Friday, 30 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 5

It is forty eight minutes after five o’clock when Legacy checks to see if she has gotten a reply from Leo yet, just as she finishes modifying an old set of power armour for Cain. It turned out that the difference in size between them was a significant factor and that resulted the old suit being broken apart and Gardium being used to fill the gaps.

Legacy grins as she sees that she has received a reply from her partner and friend.

I’ll try and figure how Cain’s power later or at least if he has any physical improvements. I would complain about recruiting about consulting me first, but I have done the same. One of my old friends has become a C Class Brick and has kept it secret. I convinced her to join me. I’ll get started on armour for both her and Cain.

By the way, I come up with some codenames for their costumed identities. Defender for Allison and Protector for Cain. They fit in with the theme of non-descriptive, but heroic sounding names such as Guardian, Sentinel and Sentry and don’t reveal anything about their powers.

In other news, Jaylyn has made some serious progress on our new base below Lake Michigan. While it won’t be completely done until several months time, it should be operational within another week, two at most.

So we got another member to add to our team. We’re going to have to come up with a name soon. With Cain and Defender, that makes a total of six of us. What does Leo mean by C Class Brick? Alexandria mentioned that she was B+ Class while I was C Class earlier?

Ask Alexandria about them.

Good idea. How should I reply to Leo?

Express your approval getting another member and the progress on the new base. Ask him about getting a name for the group.

Good ideas.

Following the advice of her companion, Legacy incorporates her approval into her reply and ends it off by asking for ideas on what to call their team.

Let’s see... only ten minutes to go until six o’clock. I might as well leave now. I’m sure Alexandria won’t mind if I arrive a bit early.

Legacy dons her helmet again and Guardian exits the basement, making sure she isn’t spotted before flying off into the air. Guardian certainly doesn’t need anyone finding out about the basement before Leo and Jaylyn are done with the new base.

The Clarkson Penthouse is on the other side of the city to Legacy’s basement, but with her KEP boots, it is only a few minutes long flight.

Guardian finds her way of flying interesting. The way that the KEPs boots are point determines her direction while the minor KEPs on her front and back allow her to go up or down while pointing forward or even just keep her from being pulled down by gravity.

Alexandria should consider herself lucky that her power basically works be just ignoring gravity. Then again, it could be considered that I’m lucky to be able to fly as the vast majority of people on this planet can’t. Here I am an only three minutes early.

Guardian lands on the balcony of the penthouse and glances inside. Scattered around the main room is a group of five.

While Guardian only recognises Alexandria in her costume, the others are just as distinctive and are clearly superheroes as well.

Chatting with Alexandria is a pair of girls, one wearing black full-body minus the head spandex with yellow as a secondary colour. Her blonde hair flows down to her shoulder and there is a smile on her face. Her figure is as curvy and shapely as Alexandria’s.

The other is wearing red shorts, an orange tank top with yellow boots and gloves made of what appears to be fireproof material. On her face is a yellow domino mask that doesn’t really hide anything while her black is loose on her back. Her curves are as grand as those of Alexandria and the other girl.

I wonder why so many superhumans are physical impressive and beautiful? Perhaps it is an aspect on their powers that improves their bodies.

In the kitchen is an older teen, but not quite an adult, boy in white and blue spandex, also covering his entire body minus the head. His physique is also rather grand with lots of muscles with short dark brown hair just ruffled in just the right way to make it look very good.

The last member of the group is another teenage girl off to the side of Alexandria and other two, clearing listening in on their conversation without actually being part of it. Her body is tamer than the rest with only an above average figure similar to Guardian’s.

Her costume seems more practical as well with dull dark green spandex covering her body while she wears brown gloves and trainers. Her grey mask actually fully covers her face and has goggles on top. She also seems to be quite lean and fit.

“Guardian is here,” declares the practical girl.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 4

Both Cain and Scott look up at her.

“Ahh, Legacy,” says Scott, “I just been talking to Cain about you. Explaining your past and background to him so you don’t have to. Plus we have to get that stuff out of the way first otherwise nothing else about you makes sense.”

“You are pretty strange,” says Cain, “Even considering how weird the world has gotten in the last month and a half. That said, it isn’t any weirder than stuff I have read in the comics.”

“I am well aware of that,” replies Guardian as she takes her helmet off, “Both Scott and Leo have informed me of that already.”

“Leo?” inquires Cain.

“Gears,” explains Legacy, “My partner. You should meet him. He’ll be able to provide you with armour like he has with me.”

“You didn’t make your armour?” says Cain, surprised at this news.

“No, not this set of armour,” replies Legacy, “I did come up with some of my own, but they aren’t as good as this. Leo has used his power to acquire large amounts of funds and access to raw material, which he then used to create high quality equipment from scratch. I have to use equipment that I have acquired to create my own technology. Because of that, I am more limited in my ability to produce higher level technology.”

“I suppose that makes sense,” says Cain thoughtfully, “I must admit that I expect you, the technopath, to have better technology.”

“The quality of my work is only one factor in how good my technology is,” replies Legacy, “For example, if Leo and I were both making swords and I only had access to copper while he had access to steel, his would be better as his materials are better than mine. And while Leo isn’t technopath, he is extremely good at designing stuff and is very smart, a real genius as a matter of fact. Between that and his power, Leo is able to create technology to the same standard as I am. But we prefer to work together. For example, while Leo did the majority of the work on this armour, I still did quite a bit myself such as aiding in the designs and customising to my needs.”

“Okay,” says Cain, “So now what?”

“I’ll get your measurements so Leo can get started on making armour for you,” replies Guardian, “In the meantime, we’ll attempt to figure out your powers and I’ll come up with some equipment for you to use until we get some proper ones for you.”

“So what exactly are we going to do right now?” clarifies Cain.

“I’ll scan you for your measurements and other biological details and information,” says Legacy, “Please give me a moment to come up with a device to do that.”

“Uhh, sure,” says Cain as Legacy gets out the phone she took from the drug dealer earlier.

She focuses on it with her power, rearranging the parts so it will do a full biometric scan of Cain’s body. Not only will it give her a copy of his measures, but it will give other information to compare against medical records from before he gained his powers, hopefully helping her figure out his powers.

“Done,” says Legacy as she points the modified phone at Cain and scans him.

“That’s it?” inquires Cain.

“Yes,” replies Legacy, “I’ll send the data to Leo and Jaylyn in addition to message explaining the situation.”

“Jaylyn?” repeats Cain.

“Scott will explain while I compose the message,” Legacy tells him as she focuses on the computer.

She doesn’t need to sit down at the computer to use it, just needing it to be within range of her power. In fact, using it conventional is actually harder and less effective for Legacy as directly using her powers is much faster and more natural for Legacy.

That is probably an aspect of my power, making it easy for me to use technology via my power.

Legacy attaches the data from the scan of Cain to the message once she is done, copying it from the bio-scanner to the computer, and sends it off.

I wonder what the time is?

She checks. Five twenty four. Thirty six minutes until Guardian needs to be at Alexandria’s penthouse. Given the flight takes only a few minutes, she has about half an hour with Cain.

Should I spend that time with Cain or let Scott deal with Cain while I come up with the equipment?

Let Scott deal with Cain.

Are you sure about that?

Scott dealt with you rather well and is most likely better at it than you. You are lacking when it comes to social interaction.

And I suppose I’m the only one that can make the equipment for Cain.

I’ll inform Scott and Cain then.

“Scott, Cain,” says Legacy as she looks over at the two of them, “I have sent the message and data to Leo. I’ll begin work on equipment for Cain. Since you are better at it, I would like you to help Cain get started by giving him information and advice in addition to explaining our situation to him.”

“Okay Legs,” replies Scott, “Anything else?”

“Yes,” Legacy tells him, “I have arranged to meet Alexandria and her new team at six pm. And I got 
a couple thousand dollars off of a drug dealer earlier.”

Legacy tosses the cash to Scott before going over to her old sets of power armour.

Perhaps I can modify one for Cain to use? I never really got much use out of them myself. By the time I got them finished, Leo gave my current armour. They should still prove useful.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 3

“Yes,” replies Guardian bluntly as she turns and looks up at floating girl behind her.

“The police and the Union are looking into the person creating and selling those guns,” says Alexandria as she lowers herself down so she is looking Guardian in the eye, “So we’re trying to recover as many of them as we can.”

“They’re not made of technology,” says Guardian.

“Umm, yeah, they are,” disagrees Alexandria as her feet reach the ground, “What else could they be?”

“They don’t use real technology,” insists Guardian, “Like Techni-Hurt didn’t.”

“If you say so,” replies Alexandria with a shrug, “I guess that you’re the expert. You are a technopath after all. I’ll report in with bosses to tell them that.”

“Go ahead,” says Guardian.

She is tempted to use her power to listen in on Alexandria’s report, but that feels too much like spying and Alexandria is her friend.

I have no problem spying my enemies or strangers, but spying on friends feels wrong.

Guardian loots the fallen drug dealer as Alexandria uses her fancy gauntlet to check in with her bosses. A couple thousand dollars on him, another phone and multiple bags of his product.

“You done?” inquires Alexandria as Guardian finishes destroying the drugs.

“Yes,” answers Guardian, “Do you wish to speak with me?”

“Yeah,” says Alexandria, “My bosses want me to try and recruit you for the new team they have put together, the Chicago Teen Heroes Union since there are five of us in the city. Well, five of us that are willing to work for the government at least. I’m sure there are plenty more supervillains and others like you about.”

“I’m not interested,” replies Guardian, “I already got a team and resources. Working for the government will only restrict me unnecessarily.”

“I figured that would be your answer,” says Alexandria with a sigh, “So you know, they also said they would have you arrested if you refuse.”

“How?” asks Guardian, confused.

Do they have the physical capabilities to do that?

Not that we are aware of.

“Me and my team are supposed to do it,” says Alexandria, “Possible Atlas and the Heroes Union as well.”

“None of you can beat me,” points out Guardian.

“I think I could,” protests Alexandria in indignation, “I’m a B+ Class with flight, super strength and nigh invulnerability. A flying brick. You’re just a technopath, estimated C+. Even if you’re a better fighter than I am, I can still take you in a straight up fight.”

Guardian grabs a flashbang from her utility belt and activates in her hand. The flash blinds Alexandria, who yelps in surprise as she covers her eyes with her hands and staggers backwards.
Guardian follows up with a couple of strikes with her stun baton before jumping kicking Alexandria into the ground with her boot KEPs and zooming off into the air.

As she flies off, Guardian decides to hack Alexandria’s gauntlet with her power.

“Are you okay?” demands someone on the other hand.

“What just happened?” groans Alexandria.

“You tell me,” says the voice, “You’re the one out there.”

“I don’t know. I was talking to Guardian,” replies Alexandria, “Telling her that we had to bring her in if she refused to join like she did. Then she claimed that we couldn’t force her to do anything and I said I could take her in a fight, stating our power difference.”

“Did she attack you?” inquires the voice.

“I assume so,” mutters Alexandria, “There was this blinding flash, completely exploiting my super senses. Then I was zapped through my invulnerability and something slammed me into the ground. And Guardian was long gone when I got to my senses.”

“Sounds like your friend attacked you,” says the voice, “Let’s not worry too much about her. While she is a rogue parahuman, Guardian isn’t a threat to the public, only the criminal element. This new gunsmith metahuman is however given how he is supplying the criminal elements en masse.”

Guardian decides she has got enough information from Alexandria’s gauntlet and decides to leave a message before redrawing.

I’ll meet you at your penthouse at six pm. Bring your team, I would like to meet them. Sorry about attacking you.

That’s good. I’ll send that as the message.

Hopefully she won’t be too upset.

I hope so as well. I don’t want to lose one of my only friends.

You should head back to the basement.


Following her companion’s advice, Guardian heads back to the basement.

I wonder if Cain is there yet?

Guardian checks the basement security and it turns out that Cain has made his way to the basement. He is sitting at the table with Scott as the two of them discuss something.

Should I listen in or just wait until I arrive there in person? I think I’ll go for the later. It seems politer and the right thing to do.

The flight doesn’t take long and as Guardian lands, she receives a reply from Alexandria.

Fine. We won’t try to arrest you by the way.

I should send a reply.

Good. Thank you for that. I don’t need to worry about bring extra equipment then.

With the message sent, Guardian enters the basement.

Friday, 23 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 2

The boy jumps at Guardian’s sudden appearance and she smiles beneath her helmet at his reaction.

“Uhh, hi,” says the burly lad as he recovers, “I’m Cain.”

“Nice to meet you Cain,” replies Guardian, “Is there a reason you wanted to meet me?”

“Umm, well, you saved the lives of me and my family,” says Cain nervously, “And well, me kinda, got, umm.”

“Is it to do with your new powers?” inquires Guardian.

“Urrr, yeah,” says Cain, surprised, “How did you know?”

“One of my allies noticed when they are trying to find out why you were looking for me,” explains Guardian, “So why are you looking for me?”

“You see, I have powers now and you saved me and my family from those monsters so well, I wanted to help you,” replies Cain.

All help is welcome when it is genuinely given.

So you think having Cain as an ally is a good idea?

Yes. If I am reading the signs right, then he will be very valuable in the long run.

“Okay,” says Guardian to the bulky African American.

“Okay?” repeats Cain in surprise, “Just like that?”

“Yes,” replies Guardian, “I am not one to turn down honest aid.”

“If you say so,” says Cain, “So what now? I didn’t really think this far ahead.”

“Then I recommend we go back to my basement,” says Guardian.

“Your basement,” repeats Cain.

“Yes,” replies Guardian, “It is my current base of operations.”

“As you say,” says Cain.

“Good, follow me,” Guardian tells Cain as she starts off down the street.

“Won’t we get spotted?” asks Cain.

“Hmm,” says Guardian as she comes to a halt, “Good point. Wait a moment.”

Guardian reaches out with her power and connects with Cain’s phone. It is an older smart phone, but more than suited for Guardian wants to do with it.

Guardian adds a custom app to that brings up a highly detailed map with directions to the location of the basement. She also makes sure to add security so it is encrypted against hacking and so that it doesn’t appear unless Cain or Guardian are the only ones there.

Hmm, better extend the allowed viewers to Scott, Jaylyn and Leo. I might as well strengthen the security of the whole phone while I’m at it.

“Done,” says Guardian, “Check your phone.”

“Sure,” says Cain and he gets his phone out, “Oh, I see. This actually kind of cool. How did you do this? Wait, did you do this just down? In those last couple of seconds?”

“Technopathy and yes,” answers Guardian, “I’ll be off now. I trust that you can follow the map?”

“Oh yeah,” replies Cain absentmindedly as he continues to check his new app, “This map is really detailed, more than it should be. I would ask if how you could possible do this, but I assume it is because of your power.”

“I would assume so,” admits Guardian, “This all just comes naturally to me. See you later.”

Guardian activates the KEPs in her boots and flies up and away.

Cain seemed nice and willing to be helpful. I feel that I made the right choice.

As do I.

Who are you anyway?

The Guardian AI.


You should tell Scott about Cain so he doesn’t get surprised when he shows up.

Good idea.

Guardian halts mid-air and calls Scott.

“Yes?” inquires Scott.

“I found another ally,” says Guardian, “I have given him the means to locate our base so don’t be surprised if he shows up.”

“Okay,” says Scott, “I guess it is too late to make a fuss, but next time please consult me on matters like this. Does he have powers?”

“Sentinel believes so,” replies Guardian, “But I don’t to what extent. My companion also believes that Cain would make a good ally.”

When speaking others, Guardian has taken to calling the voice in her mind her companion. Leo calls the voices in his mind the voices in his head, but that doesn’t particularly suit Guardian. She can’t help, but prefer to call her voice her companion.

Should I go back to the basement or should I go out on patrol now I’m out here. I could find some crime to stop and I really need to acquire more handheld money. Leo can offer us plenty of online money, but what Scott and I need has to be physically available to us.


If you say so.

Guardian looks at her spy network. There is a drug dealer not too far away and they are always a good source of income.

Guardian feels that she does quite a bit of good by going after the dealers. While she doesn’t do thing permanent to them and they can always go out the next day, by taking them out, they lost quite a bit of money and Guardian also makes sure to destroy their products and any valuables she doesn’t take with her.

Even if they do just come back the next day, Guardian is still disturbing their operations and making them lose money.

She drops down and lands in front of the young man, one of her new stun batons in her hand. Guardian smiles underneath her helmet as the man panics. The dealer’s hand goes for his gun.

Before he can finish drawing his weapon, Guardian hits in his gut with her stun baton and the man doubles over. She finishes him off with a blow to the head and the man goes down.

Pleased with herself, Guardian bends down to loot the drug deal, only to scowl as she recognises the man’s gun as not-technology.

The pistol is sleek, smooth and curved and is completely black minus a few thin red lines that glow faintly.

Irritated by this discovery, Guardian reaches out with her power and destroys the not-technology. This not-technology is clearly different to what Techni-Hurt used and Guardian can tell so using her power as she interfaces with it.

There must be another creator of not-technology on the loose.


“Did you have to destroy the gun?” asks Alexandria.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

1.6 Alliance Part 1

Guardian ducks to avoid incoming fist and swings a punch of her own at the mobster. She catches him in the gut and the man goes flying backwards.

He’ll be fine. Might end up in hospital for a few days, but he’ll be fine.

Multiple Enemies Remaining.


Guardian draws one of the high tech electric stun batons that Gears gave her to replace her stun-pipes. While Guardian found her stun-pipes to be extremely useful, she does have to admit that Gears’ replacements are better.

But that doesn’t mean that Guardian didn’t customise them to her preferred tastes.

The five remaining mobsters all draw their weapons on Guardian.

Do they seriously expect their not-technology guns to effective against me?

Estimates indicate ‘yes’.

But surely they have realised by now that my armour is bulletproof or laser proof.

Estimates indicate ‘yes’.

Guardian rushes forward as they open fire. At such close range, they don’t have much chance of missing within the small confines of the room, but that means little as the lasers glance of Guardian’s power armour.

Guardian catches the closest two mobsters with a couple of swings and they both drop to the ground. She spins around and punches a third mobster in the face.

It isn’t as hard as it could be, but when wearing good power armour, even the lightest of punches have the potential to hospitalise the target.

And as Guardian expected, the man is sent flying across the room with a broken nose and bloody lip.


I am aware of the explosive device.

Guardian rolls backwards and comes back up facing the remaining mobsters. She grabs the grenade of out midair using her armour’s enhanced reflexes and disarms the detonator with her power.

I’m getting the hang of using my power on other devices while also using it to control my armour.
It is to be expected.                                                                                                                                        

Guardian drops the now safe grenade and swiftly takes out the last two gangsters with a couple of strikes before using her power to make all the not-technology guns explode.

“How are you doing Protector?” Guardian asks her new teammate.


Two Days Ago
Legacy hesitantly puts her stun-pipes in the container. It is made of Gardium, the compound that Leo invented.

Legacy can up with the name for it as Leo was being indecisive. As for why she chose that name, it just felt like the right name for Legacy.

As almost I remember it being called that, but I just can’t quite pull up those memories.


I am patient.

Leo went with it because he felt it was a cool name and he really didn’t have anything better to call it.

I’ll miss these.

Legacy closes the lid and sighs. Scott is out again, using what money they have remaining. Despite Legacy’s efforts, they are still running low on funds. The local gangs aren’t just cutting it, especially since they are so wary of her now.

At least Leo is now providing them with access to large amounts of supplies and equipment. His methods of gaining money are much more effective than her own.

Perhaps I should try taking on some aspects of Leo’s matters. I expect the mob or mafia would have better resources to steal. Not to mention that I’ll be putting a dent in their operations in the process.

Legacy,” says Jaylyn’s voice from her computer, “You should be aware that there is someone wondering about looking for Guardian. He isn’t a criminal, law enforcement or press by the way. In fact, he is one of those you saved from the Aquiline and his minions.”

“Really?” replies Legacy, “What could he want?”

Perhaps he merely wishes to thank you for saving his family?” offers Jaylyn, “On the other hand, I have detected something off about him.”

“What would that be?” asks Legacy.                                        

“He suffered an injury at the hands the Aquiline in an attempt to fend them off,” explains Jaylyn, However, this injury as healed faster than it should have. Not noticeably enough that your average person would know, but enough that it got my attention.”

“Interesting,” muses Legacy, “Thank you for the heads up. I’ll get up my armour on and investigate it.”

Good luck,” replies Jaylyn.

Legacy swiftly puts her power armour. But she halts as she gives the electric stun batons that Leo gave hers each a twirl.

They don’t feel right. I’ll have to customise them later.

Guardian knows they are state of art as they are made of Gardium with heavy, high density ends and ElecMag power cells.

It is a shame that I can’t use my technopathy on any of Gears’ creation. It means I have to go to the effort of upgrading them to my personal needs the hard, time consuming way.

She adds them to the space in the utility belt. Gears had the foresight to make them so they would fit the space that used to contain her stun-pipes.

Better go and find out what all this boy wants.

She flies through the sky as before landing on a rooftop.

The boy is marching down the street and even Guardian has to admit he is quite the imposing sight for a civilian. With extremely dark skin and large, brawny muscles, the boy is also clean shaven and over seven feet all.

One hundred and ninety seven centimetres.

We should find out what he wants.


Guardian jumps down and gently lands on the street in front of him. She makes her sure her voice distorter is on before speaking.

“Hello, I am Guardian,” Guardian greets the boy.