Sunday, 28 June 2015

1.2 Rising Part 4

“So you can control computers with your mind now?” inquires Scott as they leave Matt’s shop, using the back door again.

“Only if I focus on it,” explains Legacy, “It becomes easier to use my powers depending on how advanced the machinery is. And I can only focus on one device at the moment.”

“At the moment?” Scott inquires further.

“A week ago I couldn’t even begin to do what I did today,” says Legacy, “It seems to me that my power is slowly become stronger.”

A sense of agreement from the voice at the back of my head. That means that I’m probably on the right line of logic on this matter.

“That is interesting,” mutters Scott before moving onto a different topic, “Not many shops are open yet. Still got a few hours ‘til then. Let’s go to a diner for breakfast.”

“What’s a diner?” asks Legacy.

“A place where people buy cooked food to eat,” explains Scott, “It’s about breakfast time so there should be at least one open. How does bacon and eggs sound to you?”

“I don’t know,” replies Legacy, “I don’t remember ever trying it.”

“Hmm,” says Scott, “Let me guess, you never had pancakes before either?”

Legacy shakes her head.

I wish I could remember these things. It’s annoying that Scott knows all these things when all I can say is that I don’t remember.

Scott leads Legacy to one of the diners he spoke of. There aren’t many people are in it at the moment. 

Once they’ve found themselves a pair of seats, Scott orders both of them a plate of bacon, egg, toast and a glass of orange juice.

Legacy focuses on the local technology systems, primarily watching the other patrons via the pair of cameras the diner has once she skimmed through the files on their network.

It doesn’t take long for their breakfast to be served. Legacy enjoyed watching it being cooked by the security cameras. They each have three rashes of bacon, a couple of eggs and a slice of toast plus a glass of orange juice.

She scoffs it down once it arrives

It’s a lot better than the tin food that I’ve been having.

Legacy looks up to see Scott smiling at her.

“Hmm,” inquires Legacy through a mouthful of bacon.

“You’re gobbling that down fast,” notes Scott.

Legacy shrugs before continuing with her meal at the same rate. Within moments Legacy has finished her meal. Scott lets out one of his light chuckles before calling the waitresses over and ordering another meal for Legacy.

This time it is a batch of pancakes with a glass of apple juice. It doesn’t take long for Legacy to eat it all as well, but by that time, Scott is also done.

Scott pays with some dollars as they get up from their seats. Legacy notices he pays with more than their meals cost.

I wonder why?

They continue their silence as the two of them leave the diner.

“Now what?” asks Legacy.

“More shopping and a hair cut for you,” answers Scott, “We need to start getting more supplies and I want you to start picking the materials you want rather than just using what’s available. And while your hair is nice, long hair is impractical for what you do. I’m thinking a pixie cut. Usually people book appointments, but since we’ll get there when they open, we should be able to get an appointment. We probably have another hour until it opens.”

“Okay,” says Legacy.

“I just thought of something by the way,” Scott says suddenly, “If anybody asks about the relationship between us, just say I’m your honorary uncle. A close friend of your father who is looking after you for the time being.”

“Sure,” replies Legacy.

Even through the increasing amount of falsehoods sit ill with me.

They find a bench near the hairdresser where they sit down and wait. They spend the time as Legacy asks Scott things she doesn’t know and he tries his best to answer them, expanding her knowledge of the world they live in.

They fall silent and watch as the hairdresser’s is opened across the street.

“Let’s go,” says Scott as he gets up.

They head towards the now open doors of the show. They’re in luck as Scott is easily able to book an appointment. It turns out that not that many people actually have appointments first thing in the morning.

The hairdresser who does Legacy’s hair is nice, but Legacy doesn’t enjoy the small talk that the woman tries to make. Especially since she doesn’t have proper answers to her question or answer involves something that Scott has forbidden her from speaking about.

Legacy can’t help, but feel that she was unfairly cold towards the hairdresser. But there is nothing that she can do about that without doing something she’s not supposed to.

At the end, her long, black and quite dirty hair is reduced a much shorter length in the style of what Scott and the hairdressers called a pixie cut.

Short hair is better for fighting than long hair. That’s what Scott and the voice agrees.

“Now what?” asks Legacy as they leave the hairdresser.

“Just follow me for now,” answers Scott, “I got a surprise for you.”

Sunday, 21 June 2015

1.2 Rising Part 3

It doesn’t take long for them to reach the gun store. Scott leads Legacy round behind it before knocking on the backdoor.

It is a moment before they hear someone on the other side of the door.

“Who’s there?” demands a man from behind the door.

“Don’t worry old friend,” replies Scott, “It’s just me, Mason.”

“Mason!” exclaims the man, “I know you said you would be arriving early, but I didn’t expect to show this early. Lucky for you I decided since I would be early, I might as well be here as early as I could. I’ll open the door in just a second.”

“Thanks Matt,” replies Scott, “I appreciate the favour you’re doing us.”

“It’s no problem mate,” says the man, who must be Scott’s friend Matt, as he opens the door, “I trust you not to do anything illegal.”

“You’re better off trusting me not to do anything wrong or amoral,” Scott disagrees, “You’re far less likely to be disappointed that way.”

“You aren’t doing anything I should be worried about, are you?” inquires Matt.

“Not at all, just technically illegal,” Scott reassures him, “May we come inside now?”

“Sure,” says Matt and he steps out of the way.

Scott marches into the building and Legacy follows him inside. They enter a room full of boxes. Within seconds of entering the building, Legacy is closest enough to sense some of the computers, cash registers, security cameras and other electronics within the store.

In fact, I’m able to sense the entire store computer network. Not that I’m sure that I can do anything with it other than make things explode and electrocute people.

“So who is this?” Matt asks Scott, indicating Legacy.

“This is Legs,” answers Scott, “The girl whom I’m helping and is staying with me. And the person who I want to get custom armour for.”

“No weapons,” inquires Matt.

“No,” says Scott firmly as a smile tugs at the edge of mouth, “Weapons are not a concern.”

“And yet armour is,” muses Matt as he glances at Legacy, “You got money?”

“Yeah,” replies Scott as he pulls out a wad of cash as he calls it, “Also not a concern.”

Matt is silent as he looks from Scott to Legacy and then back to Scott.

“Scott, mate,” says Matt, “Is the girl a super?”

“Why do you ask?” replies Scott, surprised.

“Because you’re got this girl with you,” replies Matt, “You’re buying armour, but you’re not worried about weaponry. You suddenly have a large amount of money and I know as sure as hell you’re not going to have anything to do with drugs with your past. This is a complete change from when I last saw you yesterday. So the idea of Legs being a super is the most likely explanation.”

To Legacy’s surprise, Scott laughs.

“Legs, close the door please,” Scott says to her before speaking Matt, “Yeah, Legs here is a super.”

“What sort of super?” inquires Matt as Legacy closes the back door, “Judging by the fact she needs armour, it’s not something that protects her. And since you don’t need weapons, it has to be superstrength or some kind of elemental powers. Perhaps energy blasts like Blastout maybe?”

“Technopathy,” Legacy declares proudly, “I have technopathy. I can create mechanical devices and make electronic stuff explode if I want.”

Why not tell him what I can do? I’m proud of my abilities. Besides, he’s already figured out I have a power and Scott trusts him.

Matt is silent as he observes Legacy, making her slight uncomfortable at being the centre of attention.

“You’re not going to start making my computers explode are you?” asks Matt nervously.

“No,” answers Legacy, “I’m not going to do that. Not even on accident as I have full control over my powers.”

“Good,” says Matt, “Now, let’s get onto business.  What sort of armour do you want?”

“Some lightweight and mobile, but good protect against both sidearms and stabbing attacks,” replies Scott, “I don’t want Legs slowed down. Mobility will be one of her best assets. I don’t expect to be protected against the higher calibre rounds, but handguns and stabbing attacks will be one of her most common dangers that we can do something about so those are a priority.”

“I understand,” says Matt, “Okay Legs, let’s get your measurements. Follow me.”

Matt walks into another room and Legacy follows him with Scott following her. Once in the second room, Matt has Legacy stand in the middle of it. He then begins to stare using a tape measure and a notepad to measure Legacy and recording them down.

As she stands that, Legacy focuses on her power. With moments, the image from one of the security cameras fills her vision. Legacy observes the empty store before using her power to find the next camera in the network and switch to that.

Soon Legacy is going through all of the security cameras.

It’s pretty amusing and interesting to watch myself standing there using one of the cameras in this room.

Once she gone through all of the security cameras, Legacy starts shifting through the files on the computer network.

Just boring stuff such as stock and finances. Ooo, I know, I’ll use the cameras to find out my measurements that Matt has doted down and enter them into the computer.

Legacy opens a Microsoft word document on one of the computers that she has turned on before using the cameras to observe the numbers on Matt’s notepad. She then types in the information into the document.

Just as Matt finishes taking Legacy’s measurements, Legacy enters them into the computer before switching back to one of the cameras in the room.

It’s amusing hearing Scott trying to get my attention when I can hear and see them via the cameras. Better stop using my power.

“You okay Legs?” she hears Scott asking her as Legacy lefts the networks.

“Yes Scott,” replies Legacy as Matt leaves the room, “Just trying out a new aspect of my power.”

“What new aspect?” inquires Scott.

“When I focus, I can enter electronic devices and control them,” explains Legacy.

“And what exactly were you doing?” demands Scott.

“Hey!” they hear Matt exclaim from a different room, “Somebody has already entered the measurements into the computer!”

Legacy smirks.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

1.2 Rising Part 2

Legacy looks around as she follows Scott about. He has got about half of their money with him plus a couple of bags slung over his remaining arm. Legacy also has a bag that Scott tossed her as they left the basement.

I can’t help, but wonder what these shops will be like. I can remember ever going shopping before.

“What is it like?” Legacy decides to ask.

“What is what like?” counter-asks Scott.

“Shopping,” explains Legacy, “I haven’t done it before. Or at least I don’t remember if I have.”

To Legacy’s surprise, Scott laughs. She ignores it, patiently waiting for an answer to her question.

“Sorry Legs,” replies Scott once he is finished laughing, “But it’s common knowledge that shopping is a favourite pastime of teenage girls such as yourself. Well, maybe not you, but then you’re… special.”

“Any reason that those of my age and gender enjoy this particular activity?” inquires Legacy.

“None that I know of,” says Scott.

“Oh,” mutters Legacy before remembering something, “You never answered my original question.”

“Oh right,” says Scott before actually answering the question, “Shopping is where we go and use money to buy goods and products. The money we paid with has to be equal to price of the products that we-”

“I know that Scott,” Legacy cuts him off, “I was wondering what the experience is like.”

“Hmm,” mumbles Scott as he thinks, “I guess it varies from trip to trip. Today it won’t be crowded due to the earliness of the day. I want to go to a local gun store. It’s a family-run business and I know the owner. He won’t do anything illegal, but he trusts me enough not to ask any unwanted questions about where we got our money and what we’re going do with what we buy. I want to get you some proper combat gear. Better than the low grade stuff you been using. I also want it to be personalised to fit you so we’ll need your measurements.”

“Will that take long?” asks Legacy.

“No,” says Scott, “Matt won’t take long with it. He might get his daughter to help, but she might ask some of those unwanted questions. If you’re not sure what to say, stay quiet. Do not talk about anything related to the Guardian or anything that might help her connect you to the Guardian. That applies to other people as well.”

“I understand,” says Legacy, “But can I ask why I need to keep myself secret?”

“Yourself sec-, oh yeah,” replies Scott, “Forgot you think of yourself as. But to answer your question, the longer you keep your identities separate, the more you can safety interact with public. And at the moment, you get more out of having a secret identity than you do having a public one.”

“That makes sense,” agrees Legacy.

“Quiet now Legs,” says Scott as they reach the edge of the Battle-Zone, the term for the area left destroyed by the battle between Blastout and Washdown., “We going to start encountering people now.”

“There are people in the Battle-Zone,” points Legacy.

“But those people aren’t interested in folks like you or me,” says Scott, “People in the rest of the city are more likely to listen in on our conversation so we can’t talk about the secret stuff.”

“I get it,” says Legacy, “How far until the shop?”

“Not too far,” replies Scott, “Only about twenty minute walk. We shouldn’t meet too many people. Not many folks get up at dawn like we do. Matt’s only opening this early as a favour to me.”

As Scott predicted, they barely encounter anyone under rising sun. As the inner city is a stark contrast to the Battle-Zone with all of its building intact and paths and streets clear of debris and rubbish.

The lack of destruction is slightly unnerving to Legacy. For as long as she can remember, which admittedly is less than two weeks, Legacy has been lived and travelled amongst the ruins of the Battle-Zone. The consistent reminder of the battle has been a constant in her life, just like her powers.

It’s weird and strange in this part of the city. I don’t scare easily, but fighting gangsters, getting shot at and having people trying to kill me is normal for me. But even then, I always had a weapon of my own creation at disposal. To be out here in the unknown with no way to defend myself is terrifying.

Legacy instinctively reaches out with her power. Over the last few days, Legacy has been able to sense and feel all advanced technology in a few metres. The more advanced the techology, the easier it is for Legacy to interact with it.

Legacy can feel the unmoving metal contraptions as the pair of them passes them. Cars are what Scott calls them. She can also sense phones on the people passing them. It seems everybody has at least one of those devices on them with the exception of Scott, Legacy and the other homeless.

Legacy relaxes as she realises how safe she is with access to so much technology if they were attacked. She could easily defend herself and Scott if someone would be so foolish as to actually attack them

Sunday, 7 June 2015

1.2 Rising Part 1

Legacy rises three mornings after her first raid, two mornings after her second and the next morning after her third.

Each one was a success as Legacy was easily able to subdue the unprepared gang members within her target building and destroyed any drugs she was able to find before escaping into the night.

As for resources, Legacy has collected quite a lot. By a lot, she means tens of thousands of dollars, over twenty ammo magazines, two spare pistols, an SMG (Scott called an Uzi) and more than enough parts to satisfy Legacy for the last few days.

So far she has avoided getting hurt and managed to get the drop on all three hideouts. But now Scott says she has to be prepared for them to start being ready and on the lookout for her.

He is also planning to get her better armour and supplies using the vast sum of money that Legacy has been able to acquire. With a total over seventy thousand dollars, they can afford a lot.

At the moment Scot is hoping to get better armour for her ‘costume’ as he calls Legacy’s current armour. It doesn’t feel like a costume to Legacy from what she has read about them on the internet.

But if I’m one of these superheroes Scott has mentioned, then I supposed my armour is a costume of sorts.

“Awake Legacy?” inquires Scott.

As usual, the one-armed man is already up before Legacy.

“Yes,” replies Legacy, “Are we getting more supplies today?”

“I’m going to try and get some good stuff since we got money to burn,” answers Scott.

“Are really going to do that?” asks Legacy, “Burn money that is.”

“No Legacy,” Scott explains, “I don’t literally mean burning money, it’s just a figure of speech. Actually burning money is a crime.”

“And those are bad,” says Legacy, “But only some are evil.”

“Correct,” says Scott, “Let’s go. Put on some shoes and your hoodie. Grab a bag too.”

Legacy quickly gets changed. She is still wearing the trousers and shirt from her ‘costume’ and she only needs to put her socks and shoes on. Plus a new purple hoodie that Scott brought back from one of his shopping trips.

“Good,” says Scott once she’s finished, “You don’t want to stand out to much. I’m going to take you into a shop today. I hope you’ll be able to fit in.”

Scott pauses in thought for a moment.

“Oh @#£&,” curses Scott, “I just remember what exactly you’re calling yourself. You can’t call yourself Legacy Guardian in public if you want to blend it. Far too much unwanted attention. Want to pick another name?”

Most certainly not! I am the Legacy of the Guardian.

“No,” replies Legacy firmly, “That is who I am.”

“A nickname then,” says Scott, “A shorten version of one of your names.”

He’s silent for several seconds and Legacy leaves him to think.

I don’t like to disturb Scott when he’s thinking. He doesn’t mind, but it’s just counterproductive unless I have an important reason to interrupt him.

“Legs,” says Scott suddenly, “That’s your nickname. For Legacy. And nothing that will stand out. People will just assume its nickname with a story behind it rather than a shorten version of your name.”

“Okay Scott,” replies Legacy, “I shall use the name Legs amongst the public just as I use the name Guardian when in my... costume is it.”

“Yup,” says Scott, “Now let’s go unless there’s something else we need to sort out.”

“What weapons are we taking with us?” inquires Legacy.

“None today Legacy,” answers Scott, “We don’t need to worry about protecting ourselves today and having them on us will draw more attention that we don’t want. Plus we’ll get in trouble as none of weapons are legal.”

“So no weapons,” says Legacy before something else occurs to her, “Wait, are these weapons we have illegal then? Crimes?”

“Pretty much,” says Scott with a shrug.

“But aren’t crimes bad?” mutters Legacy, “Is having these weapons a bad thing?”

Scott sighs before replying to the confused girl.

“Look Legacy,” explains the old man in a kindly tone, “Most people would say that by having these weapons, we’re doing bad things. But as long as you’re not doing any bad things with them, you don’t need to worry about doing bad things by having them. Better you have them for the purpose for fight evil and the gangs have them to terrorise the local people.”

That is a relief. I was worried for a moment I was doing something wrong. Which would have been a shame because I like my weapons. Creating them, upgrading them and refining them as I discover new things about them in battle. They have served me well. I would really hate to have to get rid of them. Especially when my foes have all have weapons of their own.

“I get it Scott,” replies Legacy, “Shall we go now?”

“Yeah, let’s go before anything else bogs us down,” agrees Scott.