Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.27 Shopping

Miskara scowls as she glares at the dress in her hands.

That stupid Pakdar. Just staring at me because he only just realised how beautiful I am. I can’t believe him. As if I would ever be interested in dishonourable scum like him. I certainly don’t want his attention.

“Are you okay?” asks Sirakor as she notices the expression on her friend’s face

“Yeah,” replies Miskara as glances back over at Sirakor, “Just thinking about a certain person.”

“Whom?” inquires Sirakor.

“Just a couple of guys down in the Twelfth District,” answers Miskara, thinking of the Archmage Valen, “I ran into them whilst I was investigating something and I did the same another time. At that point, I did some investigating into them. Then I found out while they aren’t exactly the sort of people that folks like you or I would associated with, but they are loyal, reliable, trustworthy and competent. To the point that despite their many flaws, I would trust them with my life.”

“I see,” says Sirakor, “So dey are the ones you go to see?”

“Part of the time,” admits Miskara, “They are useful to be around. Their different viewpoints and perspectives to my own, along with their willingness to speak their mind, means that I get exposed to things I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.”

“Who are dese people?” inquires Sirakor as Miskara puts the dress down.

“They are called Valen and Drakvar respectively,” answers Miskara, “If there is an emergency, those two can be depended upon. Even if they aren’t the most respectable fellows.”

“If dey aren’t respectable, why would you even consider associating with dem?” asks Sirakor, sounding genuinely confused, pausing as she tries to figure out her best friend’s reasoning.

“Because while they aren’t respectable by our standards, there are other standards in the world that would consider them respectable,” explains Miskara as she begins to look at a shirt that has caught her eye, “And some of those standards are the standards that they hold themselves to.”

“But,” starts Sirakor, still sounding baffled by Miskara’s words, “But if dey aren’t respectable by de standards of the Ti’darkei Order, why should we, you, especially you, care if dey are respectable by other standards?”

In response to her friend’s question, Miskara laughs, leaving Sirakor even more bewildered.

“Knight Sirakor,” says Miskara, slipping back into the formal tones that she uses almost all the time as the Champion of the Ti’darkei Order, “The Ti’darkei Order might be the greatest Knightly Order in the South and one of the greatest in the world, that doesn’t mean that it is the only great Knightly Order on Lyatar.”

“So what other Knightly Orders could rival our own one?” demands Sirakor, both affronted by the idea that the Ti’darkei Order isn’t the only worthwhile Knightly Order in the world and shocked at its very own Champion suggesting such a thing.

“The Knights of the Good Sword, the Jord Order and the Right Hand of Farkas,” answers Miskara without missing a beat, “All of which are at least as great as the Ti’darkei Order. Actually, I would personally say that the Knights of the Good Sword are the superior and are the greatest Knightly Order in the history of Kith.”

“Miskara!” exclaims an outraged Sirakor as she glares daggers at her friend, “How can you say such terrible things!”

“Because I’m not blind to the truth,” retorts Miskara, “As the Champion of the Ti’darkei Order, it is my responsibility to not only acknowledge its grandeur, but also its short comings.”

I am so glad that I have had Sir Galamin to point that out to me. It made things so more clear for me. For that matter, I am glad that I have someone like him to act as mentor for me.

“Let’s move onto a different subject?” suggests Sirakor tensely.

“Yes, let’s,” agrees Miskara as she moves onto inspecting another shirt, a pale blue one with white linings, before picking it up, “I think this shirt would look good on me.”

“I concur,” says Sirakor after getting a look at the shirt, “But...”

“But what?” inquires Miskara as she cocks her head at her best friend.

“Isn’t it a bit big?” says Sirakor bashfully as she blushes slightly.

“Ah,” replies Miskara, the girl also blushing as she feels embarrassed at this turn in the conversation, “As you might have noticed, my size has increased somewhat.”

“How did dat happen?” asks Sirakor.

“Because I hide the full extent of my growth due to how...generous nature has been to me,” explains Miskara, “But not it has gotten to the point that it is too inconvenient and somewhat painful to try and pretend otherwise. You know about me getting some new armour right?”

“Yeah, dat makes sense,” agrees Sirakor before frowning, “But what I don’t get is why you tried to die any of it in de first place.”

“I didn’t want to get additional attention for my good looks,” answers Miskara with a sigh, “I get enough as it is and my beauty isn’t exactly something that I earned so I really don’t want any unnecessary attention because of it. But that is going to change now unfortunately. At least, it might help people take me more seriously if I look the part of the Champion.”

“Many people would want to have beauty like yours,” notes Sirakor.

“Most people wouldn’t want to be judged on their beauty instead of their hard work,” replies Miskara.

“I feel dat way as well,” agrees Sirakor, “Not dat I wouldn’t mind to be half as good looking as you are.”

“My apologises for that,” says Miskara for she can easily think of the two reasons for why she is so beautiful.

“Dat isn’t your fault so don’t worry about it,” replies Sirakor with a dismissive wave of her hand, “What I really want to do is see you wearing something other dan dat armour of yours.”

“Now that is something I can arrange for you,” promises Miskara with a smile at her friend.

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    Next time, Drakvar, Valen and Karola attack the Mech factory.