from.

So we’ve hurt him.

Yes we have.

Then let us hurt Armageddon some more.

As Guardian stabilises herself for another strike, but Atlas flies at Armageddon just as Alexandria did.

But Atlas is significantly more powerful than his fallen younger sister and slams into the Harbinger at high speeds. Armageddon goes stumbling backwards before regain his balance as he blasts Atlas away another burst of energy.

“Now!” cries a strong feminine voice and Guardian watches as about dozen flying parahumans attack Armageddon.

She spots Glowbug, Iris, Flamefly and Ebony amongst their number and are led by a stunning Aphrodite in tight fitting white spandex with a glowing white energy spear in one hand pointed at Armageddon.


They’re going to get crushed.

Armageddon is ready for them and punches Atlas away before firing a large, wide burst of energy at the group. Most dodge, but the slowest members of the group at unable to get out in time.

The white woman, Iris, Glowbug and four others are all about to avoid Armageddon’s attack, but Ebony and three others don’t. Flamefly barely manages to dodge due being at the back of the group, but is still knocked out of the sky.

Ebony and one of those caught in the blast are battered, but stay in the air while the other two are sent tumbling to the ground, one of them a mangled mess.

As the white woman teleports above Armageddon and the others begin their attacks, Guardian also launches another attack against Armageddon.

The white woman stabs her energy stab down into Armageddon as she also unleashes several bolts of white energy on the monsters. Glowbug, Iris and one of the other fliers hang back and pelt Armageddon with energy attacks while the other white attempt to engage him up close.

As she flies in close, Guardian notices more parahumans on the ground engaging Armageddon alongside military tanks and heavy weapon teams.

Guardian slashes Armageddon with Gord’Ang across the arm, but the monster soon recovers. Moving quickly Armageddon blasts the closest heroes away with more energy bursts before grabs a hold of the white woman.

The white woman doesn’t get a change to react before Armageddon snaps her back with a flick of his waist and tosses her limp body aside.

“It just killed Lightbringer,” whispers one of the fliers close to Guardian, sounding terrified.
Guardian uses her KEPs to direct herself at Armageddon, but the Harbinger just already moved on to his next victims.

Iris tries to dodge, but Armageddon is quick enough that his punch catches her in the legs and finishes the job with a concentrated energy attack from his fist as it makes contact. He then turns on Glowbug and the other energy projecting flier and blasts them both out of the sky with another energy burst.

But while her fellow is sent tumbling to the ground, Glowbug steadies herself as her yellow energy glows brighter than Guardian has ever seen it before. She fires a shining beam at Armageddon, causing the monster to pause.

For a moment it looks like Glowbug has actually hurt the Harbinger, but Armageddon suddenly slams his fist into her, sending her flying into the ruins of a half-destroyed building.

Human backs don’t bend that way.

We can’t do anything to help her until Armageddon has been dealt with.


As Ebony flies past him, Armageddon catches her with a backhand swipe, knocking her out of the sky as well.

But as his hand comes past Guardian, she strikes out with Gord’Ang. Armageddon roars out in pain as the Linx Sword slices through his little finger.

That will take him a good couple of years to grow back at the very least.

He needs to pay.

Don’t let revenge consume you.

I know! I’m not stupid.

Once again Armageddon focuses his full attention on Guardian, even as a score of missiles slam into him. He staggers back from the force even though he isn’t actually hurt, but the Harbinger doesn’t break eye contact from Guardian.

With a sudden burst of speed, Armageddon rushes Guardian, but the smaller and more agile warrior dodges out of the way and catches his side with a slash from Gord’Ang.

Armageddon suddenly spins around and smashes his fist into Guardian. She raises Gord’Ang in front of her and sent flying none the less. But Gord’Ang absorbs most of the damage, leaving Guardian unharmed other than a bit more damage to the outer plating of her armour.

She smashes into the pavement of the path below and gets to her feet just in time to see Armageddon bring his foot down on her. But an orange ray beam that Guardian recognises slams into the throat of Armageddon.

The massive monster staggers backwards, unbalanced before toppling over and landing on his back.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Description for the serial

So I'm thinking of submitting Legacy to Web Fiction Guide like I did with League of Heroes. This is the description I am thinking of giving in my submission.

"Legacy is a superhero sci-fi web serial following an amnesiac teenager called Legacy after she wakes up in an alley one night, shortly after superpowers started appearing all over the world. The story follows her life in what I would at best called a mixture of comic book style plots and slice of life as the world around her slowly devolves into a Charlie Foxtrot.

My second attempt at a superhero web serial."

I would like to see what my readers would think of it before I submit so I would really appreciate it if you could vote in the poll. Feel free to give feedback in the comments section.

Edit: Okay, so following a bit of criticism in the comments, here is a revised version of the description.

Legacy is a superhero sci-fi web serial following an amnesiac teenager called Legacy after she wakes up in an alley one night, shortly after superpowers started appearing all over the world. The story follows her life as Legacy attempts to live her life even as the world around her slowly devolves into a Charlie Foxtrot.

My second attempt at a superhero web serial.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Godslayer - Arc 1.1 Drakvar

Drakvar’s first memory isn’t a happy one.

Drakvar stumbles backwards as the fist connects with his face. Pain lances through his body with his head as the point of origin.

With no idea what is going on as he is unable to remember anything before this point, Drakvar clenches all four of his hands into fists as he swings them all at his attacker.

Drakvar recognises his opponent as one of his own species, a Kith.

Kith. A tall four armed species of felines with fur that stand on their hind legs. One of the three sentient species on the planet Lyatar of the Lycric System.

The one in front of him is a tall Kith of over two and half metres high. He is lean with slim muscular build and a light layer of pale brown fur covering his body while the sleek hair on top of his head is heavier, darker and longer. On top of that, the Kith is wearing white plain cloth with some black armour over the chest.

Meanwhile Drakvar is a lesser specimen as he is barely taller of the Kith average of two metres. While he also has a slim and lean muscular build, Drakvar has a light layer of rust brown fur covering his body with thick spiky black fur on his head.

All four of Drakvar’s fists slam into his opponent with one catching the hostile Kith in the face. The Kith is knocked off his feet and goes tumbling backwards. He crashes into the street and groans weakly before going limp as he loses consciousness.

As Drakvar turns to leave, he suddenly notices the other Kith surrounding him, all looking sleazy and thuggish.

This isn’t good..

“Hey Blackborn!” yells one of the Kith surrounding Drakvar, of which he can count seven, “You can’t just walk ‘way after punching out Boss Falmar!”

 And with that, the Kith rushes Drakvar. Drakvar blocks the oncoming fist before stepping back to block a second attack from another Kith. A punch from a third attacker winds Drakvar as he is hit in the gut and he steps back before throwing a punch into the face of the closest thug.

But the numbers of the thugs soon becomes apparent as Drakvar takes more punches. He staggers backwards, doubling over as he takes a couple of nastiest hits.

No. I shall not fall these thugs.

With a defiant snarl, Drakvar smashes his fist into the chest of one thug, sending the Kith flying through the air before snapping the arm of another with his right arms and tossing the thug aside. A punch comes his way, but Drakvar swats it aside.

Drakvar knees one of the remaining thugs in the gut before headbutting another thug who tries to attack him. He smashes a fist into the side of the winded thug before smacking the headbutted thug away from him.

Drakvar takes another hit to head, but just ignores the pain as he blocks another punch from the other of the two final thugs.

After seeing how Drakvar has singlehandedly demolished the rest of their group, the last two thugs decide to leg it.

“Slug it!” yells one of them as he runs away.

Dravkar lets them go as he turns to go on his way.

Hmm, now I just need to find somewhere to live.

Friday, 22 January 2016

1.9 Harbinger Part 4

A large section of the city is already lost to Armageddon by the time Guardian arrives in the city’s skies.

The local police and criminal elements have been driven back in addition to most of the local parahumans having been felled in battle. In fact, the majority of the local parahumans in the city are those that have manifested their powers since Armageddon arrived.

All it takes for criminals and law enforcement to work together side by side is a monster attack.

I have seen it many times before. A greater foe often causes people to work with a lesser foe, especially one that is local.

What is Scott’s saying again?

Better the devil you know.


Military forces and parahumans from other cities have also shown up. Guardian notes that several people she knows are here, including Alexandria and most of the Chicagoan Junior Heroes in addition to Iris.

Now to get Armageddon’s attention.

Be careful. That might be easier than you expect.

As Guardian approaches Armageddon with Gord’Ang in hand, she quickly realises that Ceta is right. The moment Armageddon glimpses her, the monsters halts and turns his gaze fully on her.

Ordic!” roars Armageddon in his deep, guttural voice, spit flying from its mouth.

You can just hear the rage in his voice.

Not surprising.

Armageddon unleashes a blast of fire red energy at Guardian. She rolls out of the way, but still takes a grazing hit, burning some of the black paint off of her armour.

A head on approach is not the best idea. If we are struck by Armageddon, we would be severely injured and potentially killed.

I figured that out already.

Guardian flies behind an intact office building as Armageddon roars again.


His primary weak points are sensory. Hindering his ability to sense you would be very useful. You won’t be able to take Armageddon in a straight up fight so agility and speed will be key. And while Gord’Ang can cut him, it will do little more than annoy Armageddon as his skin is extremely thick and tough while his unique biology allows him to survive pretty much anything.

Good advice.

Just remember that while he might look it, he isn’t slow even if he isn’t as fast as you.

I’ll keep that in mind.

You should also know that Armageddon has a couple of abilities not relating to his physique. You’ve seen his ability to unleash energy attacks, but I’m not sure if you know this yet, but

Armageddon’s fist comes smashing through the building, almost hitting Guardian with debris.

Guardian spins around and slashes the fist with Gord’Ang. Armageddon unleashes a concentrated blast of energy in Guardian’s direction, but she dodges to the side using her KEPs.

Guardian swipes, leaving another gash in Armageddon’s grey, leathery flesh. Neither wounds are deep, barely anything more than superficial.

But superficial is the best that anyone else has done and Guardian has already surpassed that in the opening moments of the battle.

The side of the office building reforms into spikes of glass and brick that then launch themselves at Guardian. She dodges and rolls out of the way using her KEPs, but still takes several glancing hits. None of the spikes do any real harm, just superficial damage to her armour just as Guardian is only doing superficial damage to Armageddon.

Armageddon smashes through the building. He roars at Guardian as what is left of the building comes down around him and swings a fist at the vigilante with his other hand.

As Ceta said, Armageddon moves much faster than he looks, but forewarned, Guardian fires her KEPs at full power to get out of Armageddon’s view.

As the monster turns to pursue Guardian, a pair of military fighter jets come at him, each firing two missiles at Armageddon. All four hit as the two jets pass overhead, but once the explosions clear, Armageddon has only suffered slight grazes to his skin.

Not even enough to draw blood.

Armageddon is one of the toughest monsters out there and is most certainly the physical toughest and hardest to hurt of the Harbingers.

Can we stop him?

We have Gord’Ang. There was a reason I insisted you retrieve it so early.

Then let us fight.

Guardian flies at Armageddon as he fires off a beam of raw, hot energy at the retreating fighters. While his attack is on target, both pilots are about to roll their jets out of the way.

Guardian lands on Armageddon and stabs Gord’Ang into the beast’s back.

Legacy! You’re too close!


Guardian realises too late what Ceta means as a blast of energy is unleashed at her at point blank range. It sends her flying as it burns the front of her armour.

Leo is truly a genius.

Aye. The Gardium armour plates took the bulk of the blast and ensuring damage. The majority of your sensors and KEPs are still working even if most have suffered some minor damage.

As Guardian grabs Gord’Ang and flies back, Armageddon turns to face her. The monster moves quickly and Guardian barely gets clear of his massive swipe at her.

Oh no.

“Hey ugly!” yells Alexandria as she zooms at Armageddon.

Guardian also flies at Armageddon as Alexandria swings a fist at Armageddon. The Harbinger just laughs as Alexandria’s punch does nothing to harm him. Guardian only as a moment to see the stunned shock on her friend’s face before Armageddon retaliates.

The monster grabs the superhero by the legs and flings her in to the ground as Guardian readies Gord’Ang to strike. With a vicious smile on his face, Armageddon stamps on Alexandria to Guardian’s horror.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

1.9 Harbinger Part 3

The screen shows live news footage of a snowy city as a large hulking humanoid monster with beastly features rampaging through the local buildings. It is roughly six storeys tall with its features constantly twisting and changing, but always remaining brutish, hideous, hairless and inhuman.

The local parahumans are trying to stop it as are the local police forces. But they are failing as clearly seen when Armageddon blasts a burst of energy that can only be described as hot, red and ugly at a SWAT team.

It tears though the van and kills almost half of the team with all, but one of the survivors sustaining serious injuries. Suddenly the road erupts beneath them as jagged pillars attack the remaining members of the SWAT team, piercing all of them. And if to top it all off, the half gone van explodes.

And the jagged pillars remain along with the burning wreckage, the mangled corpses and the broken road.

Who is Armageddon?

One of the Dozen Harbingers of the End Times.

The Dozen Harbingers of the End Times?

They used to be the Thirteen Heralds of the End Times before they met the Guardian. They are old enemies of the Guardian with a grudge. They are also some of our most dangerous foes. There can be no holding back against them.

I understand.

You will need Gord’Ang.


A Linx Blade, the Guardian’s weapon.

Where it is it?

Trapped between dimensions after our battle with Oblivion. We can summon it, but at this stage it will hurt.

How much?

A lot. Just follow my lead

Legacy reaches out with her power, following Ceta’s directions. As a sense of discomfort grows, Legacy feels the sword Gord’Ang trapped in the middle of nowhere and grabs its hilt.

As she does so, Legacy feels the discomfort turning into the pain. As she holds onto Gord’Ang, the pain grows stronger as the sword materialises in her hand.

As the pain reaches burning and unbearable levels, Legacy topples over, but maintains her grip on Gord’Ang. She vaguely hears Joan cry out, but is unable to make out the words through the searing pain.

As Gord’Ang finishes materialising into her grip, Legacy feels something detach from the blade.
Legacy collapses on her side as Gord’Ang finishes materialising. The hot, burning pain throughout her entire body is still there, but it is fading. Slowly.

Was Gord’Ang worth that?

Yes. You now have one of the most dangerous weapons in the Multiverse.


Indeed. While Gord’Ang might lack the raw power and range of many other weapons, it is unmatched. It can cut through anything and deflect or block anything. It also contains unique and special properties that might be relevant in the future.

That sounds pretty cool and useful. I don’t have to worry about people with nigh invulnerability anymore then.

Only if you can get within reach of them.


With most of the pain gone, Legacy staggers to her feet. She stumbles for a moment before Joan holds her steady.

“Are you feeling better now Legacy?” asks Joan as she looks at Legacy with concern, “You seemed to be in a lot of pain and weren’t responding to me.”

“I’m fine,” replies Legacy as she looks down at the sword in her hand, “I was just retrieving Gord’Ang.”

Gord’Ang is an impressive looking sword or at least it is to Legacy. The hilt is six inches long with a round pommel and a good grip. The crossguard is curved downwards towards the hilt while the double edged blade is roughly twenty four inches long.

It lacks bright colour with a dull metallic hilt while the blade is a green tinted grey.

“Whoa,” says Joan as she notices Gord’Ang for the first time, “What is that?”

“Gord’Ang,” answers Legacy, “The Sword of the Guardian. My sword.”

“It looks pretty cool,” says Joan, “Any reason you just decided to get it?”
“Thank you,” replies Legacy inclining her head towards Joan as she accepts the compliment, “I need it to fight Armageddon.”

“Armageddon,” repeats Joan as she looks up at the screen displaying said monster, “That doesn’t sound good.”

“It is not,” answers Legacy, “Excuse me, but I must get my armour on and face Armageddon in battle.”

“Okay,” says Joan, “I’ll go and tell Leo.”

Mother,” says Jaylyn, “Father has collapsed in the recreation room at roughly the same time as Legacy, but is recovering more slowly. I would recommend that you check on him.”

“Okay,” says Joan with some worry in her voice as she darts off, “Which way?”

As Jaylyn directs Joan, Legacy heads to her workshop. Every moment she spends here is another one that Armageddon is on the loose.

It is odd that Armageddon is the first to take his turn.

What do you mean?

Usually their leader, Ragnarok goes first. It is a matter of pride for him. But to let one of their brutes to go first is something new.

You speak of them as if they were a conventional team.

When it comes to their group, they are surprising conventional when it comes to strategy and organisation. Something that makes them all the more terrifying and dangerous.

I suppose that is true.

Legacy drops Gord’Ang on a table as she puts on her spare primary set of power armour. Once that is complete, she grasps Gord’Ang once again.

“Tirn dor lin,” says Guardian.