Friday, 18 November 2016

Godslayer Arc 1.25 Second Wave

Both of these new mechs start the battle by each unleashing about a dozen of the exploding projectiles.

Using the enhanced reaction and analysis times that his powers grant him, Drakvar swiftly works out that wide spread of these explosive projectiles will cover the area he is in along with the street behind and in front of him. He can’t avoid getting killed or severely injured by moving backwards or forwards.

So I’ll just have to move sideways instead.

Drakvar darts to the side and jumps up at the side of a building. He runs up it for a couple of moments using his momentum, but it doesn’t last forever. So he is forced to stab one of his blades into the wall and pull himself up. A couple more times and he is able to make up to the roof.

He crouch rolls away from that side of the street. With the distance behind him and the street along with his prone position, Drakvar is confident the mechs no longer have line of sight to him.

Now I can just make my way out of here and I’ll be...oh, I forgot Jordis. Damn it!

Drakvar scrambles to his feet and in a running jump, he leaps from the rooftop and down to the utterly destroyed street.

One of the mechs is moving towards the building, likely trying to pursue Drakvar in whatever way it can and he aims for that one. It turns to face him, but it is to slow as Drakvar brings down all four of his blades at it.

One black blade tears through the rotary gun while another hacks the elbow joint of the spear arm. The third blade hacks the trio of glowing red eyes, taking out two of them even as the final sword stabs into the joint of the sword arm.

But the mech still has its fair share of tricks left open to it and its starts off with unleashes its flamethrower at Drakvar’s feet. The flames tear at his lower legs and feet and Drakvar’s face twists in a grimace of pain as he desperately scrambles away.

He runs down the remains of the street despite the pain with his adrenaline is dulling most of it. Bullets from the rotary gun of the other mech follow him and Drakvar is glad that he can outrun the barrel of the gun.

But his good run lasts only briefly as Drakvar is hit in the back by an electro-bolt. He trips and stumbles, ending up on the floor in a heap. The bullets whizz over his head with one actually grazing his fur.

Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!

Drakvar backflips off of his feet and take in the situation in the brief second that he has.

Wrecked street, no Jordis in sight, one mech that is completely undamaged while the other has lost half its arms and two of its eyes.

I can do this. I’ll finish off the damaged one first and then take out the second one. Then all I’ll have to do is find Jordis.

As Drakvar takes a battle stance, the first mech charges straight at him, its flamethrower and electrocannon ready to fire while the second one heads parallels Drakvar on the other side of the side. 
It is aiming all of its ranged weapons at him, but is holding fire for now.

Let’s do this. I don’t know how, but I will.

Fortunately for Drakvar, he never has to find out about how he will do this. A three beams of blinding white light slam into the main body of the second mech, tearing gaping holes into it.

While he still flinches from the light, Drakvar notes that he isn’t affected as he should be.

A magical attack with light powers. Most likely either Valen or Sir Galamin.

With that mech dealt with, Drakvar focuses on the damaged one coming his way, but it jolts forwards a couple of times with a pair of heavy thuds before stumbling and crashing into what remains of the street, coming to a halt just before Drakvar.

Knowing what comes next, Drakvar runs away from the mech, not eager to get caught in the following explosions.

The predicted blasts fail to touch Drakvar as the injured Kith was able to put enough space between him and his defeated foes.

Staggering to his feet, Drakvar ignores what injures he has gotten and looks down at the other end of the street.

He can see three figures, two tall and one small. The first he recognises is the welcome sight of Valen and Drakvar lets out a sigh of relief as he spots Jordis clutching at the duster of the Archmage.

The final figure isn’t someone that Drakvar recognises, but is an equally odd sight as someone like himself, Valen or one of the mechs.

The female Kith is of above average height like Drakvar, but her stature is increased by the mechanicalised set of heavy plate armour that she is wearing. Making its wearer about as tall as towering Valen, it has several tubes and pipes as part of it, primarily being attached to the various joints of the armour.

Furthermore, there is what is clearly weaponry attached to the overly bulky armour. A small cannon with a long, but thin barrel is attached to the left shoulder while a sleek blade is part of the right underarm.

“You alright idiot?” inquires Valen as Drakvar strides toward him.

“Yeah,” answers Drakvar as he sheathes his swords.

He doesn’t know who this woman is or that she even a woman, but if Valen is cool with her, then he is cool with her.

“So you took out one of dese things already?” asks Valen as he surveys what remains of the street.

“I did,” replies Drakvar, taking another glance at the armoured woman, “Those mechs are tough.”

“I have already taken out nine of dose things,” says Valen with a grin and Drakvar blinks, almost coming to a halt.

Nine! I had trouble taking out one and I had no idea how to handle those other two! How on Lyatar could Valen take out nine! Oh yeah, he is a badass Archmage. Sometimes I forget that given how ineffective his powers are against the Monster’s Curse.

“Well done,” Drakvar tells Valen, being sincere in his words, “So, who is this?”

“I am Forge-Knight Karola Manlin,” answers the armoured woman in a heavy, distorted voice as she turns her head to look at Drakvar, “I am an independent Knight and I hail from de Western Mid Coast.”

“A Forge-Knight?” repeats Drakvar as he tries to place the term.

I don’t think that I have heard of that particular term before.

“Just as you wield the power of a Curse, I myself wield the power of a Forge,” explains Forge-Knight Manlin and Drakvar’s mind clicks in understanding.

Ah, Forge-Knight Manlin is a Parakith.

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