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1.14 Slaughter Part 3

Leo rubs his lower arm as he looks at the bandage on it. The True Humanity thugs nicked him with a shallow cut across his right forearm while his left shoulder has a slightly deeper gash. Other than that, Leo only has bruises here and there.

It was good fight.

Aye, we put the other five guys in hospital.

And we don’t need to worry about giving sued between Joan’s connections and that fact they had three guns with them while we were unarmed.

Now only if that were the end of the matter.

Now Leo just has to worry about it making True Humanity pay. Leo has left them alone since even if those people are bigots, he isn’t going to go around beating up people simply because they have disagreeing views to his own.

But then they went and made it personal.

Yes, they have to pay for hurting Joan.

Not disagreeing.

The question here isn’t whether we make them pay, but rather how we go about making them pay.

Leo pulls out his modified phone and brings up the data of local True Humanity members. Rather 
than having Gears beat them up, Leo is finding the idea of their personal data being released to the world rather enjoyable.

Normally he would disapprove of such actions and try and stop such things from happening, but this is a special case.

Why limit it to only the local members?

Indeed. Let’s reveal the data all of national members.

Seems a bit harsh.

Perhaps we should let Jaylyn and Legacy go through all the data and release it as they deem fit.

Good idea. Hmm, when is it that Legacy is returning the physical world?

Within the next three days.

About time we get Guardian back. Man, I have missed having her out in the field. The girl might be weird, but she is easily the best fighter in the Guardsmen.

Leo stops as he turns a corner into a new street on his way to school. As a pair of girls from his school on their way as they usually do, a tall man in a black suit follows them. The man is slim with short black hair and very bland and average facial features.

Who is that?

‘What is that’ would be a better question.


So we do we do?

Alert the others and intervene.

We are a world famous premier superhero.

Gears is, but Leonard Geary isn’t.

Would you let innocents suffer to protect our identity?


As the sinister man walks out towards the girls, Leo marches forward.

“Hey!” calls Leo as the man reaches for the closest of the girls.

Both the girls and the sinister man turn to look at Leo and one of the girls screams as she spots the man. The other girl quickly spots the man and begins to freak out as well. Meanwhile the man just smirks at Leo and strides towards the young man.

It appears we have his attention.

Better us than those girls.


We don’t know what sort of powers he has.

Plus we don’t have any equipment on us and the others are unaware of this threat.

Actually we do have one gadget with us. Literally in our hands.

Leo sets his phone to record as he points it at the approaching man.

The video will automatically go to the Guardsmen records.

Alerting Jaylyn as she will know about this the moment it enters the records.

And then our daughter will alert the others.

While we deal with this threat as best as we can until help arrives.

That is my plan.

As the man comes within a couple of metres of him, Leo decides to make the first move. He darts forward and swings a fist at the sinister man.

The man freezes for a moment before reacting very rapidly. If it weren’t for the fact his Bellator reflexes and enhanced mental processing, Leo is sure he wouldn’t be able to track the sinister man’s movements.

As is the case with many of my foes these days.

But Leo is ultimately able to follow the Sinister Man’s movements and while the Sinister Man does move out of the way of Leo’s attack, it is just enough to throw off the punch of a normal person. Leo adjusts the direction of his fist mid-swing accordingly and glancing off of the Sinister Man’s face.

As he steps back, Leo doesn’t look down at his stinging fist as he looks the Sinister Man in the eye. His facial features don’t change at all, but Leo is sure that the Sinister Man is stunned at the fact Leo was able to touch him at all even he doubts the guy was hurt.

He didn’t expect that.

No he did not.

I wonder how we will react.

Leo grins at the man, portraying confidence that he doesn’t feel within. He might be a decently high Bellator Class parahuman, but he is still trapped out in public without any equipment. Not only that, but Leo is certain he was hurt more by the punch than his foe was and that is not a good sign.

I don’t think we can win this one guys. We’re too badly outmatched.

Then let’s go out fighting.

Agreed. We shall go down swinging.

Today, we shall make a good accounting of ourselves.

The man straightens up even further and darts forward at Leo. He dodges the first inhumanly fast punch, but the second catches Leo in the chest. Leo goes flying through the air as he gasps for breath.

Leo crashes into the pavement and he groans. No bones are broken, but his back and the rest of his body hurts like heck. As Leo attempts to get to his feet, he hears to steps of footsteps coming towards him.

As he sits up, he spots Joan of all people coming down the road, right towards him and the Sinister Man.

What on Earth is she doing?!

Coming to help us it would seem.

She doesn’t stand a chance. We don’t stand a chance and we’re a parahuman while she is powerless!

She has some power from being her sister’s “servant” remember.

Stolen power that is the only thing keeping her on her feet rather than a hospital bed! All it does is put her on the same level as a normal person! She doesn’t even have any combat skills!

As the Sinister Man steps past Leo to face Joan, Leo grabs his leg. The Sinister Man looks down at Leo and smiles as he bends down with a hand stretched out towards Leo.

“Leave my boyfriend alone you freak!” yells Joan as she swings a fist at the Sinister Man.

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  1. There a few things that I want to say about this segment. First is that I feel that conclusion of Leo not getting trouble would be justified. Partially because those guys were armed and he wasn't. Whether or not that would actually be the case, I don't know for certain, but in this universe it is. As for why those guys attacking Joan, as far as they are concerned, they are just getting one of "them" and it is being done for the greater good of humanity.

    And Leo's revenge...well, as the author, I don't want to reveal my opinions on it. I will say that Leo is acting like Leo and I'm going to let you guys form your own opinions on his actions.

    Finally, the Sinister Man was inspired by a Lets Play ( I finished watching at the time of writing this. Anyway, he isn't going to be a powerful as what he was inspired by, but he will still be a troublesome opponent with A+ Invulnerability and the ability to well, you find that out next time.

    Speaking of next time, Leo finds out that his girlfriend isn't exactly helpless any more and he and the Sinister Man have Round 2 in a more private location.