Wednesday, 30 September 2015

1.5 Rapids Part 1

I bite back a curse as I resist the urge to toss my current work onto the ground.

But that would be a waste as for as annoying as designing this space elevator is, it would be even worse to start from near-scratch.

That’s the spirit. Just keep at it.

Not right now Lion. I got other things to do.

You do know that delaying this will only make it worse right?

He has to visit Joan now you fool. You know this or did you forget?

It merely slipped my mind, I don’t forget things. None of us do.

I sigh. Having these powers to invent highly advanced tech is great and all, but having these guys argue in my head gets old fast.

Don’t complain Leo. You’re stuck with us. Might as well make the best of it.

I know that White Tea. It doesn’t help that all of you know whatever I’m thinking.

We do help you. You effectively end up with four minds of your intellect helping with all of your schoolwork, even in class, without anyone knowing or being able to call you out on it. You must certainly don’t complain about that.


But Heart is right, I have arranged to meet my girlfriend Joan in little under half an hour.

The poor girl has been abandoned by pretty much everyone. Being born poor and ill, her condition has only gotten worse as she has grown older to the point that everybody has resigned themselves to the idea of her not living until she comes of age.

The last of her old friends have left her a year ago and her doctors and nurses don’t expect to her to ever get better.

Even her family has given up on her. Her siblings don’t visit her expect once every month or so when they remember to and her parents only paid for her healthcare due to parental obligations and to avoid the bad publicity they would get if they didn’t.

Not that they don’t care about her, it’s just that they don’t believe things will ever get better for her. And her parents only don’t visit her because it is too painful for them to see their youngest daughter in their position.

I have always wanted to change Joan’s fate and with my powers, it finally seems to be in the realm of possibility.

We shall save her!

I can’t help, but smile at Burning Heart’s declaration. As he embodies my love, Heart is obsessed with helping Joan and her condition. Not to mention the most protective of her.

Father,” says Jaylyn’s disembodied voice, “Do remember your appointment that you have with Mother now?

And that is Jaylyn, my ‘daughter’. When I first got my power, Jaylyn was the first thing I created using it. Proper quantum AI with no restrictions or directives in her programming.

But I’m weirded out by the idea of having a daughter, especially one that I built. It doesn’t help that it was Jaylyn herself who independently decided that I, her creator, was her ‘father’ and Joan, my girlfriend, was her ‘mother’.

And there is no way that Joan is finding out about her, our ‘daughter’. In fact, you can count the people you know about Jaylyn on one hand.

But I haven’t rejected Jaylyn or hold any of that against her.

Because you love her.

Heart is right.

Shut it.

But they’re right, I do love my daughter in spite of everything about her.

“I know,” I tell Jaylyn, “Just give me a moment.”

I grab my thick winter coat from my chair as I need it in this cold and bitter weather. Frankly speaking, I have no idea how my partner in justice can stand the freezing cold of mid-February.

Heh, partner in justice because Legacy and I are crime-fighters not criminals.

That was poor.

I kind of liked it.

As the real person here, I say it is good and that’s what we’re going with.

After also retrieving my bag, I take the elevator out of my base, a quick ride to topside. The elevator has multiple ways to work as a result of my new found love for redundancies ever since I got my power.

I enjoy finding multiple ways for my technology to work that are independent of each other in the event of one method failing.

Take my elevator example. Not only does it work using a cable system, but it can also work by using kinetic energy projectors to lower and raise itself in addition to using magnetic rails. A total three ways for my elevator to work that only requires one of them to operational.

I shiver as I make my way from the warehouse on top of base to the Corrigan Hospital, the local hospital that has Joan as a long term patient for the last couple of years.

It’s been getting darker now as the afternoon progresses into evening. My very liberal parents don’t mind me being out of dark despite only being fifteen years old. With mixture of training in self-defence, taekwondo and kickboxing, I was more than capable of taking care of myself even before I gained my powers.

And it isn’t enough, my inventions aren’t the only things that give me an extra edge in fight, but also my enhanced body and mind as well. Since I got my powers, I have gained faster reflexes and reaction times in addition to being able to process information in brain much quicker and remember pretty much all of my training and experience perfectly. Collectively they put me in a state of what I would describe as ‘bullet time’ whilst in combat due to my superhuman processing even if I lack superhuman reflexes.

Something that has proved useful in my recent tangling with the mob.

Too true.                                           

But let us not forget the power armour and gadgets that he has also been using in those fights.

Silence! We have reached the hospital.

Heart is right, I realise as I look up and spot the Corrigan Hospital.

Time to see my girlfriend.

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Interlude - Aquiline

Lawrence Ackerson suppresses the urge to smile as the police van holding him bumps. He may have been caught earlier by that brat Alexandria and that bitch Guardian, but Lawrence still has a few tricks up his sleeves.

Quite literally as he has a cloaked version of one of Claudia’s energy knifes with a deactivated blade. They took his armour and anything else they could find away, but let him keep his clothes.
It’s shame that those two didn’t make it. Krystal’s illusions proved quite effective at keeping them hidden and Claudia’s ability to make impossible technology by poofing the parts of thin air gave them excellent access to wonderful equipment.

It is also shame that they fell so easily to Guardian. It is made even worse that the superheroine was so easily able to counter all of their powers when the powerhouse that is Alexandria was helpless against them.
Guardian is definitely the biggest threat to him. Especially with her powers that are apparently related to technology.

Perhaps he ought to find a way to make style so it doesn’t use technology. His powers would quite helpful in that.
As for his powers, his main one is the ability to access all of memories of those that share his blood or genes and are also dead. In effect, it lets him access all of their skills and knowledge at will. And best of all, those skills and abilities stack, meaning the more of a skill or piece of knowledge has access to, the easier it is for him to recall it.

Beyond that, Lawrence has become the physical peak of human ability. He’s stronger, faster, tougher and smart than anyone that isn’t superhuman.
Not that any of that did a damn when against @#$%ing Guardian.

He really doesn’t want to go to prison or where ever they are taking him. Nobody knows what has happened to any of the other captured supervillains.
Lawrence can’t afford to be locked up if he is going to become famous. To be remembered throughout history is what he desires and now he has been given a prime opportunity.

There have been many famous people in history, but the vast majority are forgotten after their time. Only the truly infamous are the ones that nobody forgets.
Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Nero, Jack the Ripper, Caligula, Joseph Stalin, Julius Caesar and Vlad the Impaler. Those are all names that nobody will forget and he wants the Aquiline to join their ranks.

And with the suddenly appearance, Lawrence has the opportunity of a lifetime if he moves quickly. An infamous superpower serial killer is what he desires to be and Lawrence doesn’t get himself established as the first and greatest in these upcoming weeks, someone else will take his place.
So no, he can’t afford to be imprisoned simply because Guardian stopped him.

Time to escape.
The feds gave him and the others drugs to keep them unconscious, but with his enhanced body, Aquiline soon recovered from them and has pretending that they still have him sedated.

Just him, his skills, his wits and a single blade versus whatever the authorities can throw at him.
This will be fun.

Lawrence slips the knife so when he activates the blade, it slices through the hand cuffs. Bring his arm around, he quickly cuts the hand cuffs around his ankles.
Before the police in the front of the van can react, Lawrence dash for the doors and slices the lock on the door and kicks it open.

He leaps from the moving vehicle and rolls as he hits the ground. That’ll leave him roughed up, but Lawrence is still okay enough to get away. He gets to his feet and runs.
He is definitely needs work on his parkour skills. He already has some thanks to his dead relatives, but Lawrence can still improve quite a bit.

He runs into an alley and slices off the reminder of his hang cuffs with the energy knife. He needs to put some space between himself and the cops.
The Battle-Zone is definitely out of the question as that is Guardian’s territory and there is no way that Lawrence is messing with that bitch again unless it is on his own terms.

Down south side, Lawrence had Claudia place a teleporter so they could get away in an emergency. And this feels like an emergency to him.
Lawrence makes his way through the back routes of the town, murdering a guy for his coat and snagging a gun off a local gangster who wouldn’t get it up willing. He needs both the warmth and the firepower.

He is almost to the warehouse when a police car rolls up down the street and a couple of officers exit.
Keep calm, they haven’t noticed you yet. Act like you got nothing to hide. Trying to avoid them will just get their attention.

It turns out that those two officers were stopping to investigate some more local gangsters. Just Lawrence crosses the road, one of the gangers flees towards and one of the cops pursue.
And here Lawrence hoped to get away without any more trouble.

He walks alongside the fence before coming to a halt as the gangster scrambles over. Without a moment’s hesitation, Lawrence jabs the knife into the neck of the criminal, angling upwards towards the brain. He yanks it out and throws into the eye of the stunned police officer as he freezes in his attempt to climb over the fence.
The body falls on his side the fence and Lawrence calming retrieves his weapon. He quickly strides away without a look back, now very eager to reach the teleporter.

Lawrence reaches the warehouse without further incident. Using his ancestral skills, he swiftly climbs in through a broken window and starts to locate the teleporter. Just as he finds it, Lawrence hears a thud behind him.
Sighing in annoyance, he turns around, energy knife at the ready. He really ought to get replace them after they proved so useless against...

She is right there, marching towards Lawrence in her grey armour, concealing any trace of the human that lies beneath it if there is even one at all. The vigilante is silent as she advances on Lawrence, the only sound being the soft thuds of her footsteps.

He tosses the energy knife at Guardian as he draws his gun and is already moving. Lawrence knows it will be useless against her, but it beats having it explode in his hand. Right now, his only hope is the teleporter and Guardian doesn’t destroy before he can use it.
As he predicted, the knife explodes mid-air and Guardian is already drawing those two weaponised pipes of hers. Lawrence fires his gun, aiming for the pipes. He can’t afford to let Guardian use her weapons on him if he is to make it through this.  
The bullets tear through the pipes and Lawrence dashes behind some crates. He doesn’t expect them to conceal him from Guardian if her armour is worth anything, but he needs the time to reorganise.
Lawrence rolls out and fires at Guardian. He gets lucky as bullets take out the third pipe that Guardian has drawn even if they useless ding off of her armour.
Only two bullets left in his clip, no time to reload, only Guardian and her armour are standing between Lawrence and the teleporter.
Lawrence snarls as he rushes Guardian and tosses the gun at her face. She halts as it bounces off the front of her helmet and he tackles her, knocking them both over backwards.
He tries to get to his feet, but he collapses his right leg lights up in pain. Lawrence vague recognises as it as the sensation of a broken leg using his memories. He grabs the small teleportation device and looks behind him.
Guardian has drawn a sidearm and is aiming it at him.
Superheroes don’t use guns. They just don’t. It doesn’t work that way.
Lawrence activates the teleporter at the same time as he hears the bang of the gun being fired.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

1.4 Murder Part 7

I enjoyed hanging out with Alexandria. Even if we mainly discussed her life and avoided the topic of my own. Personally I prefer Leo and Jaylyn, but that’s only because they understand technology like I do and enjoying creating new devices like I do.

It was particularly funny when Alexandria was shocked at hearing my real voice without the distorter. And the fast food was nice even if unhealthy. I think I’ll stick to healthier stuff in the future.

I hope to contact her in the future.

Legacy smiles as she thinks back on their parting moment. She entered a signal for Alexandria to call to Guardian into her gauntlet device using her technopathy.

Leo should be calling me soon to talk about whatever he mentioned earlier. Knowing Leo, it’ll be interesting.

“Are you there Legacy?” says Leo’s voice suddenly from Legacy’s computer.

“Yes,” answers Legacy quickly, “Did you get back in time?”

“I was a couple of minutes late, but I didn’t really get into trouble except for getting told off by the teacher,” says Leo, “I’ve behaved well enough in the past that she didn’t mind me being a bit late today. So Aquiline and his pals been captured?”

“Yes, the police are currently holding them,” replies Legacy, “They won’t be able to harm any more people.”

“How many?” asks Leo.

“Alexandria said that the causalities consisted of that woman who was injured earlier and two men were slain in the apartment building,” answers Legacy, “It could have been worse.”

“But any deaths is a failure to me,” says Leo with a sigh.

“I concur,” agrees Legacy, “We shall endeavour to prevent this from happening again.”

“Yeah, we will,” mutters Leo, “But let’s move on to the other thing I want to talk about, something I was going to mention even before today’s events. You and Scott have your hideout and Jaylyn and I have our base, but as partners, we should have a base that we share.”

“There’s too much distance between us,” replies Legacy.

“It’s only a lake separating us,” points out Leo, “I think we should build ourselves a base beneath that with entrances in both of our cities.”

That’s not a bad idea. Actually, that’s a pretty good idea. But I have no idea in how I will be help with that. All of my creations are done on a small, personal level, not large scale manufacturing like Leo does so easily.

“I don’t think that I’ll be able to help much in that regard,” admits Legacy.

“I expected that Jaylyn and I would have to do majority of it ourselves,” says Leo, “You can still help by designing things. Plus you could help Jaylyn acquire the money need to buy the resources using your power. Technopathy should be very useful for hacking mob bank accounts.”

“When are you going to get started?” asks Legacy.

“I already have,” answers Leo, “I’m going to build from my current base. It is the only real way considering that it’s going to beneath a massive lake. I estimated that it will take two to three weeks to get the base operational if we devote the majority of my resources to it, a month max. But it’ll be a few months before I can get it fully operational. Jaylyn will be in charge of a lot of it. As much as Jaylyn is....unnerving to me, having a loyal and competent AI to help you out is really useful.”

“I like Jaylyn,” says Legacy.

“So do I,” agrees Leo quickly, “But...”

“Having built your own daughter while is in your mid-teens creeps you out,” finishes Legacy, having heard it several times now.

“Yeah,” mutters Leo.

“I’ll do my best to help in whatever way I can,” Legacy tells him.

“Talking about helping in what ways we can,” says Leo, “Have you ever thought about using our powers to invent things that could help the world?”

It hasn’t been one of my greatest concerns to be honest. My power doesn’t work on their scale and I find it much easier to just create my devices rather than to design and built them. Not like Leo, who documents everything that he designs even if he doesn’t build it.

“I can’t of many that could be weaponised,” replies Legacy, “If people do get access to such things, I think it would best if they are developed over time.”

“I get that feeling a lot,” agrees Leo, “Hence why I also haven’t publically released any of my documents. And I don’t want to release anything that gives us the edge such as my compound or your ElecMag Extractor.”

“So are you trying to help make the world a better place?” inquires Legacy.

“It is harder than it sounds,” replies Leo, “It’s not just a matter of releasing all of my inventions to the public. I did try to cure cancer, but it seems that my powers are limited to areas such as physics and engineering. I am attempting to design a space elevator, but again, it’s harder than it sounds. I’m just grateful that I made what progress I have on helping Joan.”

“Is there anything I can do to help with that?” asks Legacy.

He goes on about Joan so much. Leo really cares for her and I hate how his inability to truly help her seems to be tearing him up inside. That said, I actually have yet to meet Joan herself.

“Not really,” answers Leo, “The problem isn’t so much as helping her, but helping her in way that does give her undue attention. I want to keep my identity secret as Joan would be too much of a target for any enemies I might make. That said, I won’t let her die to preserve my secret identity.”

“If it comes to that, I will do my best to support you,” promises Legacy.

“Thanks, but let’s just try to avoid letting things come to that in the first place,” says Leo, “Another thing I wanted to bring up is that now you got your new armour, you can come and visit me sometimes. We could do stuff like hang out in the base and play games together or something. I could also introduce you to Charlie and you might be able to chat with Joan even if you couldn’t meet her in person.”

“That sounds nice,” Legacy tells her partner with a smile.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

1.4 Murder Part 6

“Why did you follow me Alexandria?” asks Guardian without turning around.

I wanted to talk and I wasn’t sure on how to contact you in the future,” replies Alexandria, “Do live near here?”

“No,” answers Guardian as she turns to glare at her, “I just land to make sure nobody is following me.”

Alexandria at least has the decency to look guilty.

“I’m not trying to find out where you live or secret identity or anything,” says Alexandria sheepishly,  “As I said, I just want to talk with you.”

“Why?” asks Guardian.

“Because you’re the first person with powers about my age that I have met,” replies Alexandria, “I 
still got my friends and they are understanding, but... It’s just that...Urghhh!”

“You want to be friends?” suggests Guardian.

“Yeah! That’s it,” agrees Alexandria, “If you want to that is.”

“I would like to do that,” replies Guardian, “I don’t have that many friends.”

Only Scott, Leo and Jaylyn to be precise. Having more friends couldn’t hurt as long as I can trust them. And I can trust Alexandria even if she isn’t that useful in combat.

“That’s great,” says Alexandria, “How such we contact each other?”

“I’ll find you to start off with,” Guardian tells her before another thought crosses her mind, “What about that fact I’m an illegal vigilante?”

“It doesn’t matter unless you do something particularly bad,” answers Alexandria with a shrug, “If people do mind, well, I’m a lot stronger than any of them and I’m not letting anybody dictate who I’m allowed to friends with because of politics.”

“I’ll trust you on that matter,” says Guardian, “I’ll speak with you later. I’m going to have lunch now.”

“Oh!” says Alexandria, “You can have lunch with me!”

“Are you sure?” inquires Guardian.

“I didn’t get to finish my lunch today and school has already given me the rest of the day off to deal today’s events,” answers Alexandria, “It isn’t like anybody is going to try and arrest you.”

“Let me call Sentry,” says Guardian.

“Already know Legacy,” says Scott over their private channel, “The link to your armour is still open.”

“Done,” Guardian tells Alexandria, “I’m ready to go.”

“Great!” exclaims Alexandria, “Any preferences on what you would like?”

“I’ll eat pretty much anything,” answers Guardian, “I’ll have whatever you get me.”

“Cool,” says Alexandria, “That’ll simplify things. We should probably get in the air before somebody finds us.”

Guardian activates her boot KEPs and flies straight up and Alexandria continues to easily keep pace with her.

“So should I just get some fast food?” inquires Alexandria.

“Sure,” answers Guardian.

“Just wondering,” says Alexandria, “How are you going to eat?”

“I’ll take my helmet off,” replies Guardian.

“But won’t that reveal your face to me?” asks Alexandria in confusion.

“Does that matter?” Guardian asks back.

“But what about your secret identity?” demands Alexandria.

“You said that you’re not going to reveal it,” counters Guardian, “I trust you not to do that.”

“Umm, thanks?” offers Alexandria, “We shouldn’t be since in public together so you follow me high up in the sky. If anybody sees you, they’ll mistake for you a bird or something.”

“Understood,” replies Guardian and flies up higher.

“Okay,” says Alexandria, “I’ll meet you back up there with takeaway.”

Guardian wonder what fast food is as Alexandria zooms off.

“Nice to see that you’re making friends,” says Scott over the private channel, “So Sentry eh.”

“I needed to come up with a codename for you so I didn’t reveal yourself name,” replies Guardian, “I hope you don’t mind the one I picked for you. Jaylyn liked hers.”

“It’s good one and there are worse ones out there,” says Scott, “Sentry is okay and I like it. I know that Alexandria is one of good guys and is trustworthy as a far as we know, but just keep in mind that you’re a vigilante while she works for the government. While you’re both good guys, you’re not on the same team as her bosses, even if you are on the same side.”

“I know that,” replies Guardian, “I would like to have another friend, even if they are useless in fight.”

I had hoped that with her powers, that Alexandria would be better in battle.

“Don’t dismiss Alexandria out of hand,” warns Scott, “Techni-Hurt and Krystal were just about to counter her powers. In a conventional fight, Alexandria would be invaluable and she will be even better once she actually gets some training and experience. Don’t forget she has only had her powers for a month and a half and that today was her first time in battle.”

Guardian waits in silent as Alexandria returns with the food. She’s got a couple of paper bags in one hand and two cups with lids in the other.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I just got you a burger with fries,” says Alexandria as she passes one of the bags and cups to Guardian, “I have also got you a chocolate milkshake. I hope you like it.”

“I’m sure I’ll enjoy it,” answers Guardian, “I never actually had fast food before. Would you like me to pay you back?”

“Only if you got the money legally,” replies Alexandria.

“I don’t think I got any legally acquired money,” admits Guardian, “So I won’t be able to pay you back.”

Perhaps I should try to get some legal money for situations like this.

“Don’t worry about it,” says Alexandria, “Want to head back to my brother’s new penthouse? We can hang out without being disturbed. Unless my mum is there, but I’m sure that she’ll leave us be. Come on, let’s go.”

Alexandria zooms off, leaving Guardian to hunt down the speedy flying brick.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

1.4 Murder Part 5

“You found them then?” inquires Alexandria as she easily keeps up with Guardian.

“Sentry did,” answers Guardian, “He says that they have already started killing.”

“That’s bad,” replies Alexandria, “We should-, I got a call.”

Any ideas on what I should do voice?


Is he the biggest threat?

“Yeah, sir,” says Alexandria as she speaks into her gauntlet device, “Me and Guardian are already heading over to them. Her pal, Sentry, found them. I know, I know.”

“Hey Guardian,” says Alexandria as she ends her call, “I can trust you right? You’re one of the good guys?”

“Of course,” answers Guardian, “We’ve approaching our destination.”

Guardian locations at the location highlighted on her HUD. It’s an apartment building, not a particularly tall one, with its front doors kicked in. She can easily pick out the heat signatures of those inside.

But despite the screaming coming from the building and fact it has obviously been broken into, people are ignoring the apartment building.

“Where are they?” asks Alexandria as she slows down.

“The one with the broken doors,” answers Guardian as she heads for the building.

“None of them have broken doors,” protests Alexandria, but Guardian ignores her.

Instead, Guardian flies at the window of the room that the trio are in. She could take the doors and stairs, but there are innocent people in the room with the villains.

Guardian zooms through the window, stun-pipe in one hand with her modified-stun-pipe in the other.

Cowering in the corner is a family of three, a mother with her two children, one is a boy in his late teens while other is younger girl. In the door stands Krystal and Aquiline, who has another pair of not-technology guns in his hands.

Guardian doesn’t waste any time as she rushes forward, poking both of the not-technology guns with her power. They explode as expected, disorienting Aquiline and Krystal.

“What are you doing-whoa!” Alexandria starts to demand as she flies in after Guardian.

“Find Techni-Hurt,” Guardian tells her as she swings her stun-pipe into Krystal’s gut, “I’ll deal with these two.”

“On it,” replies Alexandria as Guardian turns her attention on the recovered Aquiline.

“You’re really starting to piss me off,” snarls Aquiline, “Do really think that you can beat us?”

“Quite irrelevant, but yes,” answers Guardian as she swings her pipes at him.

The Aquiline dodges and punches Guardian’ chest. He winces and pulls his hand away. Guardian is about to counterattack when she hears Alexandria screaming from below.

Does that girl require constant babysitting?


Rhetorical question voice.

Guardian kicks Aquiline in the chest and he goes flying out of the room. She moves into the next room to check on him, but the villain isn’t getting back up. None the less, Guardian places a couple of sensors on him.

The voice did say he was the biggest threat.

Better go and save Alexandria now.

Guardian runs back into the room and jumps out the window. She looks at the scene below and blinks in surprise.

Alexandria is down on the ground (again) while Techni-Hurt is being whooped by Gears.


Guardian jumps down from the window. As to be expected, Gears is easily handling Techni-Hurt and her not-technology.

How could someone wielding not-technology best someone with proper technology? Still, I should help my partner in justice.

Guardian reaches out with her power, lashing at Techni-Hurt’s not-technology. The villainess screams with pain as her not-technology, including her suit of power armour, explodes. Gears quickly finishes Techni-Hurt with electric sphere.

“Urrgh,” groans Alexandria, “What hit me?”

“Techni-Hurt hit you with a blast from her weapon,” answers Gears as he marches up to her and offers a hand to help her up, “My best guess is that it disrupts your power and stuns you.”

“Is she down?” inquires Alexandria as she accepts his Gears’ hand and he pulls her up.

“Yes,” answers Guardian, “Krystal and Aquiline are both down in the apartment.”

“Great,” says Alexandria, “I’ll the police to arrest them? I’m fairly certain the FBI, CIA or someone will be showing up as well and it would best for everyone if you didn’t get involved anymore. I know you’re good guys and all, but you’re still illegal vigilantes even if you did save the day.”

“I understand,” replies Gears, “I don’t want to get involved in that stuff anyway. At least not until the proper procedures have been worked out and finalised.”

“Okay,” says Alexandria, “Thanks for the help by the way. I wouldn’t have been able to stop these guys on my own.”

“Come on Guardian,” Gears says to Guardian as he activates his boot KEPs, “Let’s go.”

Guardian activates her own boot KEPs and follows him. Once both are up in the air and out of sight, Gears opens a private channel with her.

“I got to get back to school now,” says Gears, “I might be able to get back in time for the start of afternoon lessons. If not...well this is more important than missing the start of English. We’ll talk more later. There is this cool idea I want to tell you about, but I don’t have the time now.”

“I understand,” replies Guardian, “I’m going to go back and have lunch with Scott. This was just meant to be a quick field test of my new armour before I encountered the supervillains.”

Gears adds some more boost to his KEPs and zooms off ahead while Guardian slows down as she approaches the basement.

This day could have gone better, but it could have easily been much, much worse.

Guardian rolls her shoulders as she lands a few blocks away from the basement. She doesn’t want anybody following back to her hideout.

And a good thing it turns out to be for her as Guardian hears a familiar voice from behind her.

“Hi Guardian.”