Sunday, 17 January 2016

1.9 Harbinger Part 2

“Hey Legacy,” says Leo as he and Legacy watch Joan and Jaylyn play together, “Why haven’t you built a prosthetic arm for Mason yet?”

Yes, why haven’t I build an arm for Scott to replace the one he has lost?

I do not know. We’re talking about your actions, not mine.

We should built a replacement arm then.

“I don’t know,” replies Legacy, “I will have to get started on that later.”

“Yeah,” says Leo before indicating where Joan is sitting at the computer, “I’m glad those two are getting along. I was worried about how Joan would react, but she is fine with Jaylyn. In fact, she is enjoying having Jaylyn around.”

“They are getting along well,” agrees Legacy, “I thought you would have told Joan about her daughter before now.”

“I never really got a good chance to do so and as I said, I was worried about how Joan would take it,” says Leo as he scratches the back of his neck, “So what projects have you got planned?”

“I need to finish making the replacement armour,” replies Legacy, “Got most of it done already with the use of your infrastructure. I’m also working on making my energy projector batons more efficient. In addition to that, I’m attempting to make them more powerful while making them sustainable. At the moment, the overcharged ones burn out quickly even when not in use while usage just causes more damage to them. I believe that they will quite likely fail when used in battle at their current state. Beyond that I’m going to continue with my current field operations by eliminating crime within the Battle-Zone and expanding my sensor network. I have also added creating a replacement arm for Scott to my current projects with a high priority to it.”

“I’m generally doing the same stuff as you,” replies Leo, “I got a lot of stuff on the go with my capabilities, but I’ll tell you the main stuff. As always, I’m dotting down more ideas here and there as I get them to stop any power build ups in addition to working on a way to help Joan get better. Other than that, I’m working on improving my fusion reactors and energy transfer circuitry. With more power available to my larger inventions, I’ll have more options open to me.”

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but you use fusion reactors to power your big projects and my ElecMag Extractors to power your small ones?” inquires Legacy.

“Yeah,” replies Leo, “The fusion reactors provide more power, but take up more space so I keep them limited to my bigger projects while the ElecMag technology is small and reliable source of self-sustaining power, ideal for small gadgets and devices.”

“Hmm,” says Legacy thoughtfully, “What is your mass to cell ratio for devices containing ElecMag extractors and cells?”

“Well,” says Leo before launching into an explanation.

Legacy and Leo discuss various technological stances and matters before they are interrupted by Joan as she approaches them.

“Excuse me,” says Joan as both Leo and Legacy turn to look at her as she approaches, “But I was wondering if you two would like to watch a movie?”

What is a movie? Does involve physical action or movement? Perhaps a form of dance or something similar?

“Movie?” replies Leo with a raised eyebrow, “Really?”

“It is a nice social activity,” Joan defends her suggestion.

“What is a movie?” inquires Legacy, causing both Leo and Joan to look at her.

“A different term for a film,” answers Leo.

“Did you really not know what a movie is?” asks Joan.

“No,” answers Legacy.

“Seriously?” continues Joan, “You haven’t seen any movies before?”

“No,” answers Legacy again.

“We definitely need to watch one,” says Joan in a suddenly serious voice before turning to Leo, “What do you think we should get Legacy to watch? I’m thinking Star Wars or Marvel.”
“I say Legacy should watch Star Wars first,” says Leo, “They’re classic and it is probably best that she watches the one with lower tech first.”

“Good idea,” agrees Joan, “So where do we set it up?”

“I’ll go and get things ready,” says Leo as he walks away, “You two get to know each other.”

“So Legacy,” says Joan as she turns her attention to Legacy, “What sort of things do you do?”

“I create stuff,” says Legacy, “I also fight evil, battle crime and try to help people. In addition to that  I also maintain my equipment and assist Leo and Jaylyn. Sometimes I chat and hang out with Alexandria and Glowbug. I am also attempting to spend time with Cain, Allison and you.”

“Are you now?” says Joan, “Then we ought to hang out more. Like play games together or watch movies. Maybe go out for drinks.”

“If we do hang out together, we should do so in private like we are now,” replies Legacy, “Otherwise it might draw unwanted attention.”

“I suppose it would,” says Joan with a slight sigh, “You know, I can’t wait to actually go into school tomorrow. But I wonder if people will pick on me with how I look or the fact I’m new.”

“You have Leo,” points out Legacy.

“I know, people might still pick on me,” pouts Joan, “It isn’t like I got any friends other than you and Leo.”

“I’m sure Leo and his friends will-,” starts Legacy only to stop as Jaylyn calls for her attention.

Excuse me Mother, but I need to show Guardian something,” says the AI, “Please look up at the big screen.”

Doing as she says, Legacy looks up at the big screen on the wall, something Leo installed for purposes like this. As the screen comes to life and the image appears, Legacy feels a sudden recognition of what is displayed.


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  1. So this is just some of the more significant characters in the story bonding together in addition to a update on what Legacy and Leo are both working on. Minor things, but important things to have happen on screen. These things add up later and when they do, you don't want them appearing out of the blow.

    Anyway, Armageddon has shown up and we will find more about him. Ceta will explain his in-universe background in the next segment while I will explain his out-of-universe origins in the segment's comment.

    So next time, we find out more about Armageddon and Legacy gets the Guardian's personal weapon.