Saturday, 10 December 2016

Godslayer 1.28 Factory

“Dis is de factory,” says Valen as he, Drakvar and Karola stand on a rooftop overlooking the middle in question.

“Right in the heart of the quarantined Thirteenth District,” muses Drakvar thoughtfully, “Where no one will be stumbling over it. Clever.”

“Despicable is what it is,” growls Karola, “Using de deaths of countless people to cover up their misdeeds. How dishonourable are dese Southerners?”

“Not particularly,” replies Valen, “On a small or individual level, yes it is dishonourable. But when it is a major organisation like a government or an Order? Sometimes dese things happen. Often for good reason.”

“I doubt this is one of those occasions,” says Drakvar.

“Oh, I have no doubts dat it isn’t,” agrees Valen, “Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.”

“Any idea on what we’ll be facing?” inquires Karola.

“Probably any more of the machines dat have been constructed,” replies Valen, “And Kith guards as well. Might be some hired muscle, but it could easily be local police or military forces. Perhaps some Ti’darkei Knights if we are unlucky.”

“So are we just going to stand here or are we going to go in?” demands Karola, the Forge-Knight suddenly sounding impatient.

“With stealth or force?” asks Drakvar, interceding before Valen can make a snappy retort, even as the Archmage opens his mouth to speak.

“Neither,” says Valen, “We won’t try to draw attention to ourselves, but I don’t feel it is worth de effort to avoid detection. Especially since we intend to destroy de place anyway. Plus stealth will be pretty much impossible with Karola here and would have been blasting hard even if it was just me and you.”

“Shall I make us an entrance open den?” inquires Karola as she aims her shoulder mounted autocannon at the building.

“A large one if you would,” replies Valen with a smirk.

Karola’s cannon fires once before loading another shell and repeating the process three more times. In a series of explosions, the four shells rip apart the wall and a decent part of the interior, leaving a gaping entrance for the three attackers.

Without another word, Valen and Drakvar both leap from their positions on top of the roof and into the burning and crumbling hole. Despite the weight of her armour, Karola is easily able to follow them via the usage of her exoskeleton for it easily counters the heaviness of her armour in this particular situation.

Cautiously, Drakvar takes a few steps forward, drawing all four of his blades. His vigilance is for naught as he hears two loud cracks and Valen shout, “Light Shield!”

A thin barrier of white light appears between Drakvar and the shooter, barely appearing in time to stop the two bullets aimed directly at Drakvar’s head.

By the Four Divines, those would have killed me if it wasn’t for Valen. The Monster’s Curse is useless if I got two bullets lodged in my brain.

Acting quickly, Karola turns to aim her autocannon at the shooter and unleashes two shells. Racing into the dark halls of the inner factory, the shots miss the shooter with the tall Kith barely dodging each explosion.

With the light of the explosions, Drakvar is able to get a good view of his attacker. The Kith is almost as tall as Valen and Sir Galamin with what appears to be black fur. Their foe is heavily armoured in the white and gold plate armour of the Ti’darkei Order with the red shield and gold cross on his chest.

Two pistols are held in the Knight’s upper hands, but these are over an unknown make to Drakvar. They look like revolvers, but lack the cylinder and instead have a long, thin barrel. He opens fire at Drakvar and bullets are fired with every pull of the trigger in a way that reminds Drakvar of Karola’s cannon.

The Ti’darkei Knight unleashes another seven bullets from each pistol before he ejects two empty bullet containers from the handles. But Valen’s light shield holds just enough for it only shatters as the last bullet hits it.

Not one to stand around as he is attacked, Valen is already on the offensive.

Fire Lances!” chants Valen, aiming his hand at the Ti’darkei Knight and a dozen lances of fire form around Valen before launching themselves at the hostile knight.

But this knight isn’t so easy to beat as he easily avoids the fire lances with great skill and agility as he reloads his pistols.

Annoyed by his uselessness in the fight so far, Drakvar sheathes two of his blades in order to draw his revolver, taking aim at the Ti’darkei Knight as his foe opens fire and Valen summons another light shield.

But before Drakvar can open fire, Karola beats him to it as her autocannon fires once again. The shot is a direct hit, slamming into head of the Ti’darkei Knight as it pierces the armour before exploding.

“Will dere be more?” inquires Karola.

“Yes!” yells Valen, “Wall of Light! Seeking of Jakcar!”

The glowing light-wall forms just in time to block several bullets coming at the trio. As Drakvar looks for their attackers, the fire left over from the explosions and the fire lances flies off into the darkness, seeking out of the flashes of gun fire.

Valen’s efforts are rewarded with a single scream of pain as one of their foes is engulfed by flames while the gunfire stops as their unseen opponents have to deal with the fire magically seeking them out.

With two of her own revolvers drawn, Karola opens fire at the closest foes while Drakvar takes aim at another collection of flames and the figure trying to avoid them.

He doesn’t get the chance to fire as Drakvar spins around in response to a worp behind him, his super adrenaline kicking in. His motions are just in time for the bullet hits his shoulder rather than his jugular.

Two more Ti’darkei Knights have teleported right in behind them. While the teleporting one with the new handguns engages Karola, a second one with wired gauntlets attacks Drakvar.

Red energy beams fire from the Knight’s hand, slamming into Drakvar’s chest, but have no effect beyond burning holes in his shirt.

Finally, a foe that my powers will be useful against.

With a ferocious smile, Drakvar fires his revolver into the Knight’s gut whilst bringing his two blades down. Unfortunately for Drakvar, he is rarely so lucky.

The bullet only dents the plate armour while the Knight proves herself to be a more skilled opponent for she easily deflects one of his attacks whilst blocking the other with only a bit of difficulty.
Snarling, Drakvar takes a back, putting away his gun as he draws his other two swords.

The Ti’darkei Knight lets out a quiet laugh as the battle rages on around them. She fires at Drakvar once again with her energy blasts, the red beams flying from all four of her hands.

But unfortunately for the Ti’darkei Knight, Drakvar has the power of the Monster’s Curse and the Pakdar has grown confident in his total immunity to direct supernatural attacks. As a result, Drakvar makes no effort to defend himself, focusing solely on attack.

The Knight realises her mistake too late for she is only able to block one attack and parry another with her gauntlet. Of Drakvar’s other two blades, one is rammed into in her cut, the enchanted blade piercing the metal plate while the final sword hacks her lower left arm in half.

Howling in pain, the injured Ti’darkei Knight reacts instinctively, slamming one fist into Drakvar’s head whilst grabbing him and throwing backwards. As he soars through the air, Drakvar flies through the Wall of Light, nullifying it as he makes contact.

“Idiot!” Drakvar can vaguely hear Valen shout as he slams into the wall, his head crashing into it hard.

As he drops to the floor, Drakvar’s head is bursting with pain while his ears are ringing. It doesn’t help the dazed Pakdar when the weaken floor gives way beneath him, sending him crashing down another level.

Feeling on the verge of throwing up, Drakvar rolls over and groans in pain before his world fades to black.

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